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What's an ABC? :
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It stands for Asian Baby Carrier, like a Mei Tai or a Podegi (sp?). Basically, a style of carriers.

I'm a miserable wreck right now. I'm going to North Carolina (8 hours drive) for four days with DH to visit some friends, and we decided not to bring Julia, because she hates the car so much and would be miserable the whole day, and there's no place for her to sleep at these people's house, and just generally because it would simplify the whole thing. So I dropped her off at my mom's today, and I was pretty happy about the whole thing. I know she'll be fine there, I trust my mom implicitly and frankly I'm looking forward to shedding responsibility for a few days.

So just now I called over there to see how things were, and all I hear is Julia WAILING. She's exhausted, she missed her nap and my mom was trying to help her sleep. My mom knows what to do, she'd never let a baby cry alone or anything like that, but I started crying myself. I want to rush over there and pick her up... I know I could make it better if I was there... And now I don't know if I can really do this. I really WANT to go. I need the break, Julia's fine, I'll be okay once we get there and start having a good time, but...

oh help....
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Just curious, why do you feel you need a break? Can the baby sleep with you in the bed? When we went somewhere with no room for all of us, I and Aidan or Hans would sleep on the floor instead. I always felt it was to soon to leave children, especially breastfeeding or co-sleeping babies, or just babies in general imo. We drive 6-8 hours to visit his family and we just make alot of pit stops to feed. Babies are very much apart of their moms at this point and you can't blame them for being upset when their life support leaves.
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if your gut says to go to your baby, go do it. your gut is right! don't let your brain try to outsmart it!
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls

if your gut says to go to your baby, go do it. your gut is right! don't let your brain try to outsmart it!
I agree!
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llyra-Hugs to you mama! I definately know the feeling of really needing a break! I also know the feeling of guilt and wanting to be there when you think you could please your child! Makynzi has been away from me 1 night and I was a wreck the whole time. She was perfectly fine and happy with MIL but I worried constantly about her. One of my friends has offered to watch both girls next Friday night but I am so hesitant because Makynzi now does not even want DH. However, I really, really need the break too! We have had a lot of stress the last 6 weeks. That said, there was a period of time where I HAD to work and Madyson would cry without me etc but in the long run there was no harm done to her. So that is my long-winded way of saying that whichever choice you make is ok. Sometimes mommy's have to have sanity too. Of course I would be the first one to go running to get her. I still do it with my 4 year old when she goes to Grammies after she has begged to and then calls and says she wants to come home. As for you saying their is no place for her to sleep, I even kept Makynzi with me in the hospital room when Madyson was in for pneumonia. She slept on my chest while I slept in the recliner or she slept in her carseat. So i'm sure you could take her unless a baby would just not be welcome. Of course, I take my kids everywhere that would not be harmful for them.
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Greetings all!

It's been a whirl of fun here. Talk about withdrawal having the boards be down all weekend and then some.

Sunday was Jack's birthday. He is now offically TWO. Though he's been practicing with the 'two-ness' for a couple of weeks now. Thanks for the comments about his haircut pictures. He's such a little sweetie most of the time but he did inherit his mommy's temper... and a touch of her red hair.

I did a bit of an update to each of their picture galleries. Here's the link to the Crew. Still need to add their birthday pictures, they are on David's laptop... at work.

Saturday was really funny. Jackson was ready for his nap but was still finishing up eating his lunch (yes he was still in "PJs" we were just lazying around the house that day). I went upstair to change Aidan and get him ready for his nap. When I came back down I was greeted by THIS. So I laid Aidan down on the futon (a friend has stayed over the night before so it was still laid flat) and quickly took Jack upstairs and put him down for his nap. I came back downstairs to THIS and THIS . :LOL Aidan recently found that his fingers are tasty and a sediative.

I also took some of Aidan on the floor later that day and some "attempts" at him nursing. Isn't easy to try to take the picture yourself (David wasn't home) and not be able to actually see what you are taking a picture of. :LOL

Went to the park today, it is really nice living two blocks from a gorgeous greenbelt park. The weather was beautiful, it was in the mid 70's. I was able to get a couple of pictures of Jack and one of Aidan before the battery died. : I wish I could have gotten a picture of everyone passed out in the wagon on the way back to the house. Quite funny to have a 4 year old, 2 year old and a 5 month old all passed out in a wagon rolling down the street. Aidan lasted about 50 feet from the park and Jack about another 50 feet. :LOL Tori was still "awake" but just barely when we got home. If I'd walked around the block she would have probable been totally out. But man was that wagon heavy with all three of them in it. :LOL And of course it was almost totally uphill back to the house.

It's great to see some of the "oldtimers" popping back in occasionally. Lots of cute pictures.

Savannah- an FSG meeting is a Family Support(Readiness) Group meeting. It's the family members of a deployed (or active) military unit. About 80% of DH's National Guard unit is currently deployed to Iraq. Gone are the days of the National Guard only being called into temperary duty for a few days/weeks for "natural disaster" relief or riot control. Almost all the NG units in the country have been or will be deployed to either Iraq or Afganistan until we are no longer needed there. We met at least once a month to get updated info, address concerns, organize fundraisers, package up the MANY care packages we send out, chat and try to be supportive of each other. Many of the wives have never dealt with deployments before since many of the guys weren't active duty only Guardsmen, there are a few of us who have been through them before so we have a little bit of BTDT to help guide.

I remember the first time I left Tori for longer than 8+ hours for work. I had to fly out to California for my Grandmother's funeral. She was almost 18 months old and I was gone for 3 days. We couldn't afford to fly all three of us out so I went alone. I worried even though I knew she'd be fine with DH. Just the nature of the beast of being a parent.

Happy belated : to Liam!!

Stacey- sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Hope Tristan is over the stomach bug soon. That can't be fun. I've done that quick crouch down out of sight next to the bassinet a few times myself. :LOL It's 50/50 on whether or not it works.

Aidan still does not sit. He arches his back and timber... the heavy head tips him over. And it's like he has feet in his butt... its in constant moving motion when I try to sit him up. He rolls back and forth like a pro. Yesterday he reached over and grabbed the blanket (he was laying on) and pulled himself right back over on to his tummy from his back. And he's started doing the pushups into the crawl position... its just a matter of time before he's on the move that way.

And he does the happy Pteradactyl very very well. Especially at 5AM!! : He's definitely an animal impressionist too. There is the Whoo whoo whoot Owl, the screech cry of the Pteradactyl, caw of the Crow and then my personal favorite... yodeling. :LOL :LOL

It's amazing how much in the last week or so how much more content he is to lay on the floor, or sit in the swing or the "walker". Before it was a case of 5-10 maybe 20 minutes tops and then he was done. Now, he's happy to do his "own thing" for a much longer time. I just need to figure out a way to hang the Johny-Jumpup. What is up with door frames with no molding?? : :
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Gorgeous pics, Samantha!! Wow, you really know how to wear out a bunch of kids, don't you? LOL

No time to read other stuff... must. get. some. sleep.
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Oh Jen... thanks for that link to the Dragostea Din Tie song. That was a hilarious video. Too bad the guy has basically gone into seclusion now. I thought it was great. Got me hooked on the song. I've listened to it WAY too many times. I swear it's been going though my head several times a day since then. I even found a link to the ORIGINAL VIDEO . Jack loves to dance around to the music. I'm going to have to get the CD now. And I'm not usually a fan of techno either. :LOL Too bad the band "broke up", though two of them appeared on theToday Show a couple of weeks ago and they did the song half in english.
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Samantha, I LOVE the photos of your children. Very very sweet!
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Hello! I'm so jealous of all you warm weather mamas! We had a few days of above 0 (celsius) weather this last week (about 40 degrees F, I think) and I was celebrating! Andrew and I walked him to the park and he went in the baby swing -- he liked it but was a bit cautious. And I got all excited and took my new jogging stroller in for a tune up and used it for the first time and one of the buckles snapped . Fortunately the company was really good about it and is sending out new ones. But today it's back to - 10 and snowing, snowing, snowing. So much for Spring. Samantha, adorable pics, by the way.

Leaving babies is so brutally hard, isn't it? Before I was a mom I just didn't get what the big deal was. But this last week I've had to start leaving Andrew and it has just been killing me. And I HATE pumping milk and I can never get more than 1 1/2 oz, and he's never taken a bottle, so its a bit of a nightmare! I was supposed to be directing a short play with our community theatre group, and I thought "ok, cool, we can have most of the rehearals at my house and Andrew will be fine". But then, as community theatre sometimes goes, I had an actor bag out on me and I couldn't find a replacement, and now I'm acting in a different play. And I tried bringing him, but he just doesn't get it that I"m there but I can't interact with him and that i"m different . . . so he just cries . . so I had to leave him with someone other than dh for the first time last night.
Llyra, I can't imagine leaving overnight. It must be terrifying. But you know what to do best, I think. Follow your super mommy-sense.

This is just a random thought, but, what a babies supposed to put in their pockets? Andrew has all these cute pairs of overalls, and they all have 4 - 6 real pockets. I feel this almost uncontrollable urge to put something in them, because they actually work. :LOL

He still won't roll. IT's not that he can't roll. He just refuses to. I put him on his tummy and he's happy for a while, and then he starts fussing, and when I don't pick him up he starts screaming and gets mad. So we still have limited tummy time. But he does like to sit and he can now sit for a few minuites without falling over. Craziest of all, Andrew has started standing holding on to things. The other day he was sitting on my tummy on the floor, and we were right next to the coffee table. I saw him looking at it, and thinking. Then he reached out and put his hands ont he edge. I though "no way is he going to try to pull himself up". But next thing I know he has twisted off of me and has pulled himself up onthe coffee table. HE can't reach on his own, but if I hold him by it, he'll hang on to the edge or lean against it and play with things on the table. I'm thinking we might bypass crawling, but I"m still going to do tummy time and encourage him to crawl. Crazy kid, eh?
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Originally Posted by jilly
This is just a random thought, but, what a babies supposed to put in their pockets? Andrew has all these cute pairs of overalls, and they all have 4 - 6 real pockets. I feel this almost uncontrollable urge to put something in them, because they actually work. :LOL
Important things to keep in the pockets of your overalls:

* a spare set of plastic keys
* a silk cloth
* a kleenex if your mom is sneezy

and... if it's a front and center chest pocket...

spit-up, of course!!! That's what those pockets are there for! :LOL

Well, it's snowing and windy, so no walks for us today : I suppose we could load into the car and go somewhere like IKEA or a mall, but it sounds awful. My mom and I both have colds so we don't want to see each other, so no grandma visits... my two neighborhood mom friends are both out of town, too. Grr! I'm getting REALLY sick of winter!!

Tristan hates tummy-time too - unless he's naked. anytime during the day when I put him on his tummy, he cries. But he loves standing holding onto the edge of the chair, and when he is on his tummy he tries so hard to push with his feet.

OK, mr fussy needs my attention ... later.
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JEN! I love the new pics of Tristan in the laundry basket! He has the most beautiful grin!

Makynzi is sitting up some on her own but not for long periods of time. I am in awe of how fast the last 6 months have gone by. ( or almost 6 months)

I get all weepy and wonder what im going to do when they both go to school. Anybody else wonder what life after your kids get older will be like? I swear I think ive forgotten how to be myself without my kids. DH wants to go out next Friday and much as I want to I just wonder what are we going to do? I know he'll want to go to a bar or someplace for some drinks and its just not really my thing anymore.
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Love all th pics!

I've been MIA lately. We're looking for a new car. My sedan is just not big enough anymore, so we're thinking of getting an SUV. We've been out test driving and doing lots of research. DS has been so well-behaved. I just make sure he's got a full tummy and he's all happy. We're also house-hunting. Our apartment was fine for the 2 of us, but with little man - its just not functional. So, I've been a little stressed to say the least. OH - and to top it all off - I think AF is back!!!!!! : Well, it has been over 6 months, so I can't complain too much - but why couldn't I be like those women who don't get it for like 14 months! :LOL
Now, we really need to be careful. We are not in any way ready for another kwim.

Alrighty, I need to make some dinner. I might go MIA again - so have a fabulous weekend!!!
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Sorry all you cold weather moms have to stay in. I went through 18 winters in Alaska and that was enough for me. We get winter here, but nothing like I grew up with. The last time I was there for winter I was intro. Hans to my parents when we got engaged. It was -20 w/windchill. He was not impressed, to say the least.
I have to leave Bryn occationaly for work and I head out as quick as possible so I don't feel to guilty and hang around. I can't imagiine leaving over night.

Are any babies out there still spitting up a ton at 6 months? Bryn still is, and with the ear infections, I'm guessing that he has some growing still to do in his tummy and ears.
I bought some fabric and a pattern and am dying to use my sewing machine. I'm frustrated that I don't even understand the directions to cut out the patterns. I went to college and I can't even cut out a pattern?
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New to Board

Hi there, all! Just thought I'd introduce myself and jump right in on the posting process! My daughter (first of an hopefully large family) was born on Sept. 10, 2004. I am a working mom, and my hubby is able to keep our daughter with him at his office. We've just introduced solids, but by mistake / chance (I was enjoying a banana that dd thought it would better serve its purpose in her mouth!). I can't wait to get to know you ladies a bit better and look forward to reading the last few pages of this thread (I only read the first 2 before posting).

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Welcome ChiroMum!!! We are a fairly chatty bunch!

Bendmom - ds is still spitting up a ton. We go through tons of bibs and burp cloths everyday. It doesn't seem to bother him, it's just quite messy - especially running down my neck - YUCK!!!

Pockets on baby clothes - I like to put ds hand in it and pretend like he's a model :LOL Or sometimes I put small toys in them or his paci (though he usually finds that quickly and decided that his mouth is a better place to store it)
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Raney has just recently stopped spitting up as much - verified by dp, the stay at home parent of the family She's a 9/05 baby - so have hope!

Another blasted winter day here in Ohio. Ughh. March is such tease...

Raney's really grwoing up right now - Dp swears she's starting to inch forward.

Have a great weekend, all!
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HI, Chiromom. Welcome aboard!

So rice cereal is driving me crazy! We tried some when Andrew was almost 5 mos, because the doc said it was ok, and he really liked it but it made him WAY constipated. So I tried another brand -- same thing. Then we went back to just bf for a week, then I heard some babies do better with oats. So we tried oat cereal which he also liked, but it made him even more constipated! So I had to introduce some fruits and veggies to get him unplugged and after a super fussy week we finally got things back to normal. So I kept him on the fruits and veggies because he likes them. And I decided to try making our own rice ceral so I bought the Super Baby Food Book and tried making Super Porridge and he won't eat it. : IT just gets spit out, no matter how thin I make it. So I don't know. Is he going to be iron deficient and waste away? I just hate trying to feed him the rice ceral every day because he gets SO grouchy and its making our solids time into a grouchy time, which I don't want to do. Ug! Am I being way too neurotic about the whole iron thing, or what?

Next baby is not getting solids until 6 months. Of course, probably next time I'll have the iron stomach baby who can eat bean burritos with hot sauce at six months. :
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