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what can ypu freeze

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Freezer cooking a meal entirely I don't think I can do but I would like to start freezing a few staples, cooked or raw so they won't go bad. But what can or can't I freeze. Can most raw vegetables be frozen, and what's the best way(boy my mother should have taught me to cook) potatoes, zucchini, cabbage adn what about fruit. some fruit doesn't get eaten right away until someone remembers it's there and than it's bad. Can most fruit be frozen(mostly bananas, kiwi, apples, peaches)? And beans, cooked beans is that okay to freeze. I would really like to get started to add a little time in my day, I hope someone can help.
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Almost anything can be frozen. Most veggies and fruits can be frozen raw, but they will have some change in texture. You'll really want to cook most of them after they come out of the freezer (or before they go in) since they won't really be pretty and crisp enough to eat raw. The only exception I can think of is cooked potatoes. (I don't know about raw potatoes.) Cooked potatoes can turn black. They'll still taste fine, but it would be hard to find someone willing to eat them. Some stuff would probably be better blanched. The skin on peaches gets really yucky if you freeze them with it on, and I'd imagine that fruits like nectarines would be the same. Apples would probably need to be cooked. I've never seen frozen raw apples.

Cooked beans are great for freezing. I buy big batches of dry beans, cook them, and freeze them in small quantities so that I don't have to use canned ones.

Look into checking out a book about freezer cooking from the library. Once-a-Month Cooking is great. I've never found one that has very healthy recipes, but they all have lists of foods that freeze best and foods you shouldn't try freezing. Good luck!
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