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We love Juice Plus, too!

I'm new to this site, but found the thread searching for more info on Juice Plus. We have been eating it for years, and I am always looking to learn more. I love Dr. Sears, and have had his books since before any of my pregnancies. If Dr. Sears loves it and recommends it to his patients, then that's good enough for me. Plus, Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld, from Parade Magazine, recommends it, too, and he isn't even involved with the company at all. My kids all like either the chewables or the gummies, and my husband and I do the capsules. I also do their meal replacement shake every day (along with one or two of my kids), just to get some more extra nutrients from food. I also agree that it's not expensive at all. I spend more than that on one fruit or veggie at the grocery store. So, I don't mind adding the money to our food bill. My husband was able to avoid going on Lipitor (the dr. was trying to get him on it for 6 mos., and he finally agreed that the natural way was working - yay!). My kids are almost never sick, and I have more healthy energy (especially needed for homeschooling days!). My family is happy, and we'll eat it for life.
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Here is what seems to be the most definitive scientific commentary on JP gummies. It is not at all favorable.

“Dr. R.J. Stewart and colleagues from the University of Utah published an independent study on JP gummies in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in 2002 [volume 102:1652-1657]. It was a placebo-controlled study in which 29 kids were given 6 JP gummies a day for 29 days, and using 6 different assay methods, it showed that the gummies provided no antioxidant benefits whatsoever. The authors stated the following: “It is possible that the supplement did not contain enough of the proper antioxidants to make a significant difference or that the antioxidants extracted in the fruit/vegetable extract were not biologically available...We conclude that there was no detectable treatment effect of a phytochemical antioxidant supplement on healthy children’s oxidative stress levels as assessed by several indicators.” They also showed that the product consisted mainly of 2 ingredients: corn syrup (85%) and beef gelatin (10%), and we all know where gelatin comes from… the bones, hides, and hooves of cows and pigs (and sometimes horses).”

Food for thought!
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Brenda, Why do you only respond to Juice Plus questions? Are you here to discredit it only? That is a little strange, don't you think?
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We use JuicePLus+ as well. My dh and I take the reds, greens, and now the purples (vinyards) as well. My kids take the gummies. Since I've been on the JP+ supplements I have not had asthmatic bronchitis or pneumonia, which I have had my entire life, several times a year (the pneumonia I get at least twice a year during the winter). My vision, for the first time in my life, has been getting better for the last three exams, rather than worse with each exam (I was close to legally blind). The only difference in lifestyle (I was active and ate well, just not nearly the dozen or so fruits and veggies called for per day) to which these things can be attributed is the JuicePlus+.

My daughter has been asthmatic since birth. She's not growing out of it. Still needs her meds. However, since she's been taking the juiceplus gummies, she has caught three colds, and none of these three colds required that she take orapred to keep her from pneumonia, which was an automatic given before the gummies. Even when she GOT the orapred, it was a 50/50 proposition as to whether she would end up with pneumonia. I don't feed my kids junk. THey eat fruits and veggies as much as I'll feed it to them...but the extra ooomph couldn't hurt, I thought. And it seems to be the case...in our case, anyway. My kids are also just much healthier in general than most of the kids in our neighborhood now. They may catch something, but it sticks around for a much shorter duration and the symptoms are much less severe. The only thing we can figure is the cause is that they've started taking the gummies.

I've read several of the studies, several medical schools that are well respected have done them, with outcomes that are definately in favor of JuicePLus+. For goodness sake, St. Jude's research hospital gives the supplements to their cancer children. Why would they waste time or money if they didn't believe (through studying the research) that it had a positive effect?

So, I say, yes, give it a try. We garage sale and sell things on ebay to afford the monthly payment for ours. We found a way, because we believe it's important.
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I'd like to try this for ds as he's very picky about supplements and does not eat anywhere near enough vegetables for my taste. Is there a way to do it without making monthly payments, though? I'd rather do a lump sum as I don't like the idea of a company drawing from my bank account without my overseeing each transaction.
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Bogus studies are not going to change my mind about juice plus!
During the year that my family has been taking it we've all only caught one minor cold, not even severe enough to keep the kids home from school. Before we were all getting sick every other month!
I am so glad I found it.
Dragonfly, yes you can make a lump sum payment.
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I've never used Juice Plus and don't rely on supplements, but you all got me curious, so I did a quick search in a food article database and this is one of the articles that came up:


Title: A mixed fruit and vegetable concentrate inreases plasma antioxidant vitamins and folate and lowers plasma homocysteine in men.

Author(s): Samman S, Sivarajah G, Man JC, Ahmad ZI, Petocz P, Caterson ID
Source: Journal of Nutrition 133 (7) : 2188-2193, 2003

Abstract: Fruit and vegetable consumption is inversely associated with coronary heart disease (CHD) risk. This study determined the effect of supplementation with dried juice concentrates from mixed fruits and vegetables on selected plasma vitamins and antioxidant status. CHD risk was assessed by measuring the concn. of homocysteine, lipids, lipoproteins, glucose and insulin. Men were recruited to participate in a randomized double-blind, crossover trial with 2 periods of 6 wk, separated by a 3-wk wash-out period. Supplementation with the encapsulated mixed extract (Juice Plus) was compared with physically similar placebo capsules. 32 men (13 smokers, 19 nonsmokers) completed the study with a mean compliance of 88%. Compared with placebo, supplementation increased concn. of plasma beta-carotene (0.24 +/- 0.15 vs. 1.12 +/- 0.70 mumol/l; mean +/- s.d.; P < 0.0001), retinol (1.87 +/- 0.33 vs. 2.00 +/- 0.43 mumol/l; P < 0.05), alpha-tocopherol (16.8 +/- 7.3 vs. 19.3 +/- 6.8 mumol/l; P < 0.01), ascorbic acid (72.1 +/- 19.4 vs. 84.1 +/- 13.5 mumol/l; P < 0.002) and folic acid (24.5 +/- 10.0 vs. 44.9 +/- 16.9 nmol/l; P < 0.0001). Plasma homocysteine was reduced (8.2 +/- 1.5 vs. 7.6 +/- 1.1; P < 0.05) and inversely related (r = -0.40, P < 0.001) with serum folate concn. Plasma vitamin C was positively correlated with the resistance of low density lipoproteins (LDL) to oxidation (r = 0.26, P < 0.05) and the plasma ferric reducing/antioxidant power (FRAP) tended to be greater after supplementation than after the placebo period (1125.5 +/- 144.1 vs. 1180.3 +/- 158.1 mumol/l; P < 0.065). Plasma glucose, insulin and lipid concn. were unaffected. Responses of smokers and nonsmokers did not differ. In the absence of dietary modification, supplementation with a fruit and vegetable concentrate produced responses consistent with a reduction in CHD risk.


I haven't looked at the others and haven't searched for the one Brenda cited.
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We have a holistic pediatrician. He said that only 10% of his clients come in sick of all the ones on Juice Plus. Both he and DS's surgeon highly recommend it. We are planning to start the kids on it this year at some point, but I have to work it into the budget.

Both the docs and my other friends who are all one it say that the longer they've taken the Juice Plus, the more they crave veggies and fruits. Our Ped said that it was really strange that he'd never really liked Beets, but found himself desiring them after taking the supplements for a while.

I have plenty of friends who use it and love it.
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Originally Posted by courtenay_e
For goodness sake, St. Jude's research hospital gives the supplements to their cancer children.
Courtenay, can you provide any evidence from St Jude's to confirm that they routinely use Juice Plus. I find that VERY hard to swallow
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I have posted information about Juice Plus on other topics within this forum, and many people continue to ask how to get product, how the company charges etc, so thought I would give those answers here. And yes, many people are happy with Juice Plus and the effects it has had on their families. Just in case others have not seen my other posts on Juice Plus, I am not a distributor for this company, but I do work for a Chiropractor that highly recommends Juice Plus to his clients and has seen great health benefits in the product. The Chiropractor I work for is also NOT involved with the company, so his recommendation is not financially supported. He works with an area distributor and sends his patients to her to place orders.

Juice Plus is sold in 4 months supplies - the rationale for this is because it takes 4 months for your blood cells to rejuvenate, and for most people to see a postive change, could take anywhere from 1 day to 4 months. Some people don't experience any change at all, but for some, they see changes immediately. Everyone will experience Juice Plus differently.

The company either bills you in one lump sum or will charge credit card/debit card monthly depending on the customers request.

Anyone interested in using Juice Plus can either call the corporate offices (customer service) and give them your address, they will then put you in touch with a distributor in your area to work with. I will also give the information to the rep that my boss uses for his clients as she has been in the business for a long time and has a great amount of knowledge on the product (not to say others don't). Her website and contact information is:
http://www.tryjuiceplustoday.com or email TryJuicePlus@aol.com

Hope this helps clear up some of the questions about how to obtain Juice Plus and how the company charges for the product. Best of health to you!!! :
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Actually, Juice Plus is sold in 4 month supplies so that NSA can haul in more money from their customers, not because there is a valid physiological reason. “Blood cells” do not have a 4 month turnover; "red blood cells" have a 4-month turnover but most white cells turnover in 24 hours. White blood cells are involved in immunity and are relevant to free radicals and antioxidants while red cells are not. Any chiropractor who refers a patient to a wellness coordinator gets a kickback on sales, so it is inaccurate to portray such individuals as not having a financial interest. People seem to be making a lot of unnecesary noise over this glorified but second-rate multivitamin. If one is seeking an overpriced, deficient multivitamin that contains artifically added vitamins and a trivial amount of fruit and vegetable powder (less than a half serving of a single piece of fruit or vegetable) than by all means consider JP!
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Well, EVERYONE knows that anything natural takes time to work. It is not going to work overnight. It is not like Aleve or Tylenol, etc. There is no reason to say that the company is selling more product by shipping it in a four month supply because they offer a 100% money back guarantee on any unopened box. MOST people who start taking Juice Plus continue taking it because they like what the see. They like the fact that it is not something manufactured in a chemical lab like a pharmacetical and they replace their vitamin with it. There results show that your antioxidants go up. There is another company that has a "antioxidant" scan to show their vitamins work (which are about 4 times the cost of Juice Plus), and the people who take Juice Plus are the only ones other than their customers who test high on their machines. This is significant to most people.

The cost of shipping, etc., also comes in to play with Juice Plus. It is being shipped fresh from the company. If people want to have it long-term, like most do, BTW, then shipping out monthly shipments is a mind boggling thought. They ship it in four month boxes and charge the customer monthly.

OBVIOUSLY Brenda is out to knock Juice Plus, since these are the ONLY posts she posts too and has nothing positive to say about it. That is her perogative, but it is unusual activity, don't you think? There are a TON of wonderful experiences that have been shared here on the forums, so read those and make your own choices everyone.
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Originally Posted by Brenda Damachuk
Any chiropractor who refers a patient to a wellness coordinator gets a kickback on sales, so it is inaccurate to portray such individuals as not having a financial interest.
Who said that this distributor was a wellness coordinator for this chiropractor. There are a ton of chiropractors that recommend Juice Plus that do not have a distributorship or financial interest in it at all. They have someone in the community that they send people to to get the product. I have met many that do this, so don't make assumptions here Brenda.
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And so you know that the studies that Juice Plus distributors are saying are really underway, here is the link to the study from MD Anderson.


Midway down the page you will see "Juice Plus"......
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Brenda, unless you are with the company, you have NO idea what their rationale is for selling a product in the qty's they do. Red blood cells do in fact take 4 months to turn over. If you are not feeding your body properly before a product like Juice plus, the nutrients are not being absorbed, or carried effectively in the blood stream (unless you are eating a very well balanced meal of about 75-80% plant based). When people start to take Juice Plus, it takes that long for the blood cells to rejuvenate including the nutrition in adding supplementation (or eating a whole food balanced meal). Also, the distributor that my chiropractor uses is not a wellness coordinator for him, don't make claims about a person or a healthcare practioner you have NO business making comments about. I personally take care of his finances from the business, and he has never received a kick back from this distributor or the company for recommending Juice Plus. He orders from this distributor and recommends her because of her knowledge of the company/product. If I was not personally involved with the financial aspect of this chiropractor's business, then I could also agree that perhaps there was some kick back. But I know for a fact there is not. Also, when we met with this distributor in person to set up a program at our practice, we did not fill out any sort of paperwork from her or the company that showed he would be paid from her or the company. Obviously if there was some sort of a "kick back" coming to him, there would have to have paperwork involved signing that he agreed and there was never any paperwork passed.

You obviously are against Juice Plus and that is fine, we are all entitled to our opinion, but a LOT of what you are stating is absolutely not factual, please start responding to posts with some facts before you fire off at the mouth and make accusations you have no idea what you are talking about. People are going to be more apt to listen to what you say if you are not making accusations and false claims and pretending you know what is going on with situations from other posters when clearly you do not.
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To illustrate how truly scientifically unjustified it is to sell JP in 4-month supplies, let me just ask 2 questions: (1) Why don’t produce vendors refuse to sell fresh fruits and vegetables in anything less than a 4 month supply, and (2) Why are other vitamin supplements not also sold in 4-month lots. These questions are applicable because JP is viewed by some as a fruit and vegetable supplement, and by most others, as a low grade vitamin. The rationale presented by NSA is simply ridiculous but apparently some people will believe anything they are told. If Simone’s chiro is not getting kickbacks (and I am not at all convinced that he isn’t), then he is one of the few who is not. Almost all healthcare professionals who push JP on their clients are participants in the JP Professional Support Program, which most definitely provides kickbacks on all client purchases. As for the BS about red blood cells, please tell me a single JP study that measured nutrient concentrations in RBCs, and then maybe you can justifiably claim that I don’t have the facts straight. If not, then stop shoveling so much NSA propaganda at us.
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That’s all well and good that MDC is doing a JP study. I wonder how you guys will discount or ignore that study if it shows that JP has no effect.
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Originally Posted by FLDoula
There is another company that has a "antioxidant" scan to show their vitamins work (which are about 4 times the cost of Juice Plus), and the people who take Juice Plus are the only ones other than their customers who test high on their machines.
The antioxidant screening test that FLDoula referred to is made by a company called Spectrox. The test does NOT measure overall antioxidant status, it measures only carotenoids (e.g. beta-carotene) and it doesn’t even do that very well. It should come as no surprise that people who take JP have high carotenoid levels; the product is spiked with a lot of added beta-carotene, which doesn’t come from the fruits and vegetables -- it comes from Dunaliella salina, which is ALGAE…just out of curiosity, do you consider algae a fruit or a vegetable? Food for thought huh?
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Brenda, you need to stop shoveling your personal issues with Juice Plus on this forum. You are only replying to Juice Plus topics on this forum, so obviously have a personal issue on sending a wrong message and forcing your opinions on others by making false statements and making claims about things like my chiropractor when you have no idea what you are talking about. Did you even realize for a moment that holistic healthcare practitioners and chiropractors of the like don't believe on pushing products on people, unlike mainstream doctors that don't think for a moment about pushing a pharmaceutical on you when you come in with a symptom? Medical doctors are NOT educated at all in med school about nutrition (other than the very simplictic courses). Holistic practioners and Chiropractors are in fact educated in this arena, because it has so much to do with holistic healing of which they strongly believe in. Most chiropractors and holistic healthcare providers do not believe in getting paid to promote a product and FLDoula is correct that many of these healthcare professionals recommend products (not just Juice Plus necessarily), but are strongly against getting compensated for it. I attend several holistic healthcare conferences in the northeast and have met many holistic healthcare providers that recommend products but never get involved with the company because of their own personal beliefs of not recommending a product they make money off of. So to put all of them in a fish bowl and make a claim (like you know what you are talking about), is downright laughable because you don't know this side of healthcare just based on the stuff you are throwing out at this forum. Come into my world and educate yourself a bit on how these practioners deal with their patients on a daily basis and understand their oath of ethics (which are VERY different then mainstream providers) and then you can understand why I stand behind what I said that the chiropractor I work for gets no kick back what so ever from recommending Juice Plus and there are many of them out there. I would like to know why you state all healthcare professionals that recommend JP get a kick back. I would like to know from you, that you personally have discussed their financial interest with all 20,000 providers that recommend Juice Plus... I highly doubt it. Your credibility on this forum is going down the tubes very fast Brenda!!
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Originally Posted by Brenda Damachuk
That’s all well and good that MDC is doing a JP study. I wonder how you guys will discount or ignore that study if it shows that JP has no effect.
And I wonder the same back to you. What will all of you "nay-sayers" that are spending so much time discreding Juice Plus when there are much bigger fish to fry (ie aspartame, fast food, high fructose corn syrup, etc.) will say when it does show there is an effect.
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