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oh jess i'm so sorry that the NST didn't go well. i had NSTs and biophysical profiles done when i was pg with dd#1 due to PIH. my first biophysical profile went along the same lines. my DD didn't do all of the things she was supposed to do, i was there for well over an hour, turned every which way, poked and given juice. BP checked like a million times. after they realized she wasn't going to do what they needed her to do they moved onto the NST and we went through it all over again, not 4 hrs worth though ((HUGS)).

the second time we went, she was a star and did everything perfectly and i had both tests done in about an hour. so perhaps your next one will be much much better than this one was. i'm glad to hear that you had the steroid shots 36 weeks isn't too bad, it's technically only a week early and it's an EXTREMELY rare occassion that a 36 week gestation babe doesn't do well . they might be little due to the PIH, but they should be PERFECT in EVERYWAY good luck, i'll be thinking of you two !!

i saw my ob yesterday and i found out that my blood sugar level after the 1 hr test was 135, which is under the 140, so my ob didn't really care too much that i didn't want to do the 3 hr, and she's not going to treat me as GD. my blood pressure is still great ( which is good for me cause normally right about now it's around 140/90 and i'm getting sent for labs, and 24 hr urines, and testing). i only gained .5 lb in the last 2 weeks, which i was excited about but my DH was worried about LOL.

we're slowly getting into our house too which is GREAT! the house is about 50 yrs old and so much of it is still original so of course i have like a million projects i want to work on LOL. i need to bump the "prediction" thread and see if there are dates, weights and sexes that you all want to change tee hee hee
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Thanks for all the support, I really needed it yesterday!

danaalex - I am glad to hear this happened to someone else. I think the biggest concern was that this is the 6th week of NSTs and the first one where she has not passed in the first few min. She usually has 8-10 of the reactive heart tone accelerations in the hour I am there. She had 1 in the first hour on Tuesday.
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Originally Posted by liawbh
Oh, yikes! THat would mean this one could be here on the 5th?!?!? THat's only 35 days from now. Ok, maybe I should get some stuff ready! At least pack the labor bag, and maybe buy the car seat?
Geez, that would go along with my mom's dreams about the baby coming early. So let's see, 5 days early would put us... on my little brother's birthday. :LOL I'm actually hoping for Danaalex's 1 week late -- I could use those extra few days from my maternity leave to do the last minute preps before the baby come...

Jessmcg- I'm so sorry that the NST actually made life more stressful! I'm glad it worked out in the end, though.

Danaalex- great news on the house and bed! I'm so happy that this is working out for your family, after reading how stressed your life has been.

I'm another who's ready for this baby to come out. So odd to me because I was so happy being pregnant with dd (except for the hormonal rollercoasters). But there's days where I wish I could just put on the sling with this baby so I can chase dd much more easily... All the stooping, housecleaning, and bathing her have gotten harder and I'm getting more and more tired it seems...
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Yes, house cleaning is hard. I have a bit to do today too. Showers are dirty, bleh. I wouldn't mind if my belly didn't get in the way. She is so long now!

And oh, and with all the baby stuff I almost forgot it is our anniversary this month! Hubby remembered.

I'm just off in baby land.
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Just have a minute to jump in here and post

Our baby girl is coming in the morning! I am so not ready. At my appt today, my lab results showed that my numbers (protein and creatine) were up more and my kidney and liver function were down. They are not to the danger level yet, but dr is worried about how fast they have risen in the last few weeks. He said that I would probably wait untill Monday, but then I would still be in the hospital when dd#1 has her surgery. I feel bad, because I almost feel like I am sacrificing one child for another. I feel bad for dd#2 because she is just a baby and has no idea how her life is going to change. I am sitting here holding her and snuggling with my baby for the last time (as the baby). I am worried about the new baby coming at 36 weeks.

Sorry, A little vent!

I have to pack clothes for the girls to stay and MILs house for the next few days and what I have to take to the hospital, so I better go! I don't know when I will get a chance to get back on, so hope you all have a good week, and keep your babies cooking a while longer!
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Good luck Jess!!! We will be anxiously awaiting a report!
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wow jess! hugs to you. sorry you are not feeling ready. sending some mature baby vibes your way- and hoping and trusting this will turn out to be........congradulations!

good luck with this huge week you have coming up, hope all goes as well as possible, and looking forward to hearing about it when you are adequately recovered and ready to post.
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to you Jess
What a hard situation! Wishing you lots of energy, a quick easy birth & recovery and a very successful surgery for your daughter next week.
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Oh, wow! I missed all of this drama! Congrats, Jess! You must have a babe in arms by now-- how wonderful! I hope everything's gone well for you these first few days.
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Good luck Jess!

I can't believe it is march. I am slowly nesting and organizing closets, draws, and my house and life in general. It feels good to take it slow - I just hope baby does not arrive before I am ready.

I was really sad to learn about Warriorprincess - it totally freaks me out and puts even more worry into my head. The poor family and poor baby.

I changed midwives and birth centers after my 3 hour glucose test drama that some of you might have read about. I just didn't like the way they handled the whole situation without allowing me to retest and then giving me an ultimatum between birthing in the birth center or having the test done. So bye-bye to them hello to some new and really cool midwives (who are out of network which s**** but so worth it!).

I have been trying to cram in some hypnobirthing stuff and giving myself coaching reagarding being able to do this. My last birth was really traumatic. Anyone else afraid of the pain?
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Wow, has anyone heard from Jess? I can't believe one of us has had a baby!

goodcents, RUN to get Birthing from Within or (for faster reading) The Birth Book . I think you'll love either or both!

I'm not really feeling like the baby will be here soon! My due date isn't until the middle of April, so that seems SO far away. Plus, I have to present my master's portfolio in an oral exam on April 11-- the baby CANNOT come until then. I have been working my butt off to get ready for it, so I haven't had any time to really think about the baby. I want to keep reading the books I recommended above, but there's just no time!

My friend (due 6 weeks before me) just had her son with the same midwives I'll be using, and it went well. Makes it seem a little more real, but not too much!
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Originally Posted by Mizelenius

goodcents, RUN to get Birthing from Within or (for faster reading) The Birth Book . I think you'll love either or both!
Thanks for the suggestion. I just got done with reading BFW again. I am taking the next few weeks to really focus on my birth art and focus on art for my labor.

BFW was probably the main catalyst for me running away from the last set of midwives. Underneath when I really looked at the feelings I had towards their practice they were just not who I wanted to birth with. I am glad I came to that realization sooner rather than later. Especially considering that this is probably the last baby for me - I am really doing everything I can to make it a positive experience.
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Hi, Everyone, thanks for the hugs and worries! Just a quick update, I will post a full birth story later

Our little one, Lillian Mary, was born breech on Saturday morning at 8:32 and weighed 6lbs 8oz (after she peed all over the ob :LOL ). She did ok the first little bit, but started breathing really fast (80-120 breaths per min) and her oxygen saturation was around 40 (should be 100). They put her in an oxygen tent and her Oxygen level went up, but did not change her breathing. They did a chest x-ray and her stomach was full of air and her lungs were not opening. They drained 28 ccs of air from her stomach and slowly, her stats started to improve. It took 10 hours before I got to see or hold her, but the nurses and my wonderful FP doctor brought me pictures and kept me informed (but it was very scary). It took her 2 more hours before she showed any interest in nursing, but took right to it with no problems!

They think that because she was breech, she breathed in amniotic fluid and swallowed air (wrong order) as she was pulled out. She is very calm and laid back and still sleeps 98% od the time.

We got to come home on Monday evening and are relaxing at home. We decided to move dd#1 surgery, but the soonest they can do it is in May. We deceded that it would not be fair to her recovery or easy for me to help her at all.

I will post pictures when I have time, but need to go rest, it is really hard to sit at the comp .

Keep all the babies cooking and good luck to you!
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Congrats Jess!!!! WELCOME Lillian!!!

Our first baby! how exciting!!!

Glad to hear she is doing OK, Jess & that you are both at home together

on the stressful first few hours

that's great that your older dd got her surgery moved, sorry you could only get an appt in May.

I'll post more later!
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Congratulations Jess & welcome little Lillian! I'm glad she's doing well after your rough start. I'm sure that was very scary!

I had my 36w appt today w/the midwife. She gave me the option of not doing the GBS screen & just treating (I was colonized w/dd), but I opted for the test, hoping for miracles, LOL. I can't believe I'm on the weekly plan now. She checked my cervix (totally my choice) and she said it was mushy, but not dilated at all. That's exactly what I would have predicted. I'm pretty sure I won't be having this baby until April.
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congrats to jessmcg! Take it easy and enjoy your little girl!
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35 weeks today and getting excited !

We have finally put together the 'baby's room' (I use quotes because we plan on cosleeping, so it's mostly a place to put clothes and diapers and stuff), in fact we moved my dresser into that room to make more room for a rocking chair so we can sit with our baby in our room. We do have a crib, that was a gift from some other lesbian mamas, and we have a wooden cradle that my uncle made for me when I was a baby. (according to my mom I grew out of it in 4 weeks, so I don't know if we'll even get to use it much! But for now it's storing clothes very nicely!)

We have one shower and one mother blessing this weekend and another one next weekend, so that's exciting too! My sister is organizing the mother blessing and I am starting to really look forward to it, I was reading that section of BFW last night and it was quite inspiring.

Oh and I have exactly 2 weeks of work left, my last day is March 24th! I can't wait!!!
At the same time, it's a big change to think of going from working full time at a fairly demanding job for the last 3.5 years to being home all the time...a big change in focus and socially etc. It feels like the right time to be going on leave though! I will be at 37 weeks...

Amy, : for you on the GBS test. I'm not actually sure what our midwifery practice thinks about this one they may have told us but I forget. My next appointment is next Thursday at 36 weeks, so I will ask then.
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congrats jess! : to lillian.

i'm so sad to hear about warriorprincess. any idea if there's something we could do for her as a group? what do y'all think?

i had my 36 week appt on monday. the blood pressure is staying consistent in the high range, but not going up at all, so the doctor says she's not concerned about it. esp since i don't have any swelling, headaches, or protein in my urine. keeping up hopes that's the way it stays. the baby looked good on the NST, too. so, good news on that front.

like ctdoula, i had the doc check my cervix. i figured as long as i had my pants off for the GBS i might as well see if anything is going on down there. my cervix is long and i'm 1cm dilated. i didn't expect to hear much different. the dr says she doesn't do weekly cervix checks (which is what i expected because that's what i had with the midwives i had with dd). she said unless i want her to, she won't want to check me again until 40 weeks. i know it doesn't mean a darn thing. as the dr joked with me, i could have the baby tonight even though there's not much going on, or if i got to 4cm suddenly i could walk around that way for weeks.

i've got about 3 1/2 weeks to go. hard to believe.
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Wow, the board goes down a few days, and so much happens!

First off, Congratulations, Jessmcg! When you up to it, you'll have to post pics of little Lillian girl: . I'll tell you what my ILs told me when I started nursing -- have a (non-alcoholic) beer and try to relax! (Their reason, "Why to help with let down of course!" I'm sorry it started out so stressful, but I'm happy to hear that all turned out well.

goodcents: BFW and trying to relax a bit (I know, I know, easier said than done) is probably you're best bet. My MW recommended Hypbirth for my labor and I've really enjoyed the visualizations on it. I've been using it for a week now. I wouldn't say I had a traumatic birth, but since I did have an epi with dd, I have started to worry about how I'll actually handle this labor. They broke my water with dd and things got tremendously painful after that. Not to mention I was only at 4cm when I wanted to start pushing. So I'm alittle concerned abotu how well I'll make it through. BUT, I'm trying not to focus on it, just acknowledge it. I've done this before, and I just need to relax and trust myself to do it again.

wan2be: I'm JEALOUS! I'll probably be working right up until a couple of days before my EDD. No real choice in the matter, since I'm trying to accumulate as much paid sick and vacation time as possible. Well, that's the plan, unless this potato has other ideas... :LOL Anyway, enjoy your time off. I had about a week before dd was born and it was bliss! Gave me enough time to get that last nesting done and just relax before I became the spastic mama I am today. :LOL

aprildawn: I've felt the same way about warriorprincess. I'm not sure though what we could do as a group for her. If something materializes, I'd love to be apart of it. BTW, glad to hear that your BP is doing good.

Not much new here to report. This is week 35. The potato has been increasing activity and seems to be a stretcher. Dd was quite the kicker, but this one likes to S-T-R-E-T-C-H. Generally, it feels like I have a baby butt up against my ribs. And there's days where it feels like it's taking both hands and spreading my hips apart. Overall, I'm trying to stay walking (with our recent rains, it's been alittle hard) and trying to remember to at least do my kegels. I need to work on the pelvic rocking.

Keep cooking ladies, not that much farther to go now!
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will post more over the weekend but wanted to say congrats to Jess!!!
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