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Hi everyone :-)

I've been in lurk mode for a while now, but I do check in here every day even though I don't post much.

I'm torn between nesting mode and Ow-baby-is-poking-my-cervix mode. The sciatica is really slowing down my nesting efforts.

Had my MW home visit yesterday and from here on out it's weekly visits- eep! I'm excited about that. It makes the time go faster. I swear that March flew by as a whole, but getting from one day to the next took extra long. There was definitely an energy shift right around the Spring Equinox. I feel better now that the days are getting longer.

Baby is expected the last week of April/first week of May (I'm almost 37 weeks) and I've been having some serious warm up contractions for a few weeks now and they're getting warmer! lol Last night one woke me up. I'm at the point where I'm starting to hope baby will arrive early! I don't know if I can deal with the poking and the warm ups and the not being able to walk/sit/stand comfortably for another month!

Whew- glad to get that out. Sometimes we all need to vent. Okay, I'm good for another month or so... Take your time baby! I'll be patient!

Congrats on all of the arrivals so far :-)

Hope everyone is doing well!


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hello everyone. just popping on to say that Lydia Joy was born on wed, mar 30 at 2:11am. she was 8 lbs 9 oz and 21" long. when we got to the hospital i was already 9cm and was pushing w/in an hour!!! part of what held me back was that i was waiting on the doctor who i really wanted to be there because she and i had discussed my concerns about having another bad tear. i also was waiting on my mom!!! will post more later.
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congrats april!

welcome lydia!!
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Hi everyone

Just a quick update on this last day of March!

We are doing really well. Lillian will be 4 weeks old on Saturday, and I can hardly believe it! It has been lots easier than I thought, but I think it is going to get harder. Lilly is starting to wake up and need to be held more the last few days. She only slept and eat the first few weeks because she was so early. She is also starting to get fussier and eats all the time! She is growing really big and I bet she weighs over 7 lbs now! Both girls love her lots, and our almost 20 month old is so good! We thought she would be really jealous, but she loves the baby so much. She is always concerned and runs to her if she is crying and brings her a pacifier and blanket to share .

Congats and welcome to all the new babies!

Good luck and happy prego and easy birthing vibes to all the mommas still waiting.

Here are some pictures of all my girls, enjoy!

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Welcome Lydia!!!!

I'm so jealous having to wait until the middle of May! Can I pout now?

Danaalex, my sugars are doing fabulously!!!!! They have been so great lately. I have a bit of a tummy bug, which I just found out tonight is affecting them a bit. After dinner it comes down way too fast and makes me dizzy. It really stinks. Oh, and I lost 3 lbs last week!!! I've been averaging 1.5 lbs a week and I didn't do anything different last week. I actually walked less since I fell on mil's steps and bruised myself. Too much pain to walk on the treadmill. But better now, if only this stomach bug would go away.

I'm exhausted all the time. When I sleep I don't hear anything. I used to hear Sam when he would wake up, i don't anymore. Luckily dh does and brings him to our bed the rest of the night. So if dh is at work I have both kids nap in my bed with me so I am more likely to wake up. And I've been nesting. I go through spurts. I will completely clean an entire room, I'm talking organized and everything, and then I take a week off, just do basic pick up. Then I get bit again and clean another room. It's great to finally get rid of the clutter.

Well, off to bed now.
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Seren--so glad to hear that your sugars are better! Sorry about your fall...
Not much time to post right now, but wanted to say to Jess that Lillian is soooo beautiful! And your other girls too! And I love their names!
And congrats again, April!!!
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