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Welcome bunsmom - love your location!!!
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Originally Posted by Mama Bear
I hardly ever complain or rant, but I can't help it this time. Why do some AP moms have to be such snots????????? Ughhhh!
I went to my monthly LLL meeting and there was a mom there (very AP) and she was just so stuck up. (I think she used to post here on MDC) I don't know any AP mamas IRL, so I am trying to get to know more and get involved in local groups. So I tried chatting with her, but I guess I look funny or smell b/c she hardly acknowledged me. It made me quite upset at first, then I figured I wouldn't want to be friends with her if that's how she is. If I didn't know as much as I do about AP and I went to the meeting for the first time - I would've been SO turned off. Whatever...
ok - enough complaining
Unfortunately, I have found this to be the case in many instances, even here at MDC. I just try to remind myself how many great AP Mamas there are and not let a few rotten apples spoil the bunch. But I know several people IRL who have been turned off to some aspects because they couldn't find anyone willing to give them advice. So sad.

Along those lines, I have a question I hope one if you can answer. I've asked it a couple of times on the food boards, and no one will answer it. I guess because it's a stupid question that I should already know.

Ok, I found these list of "must buy" organics, and at the bottom was "animal fat products." What does that mean? Chicken and beef? Butter? Milk? Fish? All of the above? I know virtually nothing about organics, but am trying to learn before Kate starts solids. If someone can please answer this question, I would be most grateful. It's driving me crazy!
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MamaAcorn, I love that picture where it looks like Jackson is trying to eat Alex's neck! I assume he's laughing? Too funny!
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Originally Posted by leomom
Ok, I found these list of "must buy" organics, and at the bottom was "animal fat products." What does that mean? Chicken and beef? Butter? Milk? Fish? All of the above? I know virtually nothing about organics, but am trying to learn before Kate starts solids. If someone can please answer this question, I would be most grateful. It's driving me crazy!
My diet is almost 100% organic - so feel free to ask me any other questions. What I *think* it means is things like butter/lard.
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I would think milk, too, since for kids the higher fat is usually better. Plus I really think you get a lot of bang for your buck with organic milk - it tastes sooooo much better.
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I looked on line and couldn't find anything on animal fat products. Hmmm. We are vegetarian so the only thing I can think of that contains animal fat is lard. I'm not sure that lard can be called organic. I do know that we have found food items that tout vegetarian on the label, but have chemicals that are derived from animal fat. But because it doesn't actually say, Beef stock, or whatever, they can get away with it, for the most part.
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Hey all!

Been forever since I found time to actually post, although i have been reading when i can.

I am spending the next week with neice and nephew (4 and 2 years old) My sister and her husband asked me to watch them while they are on vacation. So, here I am with 3 kids for a week! My hubby is here with me for now, but is leaving tommorrow cause he has to work all week. Yikes!!!

So far so good, but don't be surprised if I go stark raving mad this week! :LOL

Mielle sends a drooley slobbery hello your way. She recently started crinkling up her nose just like I do when I smile. Boy is it weird to see someone making "your" face back at you. Speaking of mimicry..... Maybe I am imagining things, BUT I swear she says "Hi", "Mama", "Papa" and "Up"!!!! Other people have witnessed her "talking" not just me.... but I don't know if we are just "hearing things" or if she really is mimicking this stuff.

Gotta go, small children are crying!

love to all
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high quality animal fats - milk fat (cream, butter, whole milk) for sure... have those good essential fatty acids in them. Many - especially devotees of Sally Fallon's work - would say that the best way to go is unpasteurized, non-homogenized whole milk. If you do the raw milk thing, be very, very sure that the cows/goats/sheep you get milk from are super healthy and the farm very clean... but I must say (and I'm not advocating either way): raw milk is *really* yummy. BUT you need not worry about this because you shouldn't feed milk products before a year old, except for yogurt.

My boy just won't go to sleep! He took almost his whole nap this afternoon on my shoulder, and now he's nursed down and he's SOOOO tired but won't fall asleep. Jo is rocking him. I guess that's the perks I get for having made dinner and done all the dishes tonight. And there's chocolate pudding in the fridge...

Anna you are brave and crazy!!

Finally, the shrieks from the next room have ended...

did anyone see supernanny last night? Was it good?

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I priced raw milk (only available from one place that I could find) and it was $12 a gallon!!!!! I guess Florida isn't exactly dairy country....
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Hi again. Mama bear, that is so sweet that our babes are born on the same day!

I am sooo glad I read this post again. I have been feeling so out of sorts lately. I have NO women friends with kids. I thought that by going to a support group (all of who appear to be AP type Moms), I would find like minded friends. I went, and well, it wasn't what I expected. I was sad about it, felt like high school all over again. BUT I am going to try again.

There are babies on our block around the same age as ours but for some reason we have never connected with the parents. One women describes herself as "crunchy granola" yet is very stand offish at times, and also does things that are not very "AP" at all (using a stroller at all times for one), and I sooo do not care about any of that, but the fact that she calls herself crunchy....I don't know, this is turning into a vent...sorry.

I just wish I had just ONE friend that had a babe the same age as mine, even if we didn't see eye to eye on all parenting issues. Heavy sigh. My closet male friend is a single gay man, my closet women friends are married w/out children and a just "out" lesbian, which is totally, but she is really busy out having fun. Anywho, I love this board, at least I feel not so alone. I was even thinking of going to a LLL meeting but not sure now.

Have a wonderful evening all of you!
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Jen, there was no supernanny!! Grrr. Daggum Bachelorette special was on or something. I was so bummed.

Great to hear from Leigh, Anna and Sheryl. Welcome, Bunsmom! Thanks for starting this thread, Pam!

My babies are also on an odd, exhausting sleep schedule, especially William. What a fuss pot!

Lemme go try again to put McKenna down. I finally got William down a few minutes ago. Took over half an hour! Egads. Used to take 7 minutes.
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I can't believe that in little over a week, David will be 6 months old. I will be celebrating by purchasing and Ellaroo wrap. I tried one out and fell madly in love with it. Also David and I are participating in a Baby Signs class together at the end of March.
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Welcome Bunsmom!

Last night I was driving to an open house at a charter school in Hollywood that is opening up. It was just LaRue and I going. LaRue is always really mellow and happy in her carseat, except when Chloë isn't in the car. There was so much traffic and LaRue was crying, it sucked so badly. LaRue rarely cries and if she does it's only for a few seconds, so it was really hard to deal with. Plus I couldn't pull over anywhere, partly because we weren't in the best area of Hollywood and also because there weren't any places to park. So I went to a gas station because I was desperately in need of gas and then I could take her out of the carseat and comfort her. As I'm going to pay I realize that my wallet isn't in my purse (it fell out of it on a chair at home) and I can't make it to the school on the gas I have (it's only about 10 miles away from my house, but with the traffic it would have taken about 45 minutes to get there). So I had to turn around and go back home, LaRue cried again as soon as I put her in her carseat. Man, it sucked and all for nothing. She ended up sleeping really heavily last night, that crying tired her out

LaRue is catching onto the "open hands" thing. It's so wild, I didn't think she would actually learn to not give hair the death grip until she was older. We mostly say that to give Chloë some tools to make her feel like she can teach LaRue, and give her some control over the situation. But the past few days whenever Chloë's hair is by LaRue's hands she will open-handedly touch it.

I remember when I first started going to LLL meetings, I felt totally out of the loop. It's easy to feel as if there are cliques and you are being excluded because everybody already knows each other and are friends. I just kept going back and everytime I talked to more and more moms. Before long I totally belonged, and everyone was a close friend. I've moved away from a few of the moms, but all of my really close friends are people I met at LLL. It's great because two of my closest mom friends just had second babies at the same time as me, so we each have a 4 y.o. and an infant.
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Hey, FeministFatale - just wanted to say thanks for the 'openhand' thing - we've been using it with our girls and I can't believe how gentle Mieke is with Raney about it. R is always yanking on her hair and now M just gently says 'open hand, raindawg' in the sweetest voice. Sounds like your drive sucked. Yuck. M was one of those babies that screamed non-stop every time we put her in the carseat until she was about a year old. It was horrible.
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Heather, I'd love to take Kate to a baby signs class. Where did you find out about one in your area?

Is it too late to start signing with Kate? Can anyone recommend a good (quick read) book for this?

FF, Will you remind me how you started the open hands thing?

I'm feeling better! My mom has been a lifesaver. It
s amazing how quickly you recover when you actually get to REST!!!!

Thanks to everyone for the information on "animal fat products." Those of you who use all organics (and eat meat), can you advise me on chicken and beef? Should I be buying organic or what? Keep in mind that I know ZERO about eating healthy, so explain it to me as if I were a child. :LOL TIA!
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[QUOTE=bendmom]Mamacorn, we use that same toy. It seems to be on eof his favorites, or at least is easy to hold on to, so doesn't cry right away because it doesn't fall right away. Very cute boys too

We have that toy too, and Arowen loves it.
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Thread Starter 
Here's an online signing page that I've found pretty helpful:
It shows real people making the sign, which I think is easier than looking at drawings. From what little research I've done, signing with your baby typically starts between 6-9 months, so definitely not too late. Actually we didn't start signing with Alex until he turned two and we were encouraged to do so by his early intervention speech therapist (ST). He wasn't talking at all by two, and after being told to wait it out by two pediatricians, we sought out early intervention on our own. His ST started by teaching him the signs for "more", "all done," and various colors, and within a week, Alex was signing to us! A month later, he started talking using words. Signing helped him bridge the gap. Anyway, because of our experience with Alex, we'll be starting to sign with Jackson in the next month or so.

Thank you everyone for the compliments on the pictures! You made my day!

Oh, and I forgot to mention yesterday that Jackson's first tooth broke through his gums over the weekend!

Welcome Bunsmom!

Ok, back to work now.

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Stacey - I didn't ever get the email for you dh's invite - I'd still be glad to do it! I buy organic (or at least no hormone added) chicken and beef whenever I can afford it. The main thing I am concerned with is the added hormones. Girls ages at first menstruation have been dropping dramatically and the theory is that the exposure to so many hormones through meat and dairy might be causing it. Also, nobody should be exposed to extra hormones, as it can increase cancer risks.

Also, the organic meat really does taste better. Guess it makes a difference for the cows to eat quality foods as well.

About the baby signing - I don't think you really need a book to do it. We make up our own simple signs and then just do them over and over again each time it is appropriate. For example, nurse is tapping on your upper chest with a kind of closed fist. I could never remember what the book said to do, so I just made them up for what seemed easiest. I am just starting to do it with Lucy now. This is about the time I started with Jack and he signed for the first time at about 9 months. He learned about 5 signs, but that was enough for us. Nurse, eat, no, all gone, book and play, so 6.
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Miss Arowen is 6 months old today, and her 1st tooth broke through the skin yesterday. She needed to be carried a lot for the last week and a half while dealing with the tooth, but it's been nice , and has taught me that my body can deal with frequent carrying just fine. My back hasn't been too bad at all. I've also started exercising regularly, so maybe I'm getting stronger. I just wish I could get rid of this extra weight. It just doesn't want to leave.
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Melanie - I've been carrying Lu in a podaegi, and it really does build "core" strength! Its a real abs workout.
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