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We've flown with DD on 6 or 8 flights in the last 15 months and on only ONE did they not ask me to take her out for take-off and landing, and that was because she was very teeny and hid by the sling. I guess I have bad luck with stewardesses.
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We flew with ds in a pouch (domestic and international) and never had a problem. We began bringing a car seat when he was 1yo and never had to pay for a seat. I would lean in to the seat to nurse on takeoff and landing. I much preferred the sling/pouch for travel but felt like we had to have him in a seat for safety.

With dd we flew int'l this past summer when she was 1yo and didn't bother bringing a car seat. I had her in a Storchenweige wrap the entire time. Cradle position wrap nursing on takeoff and landing. In flight, she was tied to me using enough length of Storch so she could play in the empty seat next to me but if there was turbulence she would presumably be safer. It was great!

I also walked through security each time with her in the wrap and it wasn't a problem.

I guess it depends on the time/day/mood of the flight attendant or security personell.
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I have also worn my sling many times, on every flight (5) since ds was born. Only once I was told not to wear during take off and landing. During take off I slipped him out and then quickly put him back in once we started moving and the flight attendant had sat back down (I had to nurse, and wanted to discreetly). Then ds was sleeping on landing, in the sling and she didn't bother to tell me to take him off. I am not quite sure why they do this, it makes me much calmer to have ds in sling, especially if something went wrong, I would have both hands!
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I flew 4 times on Delta with my 10 month old in a Maya wrap the whole time and no one said a thing to me. My seatmate noticed my dd's hand coming up over the top edge of the sling while I was nursing her in our seat and said, "I didn't even know you had a baby in there!" So maybe that explains why the flight attendants never said anything to me. They must have thought I was quite a large woman if they didn't know I had a 20 pound child on my chest!
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