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Chrissy- You're beautiful! Did you knit your kid's outfits in those pictures?
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awww, thanks! the only thing i knit in those pics are the pants lilah is wearing- the browny pink ones.
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Hugs to Stacey and Anna!!!!
I hope that Kate feels better soon. And I'm sorry about your grandmother. Did you talk to the ped about taking Kate. How long is the flight?
I would be very annoyed with anyone who doesn't answer their phone when your're watching their kids. What if it was an emergency?
Desi still hasn't shown any signs of readiness for soilds. She sits with us for dinner everyda and she watches us eat. I don't know when we will give her soilds. I'm waiting until she at least doubles her weight, which won't be at 6 months. I'm hoping it will happen soon.
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Shampoo to wash the dishes?!! no, not quite the same, dear hubby... he sounds like one of those people who buys a gallon of Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap and uses it for everything. Or if he isn't, maybe he should!! Good for you buying used clothes. Maybe he needs to see a list of the real costs of things... I dunno, but I offer you support !

Stacey - YUCKO! Sending you healing thoughts.

Anna - that sounds like a car trip that could be in a horror movie. here's hoping you haven't blown a gasket by the time you get back to EC.

ok, mr man thinks he's hungry - and i think he needs a nap because we're going over to a friend's tonight to get hands-on, personal Ergo lessons - namely, how to get him in on our backs!

xo and thinking of all of you stressed mamas,


and t says c mn ;.-;;;;;;;;; vb f
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Anyone else's babies wearing themselves out from tummy time or sitting up? Makynzi has just recently started loving tummy time. She is doing the lift upper body up, cant go anywhere, rock on tummy flailing arms and legs thing (we call it swimming). Anytime I put her down she immediatly flips to tummy and will stay on it until she exhausts herself. When she starts to fuss I pick her up and she nurses to sleep. She has started taking a nap in the evenings from 4-8 because she is so tired, then wakes up, nurses, tummy time and back to sleep by 10. The quiet is refreshing but the poor baby is exhausted before the day is through. How long does it normally take them to crawl after they start this? I can't remember from Madyson. I do know that as soon as Madyson crawled she began pulling up on everything and would only crawl when she ran out of something to hold on to. She never actually walked until the week of her 1st bday though. Makynzi can pivot any direction she wants to go, scoot backwards about a foot, and if you put your hands behind her feet she will keep pushing against them to move foward as long as you let her. She can also roll both directions to wherever she wants but prefers to try on her tummy. She can sit for a about 30 seconds unsupported and I suspect probably longer except she is too interested in getting to her tummy.
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Stacey - when did your brother get back??? Yay!!!! I'm so glad he's safe. Having to budget on essentials sucks. My money pet peeve right now is having to budget on food. And I'm not trying to eat steak and cavier every night either. I hate feeling like I have to choose between food that I know is best for us (like organic milk, hormone free meat, etc.) and less good stuff.

Lucy has been so yummylicious lately! She is such a good natured baby, I think I earned it after Jack's babyhood. What has me worried is that Jack is now so good natured, I hope it doesn't do an opposite switch for Lu!

Night Mamas.
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Oh, I feel for you gals, Anna and Stacey... and Bendmom! I've had similar disagreements with my dh. Ugh.

McKenna is starting to get onto all fours and rock a little. And she stands up with only the support of one or two of our fingers. Pretty cute. OH! And her neck is doing so good that today her physical therapist said we can drop down to once a month appointments, woo hoo!

I meant to report that I haven't used disposable wipes at home for months now! I hadn't even planned on switching to cloth wipes, but it just happened. Man, we are saving bucks over here...

Speaking of diapering stuff... I borrowed an Elimination Communication book from a local MDC friend and started reading it. I can tell I won't be able to pull it off this time with twins, but it makes sense to train them to go potty instead of training them to go in their pants. So this week I'm noticing that sure enough, I have unwittingly already "trained" William to pee as soon as I lay him down on the changing pad. :LOL If I could get him to wait just a minute longer so I could get that diaper off and his butt over the sink... I have no idea when McK goes. They don't get much naked time.
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There is a great book called "Potty Train Your Baby" It's cheap and usually locally available. Here's my review of the book (which you will see on the Amazon page if you go there -

I started using this book when my son was 7 months old. He is now 22 months old and almost completely potty trained, without any fights, hassle or stress. The main thing about this book that is different from the others is that it sees potty training as something that takes 12-18 months, not something to be done in a weekend or two. Its premise is that you teach children all the necessary skills to using the potty so that when their body is ready, the skills are already there. This book does NOT claim that your child will (or should be) potty trained at 12 months of age. The book does point out that it is a much more difficult process to potty train a child who is 2+ and who has already reached the age of "NO"!

I couldn't ever EC cause of having my babes at work with me for at least 20 hrs a week. Don't think that would go over well!

Savannah - we are such night owls. I can't believe McKenna is on all fours already. You need to get some pics!
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can i join this group? my name is alia and i'm a 20 year old SAHM to rowan nikolaos who was born on 9-8-04. i'm a cloth diapering, sling wearing, co-sleeping mama and my son is the light of my life. i'm also married to a wonderful guy and have been since august '03. the 3 of us live happily in south eastern idaho. i look forward to meeting all of you!!
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We're here!

Okay, how can there be FIVE pages of posts in less than five days time?! :LOL At least I figured out why the other thread was so quiet.

Well, we're here... We made it in yesterday evening to our new home (for six months, anyway). The house is nice - the wood floors will be quite an adventure come crawling and walking time! DS#1 has already slipped a few times. I'm a little freaked by how cramped the town seems - narrow roads, etc. I'm used to Texas and WIDE open spaces. :LOL Of course, by the time we got to drive around it was dusk and raining and I was way tired, so it didn't help my sense of things much!

So, now I sit here (at 5:00am ) with a croupy baby. Poor thing - I finally coaxed him to sleep last night, only to have him start getting noisy shortly thereafter. Within the last hour or two he's been coughing, that awful seal cough. He doesn't seem TOO bad, but I'm figuring we're off to meet the local pedi come daylight.

I'm wondering if he picked this up on the road when he started sitting in highchairs for the first time (and very proudly, too!). I've used the Maya to cover them mostly, but who knows... Poor baby sounds awful.

Off to try to get us back to sleep...
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I realized last night just how much room our son is taking up in our queen-sized bed when we came in to go to sleep (far too late... got sucked into british comedy on pbs : ) and he was sprawled over 1/2 the bed. So I think I'm finally willing to let him sleep in the co-sleeper instead of under my arm. And then I started thinking: wow! More space! I can have my teddy bear and my down comforter back. WOW!! This may not be all bad.

T's really been rubbing his eyes lately. Drives me CRAZY. And it's not just when he's tired. I mean, granted, I know he's tired right now (he'd be less tired if he stopped waking up at 6:30...!). His eyes aren't red or goopy or anything. Dr says it's a fidgety tactile habit. HATE IT! I know he's tired and not ready to be up yet in the AM because yesterday, after getting up at 5:30, I put him back to bed at 7:30 and we both slept until 10:30. He never takes 3-hour naps.

welcome alia, jump right in, beware of swift-running water though! (chatty people here... this group has always been chatty, even when we were all pregnant we consistently scored the highest number of posts!)

heather, welcome to your new home.

I'm off to cuddle a bit with mr wakey-wakey.

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Hi Alia, and welcome.

Heather, I'll bet your new house is really nice! Congrats. We just might stay here forever, LOL. Dh started sending out AZ resumes again. Meanwhile, our roots keep getting ever deeper here...

LOL Jen, maybe T gets longer in his sleep and is able to really take over the bed! And William started the eye rubbing this week, too. Another milestone is he has finally been able to go to sleep without nursing a few times, just by snuggling me. Maybe one day soon he'll actually go to sleep in his crib and stay there all night. McKenna pretty much does it, but not him yet. My dh has a giant crick in his neck this week from squishing in with the family in bed... =O)

I get to meet at the park with some of my local MDC friends today! It should be fun. And I can finally have a spotter to help me figure out that back carry with my wrap.
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Welcome, Alia, and did I say welcome to bunsmom? I think I did, but if not, welcome, otherwise, welcome again!

So sorry to hear about all the sick babies and parents! We're not sick here, but I'm quite sure Bhavani is getting her upper teeth now. I could barely put her down yesterday, and she just wouldn't settle for a nap, but slept well last night.

Anna, that just plain old sucks! Have you heard from your sister yet? Are your dh and Mielle feeling any better? Sending situation-improvement-vibes!

Mandy--Bhavani has recently worn herself out from floor time in the evening. She's not a fan of tummy time, but a few times recently she's been playing and kicking on her back, and she just falls asleep. It's so sweet! I don't remember the other two ever doing that. She just gets plum-tuckered and crashes on the blanket.

bendmom--have you washed the fleece liners at least a couple of times? I found that with the microfleece from Joanne's, I had to wash it on hot with a glug of vinegar 2 or 3 times before they stopped wicking pee and started allowing it to pass through to the diaper. They work as well as the MM now. Otherwise, you could order some Malden Mills fleece online (not sure of a site, but do a google search), and cut your own liners--still cheaper than buying precut ones.

We're vehicle hunting and now we're going for a 4wd suv instead of a minivan. We like the Nissan Xterra, and the 2000 and 01's are pretty reasonable. It's just a question of whether they'll fit 3 carseats. We had 3 seats in a Corolla, so you'd think they'd fit, but we'll have to actually try them out. Ted (dh) has a friend who used to be a car salesman, who's going to find out what dealers pay for used xterras so he can tell us what to offer and how much is too much to pay.

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my lot of medium diapers. I got a Roly Poly Rumpster that I bought individually on the TP in the mail yesterday, and I really like it! Kinda bulky, as B is still on the low end of its weight range, but very cute and absorbent.

Kids need me. Wow, this thread is chugging right along. Happy Friday!

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Welcome new September mamas! Anna, hope your situation has been resolved and hope all the sick mamas and babies out there are feeling better!

Raney has begun "growling" - we all think it's hilarious and laugh at her, to it gives her reinforcement to keep doing it Still no teeth - M was a late teether, too.

Your new place sounds great, HeatherB!

We're heading to DC this weekend to see my bro - 61/2 hr drive - wish us well!
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Welcome Alia! Join in the fun!
It must be something about September moms because my other September board is one of the chattiest. Very interesting.
Desi does tucker herself out on the floor. She has been scooting places. She keeps going to the dog and pulling on his fur and taking his toys. The other day she tried to grab his you know what.
Savannah~ I do EC with Desi sometimes. I've been really bad about keeping up with it. I used to be able to catch her poops. But haven't in a long time. I can still catch her pees.
Jen~ How did you get T so sleep in the cosleeper? Desi insists in being in the bed snuggled against me.
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Originally Posted by Almamiel
Raney has begun "growling" - we all think it's hilarious and laugh at her, to it gives her reinforcement to keep doing it Still no teeth - M was a late teether, too.

Anna growls as well. If we call her Baby Bear, she will growl at us and put her little hands up like paws. It's so cute.

We're still waiting for the first tooth as well. The teething is awful, so I'm hoping it will happen very soon.

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Stacey, how are you and Kate today??
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Welcome Alia! I just joined a couple of weeks ago and you have to just jump in around here (and do a lot of reading!)

Yesterday was one of the first days Andrew actually had some long, happy tummy time, and he crept about a foot in about 20 min, so we're getting there. I think it partially has to do with me cutting down his diapers. We're usuing prefolds and the smalls were too smalls and the premiums were ENORMOUS, so I had to cut two inches off of the length and now he's not quite as bulky. Of course, that means I'm going to have to buy another set of prefolds later, but these ones still have room for him to grow, and if we ever have a babe and a toddler, we'll need to two sets anyway.
Usually he'll play happily on his back for quite a while, but he never just falls asleep without at least nursing. OH well, he has lots of time.

Ds is still fussy today, but I can see a second bottom tooth just below the surface, so it must be the fact that both bottom teeth are coming in that is making him so unruly.

Andrew doesn't growl (he did for a while), but he shrieks. It's terrible, he sounds like a banshee. We're trying to discourage it by just not responding to it, but it is so hard!

Lately when he's not fussy his big thing is touching and grabbing everything. I was vacuuming with him in a front carry today and he had to touch the vacuum. Then I was making lunch and he had to touch each piece of food as I took it out of the fridge. On the change table he has to touch the washcloth, the vaseline, the wall, my face, his toes, . . . it's cute but kind of annoying, too. So today I decided to give him something fun to touch, and I was going to give him some avacado. So I mostly hulled out a slice, and then gave him the rest of the skin and some avacado to play with. It was great. He had the time of his life. It was everywhere!

I think September moms post more because Sept. babies are more interesting. Well, I should go and do something productive while ds is napping, since today is theoretically my house cleaning day (although I think it's being pushed back until tomorrow)
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Hi everyone. Kate seems to be doing better today. Thanks for asking, Chrissy. She hasn't seemed to have a fever since around noon today. Last night was really rough, but today has been much better. She's starting to complain more since about 4, so we may be in for another rough night. I'm bfing as much as she will, practically constantly at night, hoping that those anitbodies will help make this thing short lived. Keep your fingers crossed for me, Mamas!

Anna, I hope you'll let us know how you are when you get to where you're going.

Should I be worried that Kate does practically NONE of what your babies are doing??? :LOL She's rolled over TWICE from back to tummy, hates tummy time, can't hold herself up on her arms yet, doesn't sit up yet, isn't showing any signs of crawling..etc. etc.
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New moms!

Now that I have said it, I do not hate all docs, just the one who put Bryn on 10 days of meds only to find out today that his ear infections are way worse, and he has to now go on a stronger med for another two weeks. I guess he(doc) thought to go easy on the meds the first time, but I would rather go for a stronger med that would get the job DONE THE FIRST TIME . I also have to give him yogurt because a side effect of the new meds is diarhia with a yeast rash.

Anyway, Heather, glad to hear you are home finally. And to the mom who suggested buying more fleece, please suggest that to my frugal hubby.

Cynthia- How was your Birthday? I will be spending mine sanse dh since he has to take a team to Mnt. Hood, I will be home all day w/ two sick boys. I really do my dh, It's just been alot to deal w/ two sick kids.
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