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I cannot BELIEVE it is MARCH! - Page 4

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I think nesting is starting to kick in for me. I have long days at work (my last day is tomorrow!!! YAY!) and then come home & crash, but then around 9 or 10 I get this burst of energy that converts into cleaning. I'm hoping that when I'm not working it gets even stronger. But I have to watch out or I get a really sore back
Lots of nice baby clothes & gifts have arrived, fun times!!! very exciting....(and a bit scary too!)
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Just wanted to say

Are there 3 April due date babies so far? I'm trying to keep track!

I'm getting so excited for those of you with dates in the early part of the month! Since mine is in the middle, it feels so far off. Actually, I'm OK with that since there are things I must finish before then! I am looking forward to when the baby comes because then I know I'll be done with things I have to do (and don't like) and just concentrate on being a mom.

I have been getting my master's for six years now :LOL . My DH and DD have never known me not in school . . .but this baby will, thankfully.

Even though I'm not due for awhile, we're going to start bringing up the clothes and such so that DD gets used to things for awhile before the baby actually arrives. We'll see how that goes!
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Mizlenius, Congrats on getting through your degree!. I had ds in the middle of my first field season during my ms degree. IT was HARD but I made it through and finished a year ago. I too am looking forward to being able to be home with this one for as long as I like and not have to worry about school. What's your degree in? Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Mizelenius

Even though I'm not due for awhile, we're going to start bringing up the clothes and such so that DD gets used to things for awhile before the baby actually arrives. We'll see how that goes!

we did this too. last week we started pulling out/ finding all of the baby items so that the girls could see us start getting ready. we keep talking about the new baby coming, and they alway lift up my shirt to "see" the new baby, but i think they think the new baby is my belly button. my oldest always wants to know if the baby is awake or sleeping. when the baby starts to move i let them feel wherever the movement is. they know where the baby's butt and feet are LOL.

unfortunately, they think the baby items are for them. my youngest LOVES to lie down in the moses basket and pull a blanket over herself and pretend to sleep. they fight over the infant carseat, which i finally had to just throw in the car because i was sick of the fighting. we have to set up a changing area on the first floor somewhere so i don't have to run up the staris everytime i need to change the baby's diaper or clothes.

OH yeah and today ( first time since dd#2 was born) my oldest daughter asked to nurse? LOL it was totally out of the blue. she's been asking me if i'm making milk yet, but i'm just leaking right now. everyone in the house has been weaned for several months now. so it caught me off guard LOL........

not sure what's going to happen after the baby is actually here and nursing. OH and another thing. my almost 2yo has decided she wants to start potty learning. she's doing the exact same thing her big sis did at this age. my DH and i never potty trained my oldest, she did it all on her own. so i won't be surprised if my middle child is the same way

gotta go. bath time.
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Mizelenius- I think we should start a baby list.... I'll try and figure out in the next few days once I start my leave.

good to hear from you student mamas, I'm thinking of going back to school in Sept and I don't know if I'm crazy or not.

Danaalex, those stories of your girls are so cute! great that your middle one is ready for the potty!

Btw, hawkfeather posted on the UC board that her water had broken....wonder if there's any news??
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congrats hawkfeather!!! i guess that makes it four new april babes born in march .

tonight is the full moon!!!!!! if you are due in the earlier half of april, you might want to get ready to go this weekend .
both of our girls were born RIGHT around the full moon. one was born a day after and the other was born 2 days before. i'm personally hoping for an easter sunday delivery LOL. actually it would really mess things up because we have plans and the person who is going to watch the girls for a little while on our delivery date is going to be out of town all day sunday. so, knowing our luck sunday will be the day LOL.

a friend of mine had her first baby today, a BIG boy 9 lbs 8 oz 22 in long. i had to listen to the message from her DH several times because i was sure i was mishearing that info. a big first babe

hope everyone else is doing well. have a great weekend.
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I guess everyone had a good easter since there's no activity on the thread! :LOL

Seems we're the house of the plague once more. Dd came down with some awful upper respiratory cold last Thursday. Friday night I woke up to her coughing in my face, so guess who's got it now... :

And it would be Murphy's law that the sickest weekend since I got pregnant would be the one where plans were made to pile forth and Spring clean the entire house. My cousin's fiancee and I made plans to invite some friends over to help with steaming the carpets, going through the old clothes, and just general cleaning. If it wasn't a cold someone had, then all it was the PMS that the other ladies had, if not both. It was some weekend...

BUT, the good news is that the carpet isn't disgusting anymore, and as my husband put it "so now you can have a room suitable to birth in." :LOL The clothes still need going through and some more storage bins and a bookcase need to be bought. At least things are starting to fall into place. The water tub will be coming on Wednesday and I still need to get some items straightened up. I'm hopeful about getting it all into place this week.
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Just back from our weekend get away, our last couple time, and in honour of our 7th anniversary (which was in Feb.) it was wonderful so relaxing, peaceful, great food, nice walks, baths etc.

So now I move into baby & labour prep mode! mat leave officially starts tomorrow. Of course my bosses still want me to tie up some loose ends
But I am getting into cooking & meal planning and laundry and...

Nissa-glad you got some stuff done! Sorry you are sick & your family too

Danaalex-hope your weekend was lovely too!
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Qerratsmom: Thank you! When I finished my portfolio this weekend, it was a mixture of being really happy and almost traumatized thinking of all the %$*!!! I'd put up with from the school-- I had to fight to NOT take English 101 (I'd placed out of it as an undergrad so it wasn't on my transcript ), they made me do student teaching for a full semester even though I'd had my own classroom in a public school for almost 5 years . . .things like that. When I turned in my portfolio yesterday, a professor called to tell me that it might not be accepted (and not be able to graduate this term) because I put my documentation in a separate section instead of right behind each reflective essay (even though I made a thorough guide as to where everything was located). I will be so glad to be done. Oh, and my degree is in elementary education with a concentration in bilingual/bicultural education. CONGRATULATIONS to you for being done! You must be thrilled!

wan2be: I think the baby list would be an excellent idea! Kinda like we did in TTC . . .who is due and when they've had the baby! And congratulations on your anniversary!

heket: a bad cold is no fun, especially now!
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I stickied a birth announcement list. Hopefully everyone will post their birth stories as they happen. SHould I include due dates?

COngrats on graduating, Mizelenius!
Wan2bemama: yay for maternity leave!

Danaalez; hope some of the natural induction tricks work for you.

Heket: hope your family gets well soon. Flu is blechy.

Qerratsmom: how are you doing? Did you get the pain figured out?
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well, we had our baby early mon am. labor started after dinner sun night. my mom had JUST gotten home when we called her to come over at 230a. julianna marie was born at 447a on the 28th. we came home today
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COngratulations! Wow - look at all the girl babies!
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Congrats, danaalex! I can't believe it's getting so close to labor day for all of us.

We're getting our birthing pool delivered tomorrow, so after that I will be READY. My EDD is 4/4, so I could really go any time now. I'm not feeling especially like I will go soon, but I could be wrong. I was hoping that the thunderstorms that rolled through today would help get things going, or the morning walking around the zoo yesterday, but I don't have many noticeable contractions still. I went a few days past my due date with DD, so I suppose I should expect that again. No matter - the longer he cooks, the bigger he'll be. Right?

I'm going to go to bed. Haven't been sleeping well lately and the rainy day today just made me sleepier.
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Congrats danaalex!!!! Welcome baby julianna!!!!

We just got back from visiting our friends' baby who is 5 days old--beautiful little girl! Very exciting & scary, makes it more real!!

Jess-hope your pool comes in ok & gets set up well and that labour comes soon
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WOW girl:

Congratulations Danaalex!! Welcome baby girl
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Welcome to Julianna, and congratulations, Danaalex!
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Welcome Julianna!!!! Congrats Danaalex!!!!!

Definitely not going to have these two babies of ours within days of eachother like the others. :LOL
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Congrats to Danaalex and baby Julianna!
The kidney pains went away last week phew! Probably a kidney stone or the baby kicked me and bruised my kidney, not sure.Thnaks for the advice and hugs during that period! Anyway I've been feeling fine the past week and went to a check up today. I'm dilated to 5 with a very stretchy cervix and lost my plug over a week ago. I'm thinking the baby could come pretty soon. Hoping for this week since DH is on spring break and my mom's here. I'm not counting on anything though. I"m going to wash the floor's today and clean up the bedroom and fold laundry. Then I need to smudge the house with Sage and I think I'll feel fairly ready to go into labor (one more night of good sleep would be nice too A low pressure system moved in last night so that might help speed things along. Good luck to everyone!
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thanks ladies!!
kyra, sounds like you'll go anyday now
serenity, aww man, you're right. maybe they'll be exactly a month apart though . how are things going with the sugars? i'm sending you low sugar vibes.

good luck to all of you! i physically feel so much better now that julianna is out she has been a great baby so far, we'll see if that changes after she hits 2 weeks LOL. my girlies are in love with her and are obsessed with holding her now. she is nursing very well. so much the first night ( pretty much on the boob all night long) that my milk came in late yesterday, so only 2 days after delivery.

take care and i'm sending quick labor vibes to all of you!
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Congrats Danaalex! Julianna is a beautiful name, girl: !

Boy, miss out on a day or two and see what happens? :LOL

I hope this year is a girl year. For some reason, now that the date looms, I'm starting to lean toward having a second girl. Maybe it's the unknowns of boyhood that make a girl seem more appealing (we already have dd...)

Wow, Q, 5 cm? Here's good vibes that it happens soon! Maybe one of our first April Fool's Day babies...

I still have to smudge the house too, but I also wanted to do a salt and water cleansing along with it. First, this requires us to get the last of the Spring Cleaning mayhem cleaned up...

Which I must say has been going fairly well. Considering I'm the type of person who'd wanted it all done and put away yesterday, I have to say that I am proud with the consistent progress I'm making. Although, today my body is telling me I still did a little too much... BUT, clothes are slowly getting organized and put away or donated. Old stuffed animals and toys are going to donation as well. We got a new bookcase and wardrobe so now I feel like we're being a little more grownup about how we're putting our stuff away. I just have to keep reminding dh to pick up and put his sh*t where it belongs (bookshelf, laundry hamper, drawer, etc. : It's still a learning process for him. :LOL)

Our MW did the home visit yesterday and brought the tub. Anyone else using a Rubbermaid 150 gallon tub? I'm ecstatic it will fit in our living room, possibly with the most of the furniture still in it (we have a tiny, tiny loft cottage home, and I think our living room is approximately 12ft x 12ft).

So suffice to say the nesting mode has gone full blown and I'm trying to get through these last few weeks of work and getting the home ready before the baby gets here. Keep mid-late April thoughts for me!
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