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I cannot BELIEVE it is MARCH!

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As I have an early April due date- I cannot even believe that it is March today! This pregnancy has gone so fast- although to think about July seems like years ago....

I have an awful cold/flu or something, so I am home on the couch thinking of all the things I should be doing while I have the chance and doing none of them.

I have that strep test next Monday at my MW appt.- has anyone done that yet?
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I can't believe I still have a whole month to go! There was a thread earlier about being patient. Those mamas are much better people than I am!!! Intellectually I know it's better to cook as long as necessary but, man, I really, really want to meet this baby!!!

Can't wat to : and : and : and just plain snuggle!
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I'm also thinking time has flown by way too fast.. can't believe it's March (especially since those of us w/early April due dates could have the baby this month)!!! I'm convinced I won't have the baby in march, so if I do, I'll be shocked, LOL!

Joy - don't worry about the GBS test. Doesn't hurt. Just a tiny cotton swab to the vagaina & outer anus. No pain
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Thanks Amy- that doesn't sound too bad. Hope I don't have it whatever it is- my mw said I will need IV antibiotics? Ugh.

I can't wait to meet the baby- but he is so easy to care for right now! And as this is our first- the change in our lives is fast approaching- it very well could be this month- and we have had such a nice pregnancy these last two trimesters- maybe I am scared of another change!
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I know what yall mean. I am so exited to meet her. At the same time I feel like time is running out! I spent all day yesterday going through her things and getting things washed and put away. Her room is such a mess! It is getting there but there is still stuff to be organized better. Not to mention I need to clean the house and keep it up better. These past few months cooking and cleaning haven't really appealed to me and I have let things go. I need to get back in gear here!
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Thanks for reminding me :
Have sooo much to do to get ready, trying to wait until after our baby shower on the 20th before buying too much stuff.

Today was a momentus day. I can no longer tuck in my shelf-bra camisole to my pants. I have been stretching and pulling but today it just wasn't going to happen. So today the belly is FREE with the camisole tucked up between my boobs and "the arctic circle"

My DH has a terrible cold/flu but so far i have not caught it. He is too sick to go to our 2nd childbirth class tonight (and does not want to infect a room of pregnant women) but we can take a makeup class in 2 weeks, so that should work out OK.

Big hugs to all of us!
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I just found out that my shower's not until the 2nd. Eeeek. I don't know If I can wait til then to buy stuff without going into a total panic. DS was born pretty much right on (I think 2 days after EDD), but the U/S date for this one was the 10th, which means "on time" could be anywhere from the 27th of March . I am getting so antsy!
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i am in agreement.. on one hand i want baby NOW.. on another it is soooo soon...lol
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It hit me halfway through this morning that is was March and I practically did a cartwheel-- I am sooooo excited to be this close! This is going to be the fastest/slowest month ever. I am so ready to meet this baby!
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yes, i'm very well aware of the fact that it's MARCH!!! :

someone told me that 2nd babies often come 3-5 days sooner than first babies. so, since dd #1 was 5 days late, that would mean this baby is coming on her due date or just a couple days after. holy smokes!

there's still a lot to do around the house. there's still a lot to do around the office.

on the one hand i can't wait to meet this kid and almost hope i go early. on the other hand knowing i have at least 4 weeks is comforting.

oh...and to be rid of the heartburn...that will be heaven...at least it seems like it right now.
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Originally Posted by aprildawn
yes, i'm very well aware of the fact that it's MARCH!!! :
someone told me that 2nd babies often come 3-5 days sooner than first babies. so, since dd #1 was 5 days late, that would mean this baby is coming on her due date or just a couple days after. holy smokes!
Oh, yikes! THat would mean this one could be here on the 5th?!?!? THat's only 35 days from now. Ok, maybe I should get some stuff ready! At least pack the labor bag, and maybe buy the car seat?
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I can't believe I've only got a month to go. Where have the past 35 or so weeks gone?

I am so not ready. We have our home visit with the midwife tomorrow, and we get our supply list. I'm going to have to get on ordering that ASAP - none of my usual procrastinating this time. I just reserved the birth pool a few days ago, thankfully she still had one available. I still need to get a carseat for the baby and I have a pile of sewing I need to do yet. Especially need blinds for our dining room, since we're putting the tub in there and we only have sheers on the windows. I don't want to give the neighbors a show! :LOL

This pregnancy has gone so quickly, it's amazing.
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my second came a week LATER than my first. so, i'm wondering if instead of going sooner, i'll go a week LATER this time ( which would be 39 weeks, so no big deal really LOL).

freerangemama- you better get on the computer as soon as you get home from the U/S. are you measuring HUGE? i've heard that with twins you measure into the 50s at the end usually. that sounds SOOOOOO big to me. the thought of twins is overwhelming when you already have two young ones at home, but i'm sure that you'll be able to handle it .

well, i go to the ob today for my check up and i guess i'm going to have to talk to her about gestational diabetes. i decided to do the 1 hr last week and found out on monday that i didn't pass by one point. i refused the three hour test as, i only have 4 weeks left, i really don't have the time to go sit there for 3 hrs, and we closed on our house on friday and the movers should be here on saturday . it took me 5 weeks to get around to doing the 1 hr test, more than likely it would take me that long to do the three hour, and the baby will be here in the next 4 weeks LOL. so, i've decided just to tell her that if she wants to make me GD and refer me to whomever, that's fine i'll do that.

i'm overwhelmed right now with all of the stuff going on in my life, and it's hard to deal with when everyone around you is like, "no big deal", " it will be fine." none of them are HUGE pregnant with two toddlers and a house that needs a lot of work, and attention. last night my mom was all in my face about things and it was driving me crazy. i had tried to drop stuff off yesterday, but the previous owners had removed the railing to the stairs so i couldn't take the kids inside. i had to leave them in the car with a dvd in and carry the stuff in and leave it in the kitchen. not very productive, but it was all i could do. last night DH went to the house and put the railing and banister back up. i LOVE him!!!!!!!!

we get to start sleeping in our new king bed this week . i'm really looking forward to that. i just have to find a really good waterproof pad because my water always breaks in the middle of the night, while i'm in bed. it's a pain in the ass LOL. shelly from tye dye dreams made this new baby a gorgeous diaper cake and i can't wait to get it. i think she's going to mail it soon. it has tye dyed prefolds and tshirts, and playsilks and a hat i think . i'm praying that i'll be able to find all of the baby stuff next week as i sloooooooowly unpack.

part of me wants this baby out now so that i can unpack, unpregnant, but then i realize that it will be harder to get anything done after the baby is born LOL. so then i start to think, wouldn't it be nice if i could sew him or her in for another 6 mo? LOL

i'm a dork, i know--- teeheehee
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Hang in there Danaalex!

I'm thinking about not getting the strep B test. I didn't with ds because I didnt' want the risk of having to have antibiotics and being hooked up to an IV. It only just became standard practice to give them routinely.

I just recieved my shipment of new/used cloth diapering supplies for the newborn. I"m so excited! They look so teeny
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Yeah, I declined the GBS test. They didn't even have it when I was preg with DS.PLus, my MW said it's a transitory bacteria, meaning the presence or absense of it now doesn't really tell you what will be going on when you go into labor. She gave me a list of herbal/natural things that are good for reducing bacteria, that moms who test positive often do so they can retest and get a neg. I figure I'll try some of those things, and keep a good watch over the Sprout's health, and we should be fine.

OH, and on my list of things that still need to be done, a name, or at least a narrowed down list of choices would probably be helpful, or he's going to OFFICIALLY be Sprout, LOL.
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Hope everyone is doing well!

I had an NST and dr appt yesterday ( I have PIH). My NST lasted 4+ hours again .

This time the baby was non-reactive for the first hour. Everyone was a little concerned, but I got lots of juice, cold water and poked and prodded (my belly is really sore) after almost another hour, she started "reacting" (heart rate going up with movement). They kept me for over 2 hours more to make sure she was staying reactive - she was. They also reran all the pre-e tests and they came back fine, so I was sent home. I go in again on friday (missed dr appt because of this) and I would not be supprised if he decided to take the baby this weekend. He was really concerned after this episode, adn if I don't fell her move atleast every hour and can not get her moving, I have to go to L&D. I had PIH my last preg also and when dd was born at 37 weeks 3 days, my placenta was only halfway working and was VERY aged (he showed me).

I had a break down after all this last night, especially after I went to pick up dds at MIL and dd#1 had a huge fit when I walked in the door and did not want to come home. I spent over an hour crying to dh . I am NOT ready to not be preg! I got out all the newborn clothes this morning and they are in the wash. I still have no place to put them. I did buy the carseat yesterday, and I am going to install it and move the other girls carseats around this afternoon.

This baby still does not have a name!!!!! . I *think* we may have decided on a first name - atleast, dh have a name that we both don't hate . What to do think of Lillian? We can not come up with a middle name.

On top of all this, dd#1 is having renal reflux surgery next week! She will spend 2-4 days in Children's hospital in the city about 2.5 hours away. So, I can not have the baby next week. The hospital we go to is over an hour the other direction!

Sorry this is so long, I am going crazy!!!!!
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Oh you poor mama!!! What exactly is PIH? I'm unfamiliar with the initials.
Good luck to ds#1 on her surgery and keep up the faith mama. Everything will be alright.
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Qerratsmom, thanks for the hugs. I am having a much better day today. PIH stands for pregnancy induced hypertension. This basically means that when I get preg, my blood pressure goes up. My normal nonpreg bp is about 120/70. My normal preg bp is 140-160/90-100. It puts you at high risk for pre-e and it ages the placenta faster than normal.

I just talked to the dr and he says if the baby shows ANY signs of stress on Friday, he will do the c-sec then. I will be exactly 36 weeks. I am nervous about taking her so early, but I have had the steriod shots, so she should be OK. DD#2 was had no problems and was born at 37+ weeks. I have a really good, conservative Doc, and he has been really good about trusting me and my intuition. I have been thinking about this all morning and think I have come to terms with it and am OK if she is born this weekend.

Hope everyone else is doing well and your babies stay put for a while longer!
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oh you poor sweetie, no wonder you're overwhelmed, with one dd with surgery and another baby about to arrive at some point. I'm 34 weeks tomorrow and I know I am not at all psychologically ready for this wee one.

Sending you lots of baby stay in vibes

though as you say I'm sure that the baby will be just fine at 36 weeks with the steroid shot
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Jessmcg -- sorry to hear about the NSTs. but i'm glad you and your doctor are on the same page. i had my first NST for my high bp last thursday. they only monitored the baby 20 minutes. she slept the whole time. but they didn't seem alarmed or make me stay on it longer. hmmm. my bp was sky high that day, too. but only at the doc's office. as soon as i got home it dropped from 120/96 to 110/75. the doctor even told me that since my bp isn't high at home, as long as it stays even within the range it was at her office, my labor won't be as monitored as she intially thought it would have to be.

good luck! and keep us posted friday about the NST. my next one is monday.

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