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What are your favorite uses for celery?

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I just can't seem to get through it, when I buy it. I belong to a great organic grocery service and have resumed delivery again.

How do you get through that celery? I do use it sometimes in soups/stews.

Does anyone have a recipe for something that uses celery as a main ingredient?
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I guess your little one isn't ready for our favorite celery dish yet...ants on a log. Just in case you've never experienced this dish (one of the finer things in life, in my opinion), it is a celery stick filled with peanut butter and then you line up raisins along the top. Yum! Give it a try, it's a pretty healthy and filling snack.
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celery snack....also celery stuffed with cream cheese with paprika on top ...

i also chop it up and freeze it when it looks like I'm not going to get through it all before its time for the compost pile. Then when I make something like soup or tuna casserole or something that the celery gets kind of mushy anyhow -- I throw in the frozen celery.
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Thanks for the replies!

Keep them coming, please!
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thought of one more -- in stuffing (you know like the bread stuffing you put in a turkey or eat plain).
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One of our favorite salads:

chopped celery
grapes, preferrably red, halved
grilled chicken breast, chopped into bite sized pieces
pecan halves

Dress with 1 part country dijon mustard and 3 parts real mayo (adjust to taste)
Salt and pepper and serve over torn lettuce
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My favourite uses for celery........

To poke things down holes I don't want to stick my fingers in....

To paint with, if the tops are still leafy.....

To help me lose my dinner if my tummy is upset......

To threaten my children with if they are naughty, either I will beat them with it or make them eat it, whichever works.....

To hide things inside cause no one in my house would ever think of looking for stuff in there....

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Moon, you pretty much summed it up for me!
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I LOVE braised celery. It's great side dish to almost anything. Just trim and quarter 2 bunches of celery and peel/quarter 1 carrot and one turnip. Sauté all of the above in about 1/4 TBS of olive oil for about 3-4 minutes. Add 2 1/2 cups chick or vegetable broth and simmer or low to med-low heat. It should gently simmer. Let it cook until everything is very tender and the liquid is almost gone. Remove and discard the carrot/turnip. Add salt/pepper if you like. This taste best served right away. Yummy and my 14 month old loves it too!
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Ooh- HollyBearsMom- that sounds great!

A friend makes a salad of sliced celery, cilantro leaves, cashews, crumbled feta and a balsamic italian dressing. It sounds wierd as hell but it's highly addictive.
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My kids love it raw with any kind of dip. I also put it in most salads. One the kids like is a cabbage-apple slaw--you basically make it like a cole slaw but with julienned apple & celery.

When I make soups, I chop off the top half & chunk the bottom half in the stock pot whole. I can't stand mushy celery, so that way the flavor gets into the soup, but the soggy mush is easy to pull out since it wasn't cut up.
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Thanks for the braised celery recipe. And thanks everybody for their replies.


Thanks for reminding me to laugh: it IS only celery after all.
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I love, love, love straight celery juice!
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