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Should I get a Kozy?

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I have a 9 day old baby who loves being carried. I have a Maya wrap, an Ergo (which I used non stop with my last baby), and am borrowing a Sutemi from a friend. Baby loves the Maya but I love having the baby on my back which you can't do in an Ergo until they are at least four months old. We homeschool and getting back into the swing of things is proving more difficult than I thought. Anyway, I'm really attracted to the Kozy b/c you can put a newborn on the back. Reviews or advice welcomed!
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I'm on th elist- don't know when my number will come up. I say, get on the list and think it over.:LOL
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: How far out is the list?
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I dont' know for sure. I haven't heard back yet. I think it may be a month?
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For a baby your age, I really prefer a wrap for back carries. Check out http://www.mamatoto.org. I think as the baby gets older, than the mei tais will work, too.

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A waiting list, huh? Hmm, I'm against that. I'm an instant gratification gal, :LOL I'll have to look at the other things mentioned here. Thanks!
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they're easy to make!
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i loved my hug-a-bub when lilah was a newborn. it kept her very secure so i could do things with both hands. i had her in front though- not sure when you can put them on your back.

congratulations on baby samuel!!
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I was on the list for almost 2 months. Nicely made.
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I just ordered my 2nd one! I want one that will just live in the car and another for outings, etc. They said the wait right now is 3-4 weeks. I LOVE our first one! They're great! Much better for me than the Ergo which killed my shoulders.

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I could not use any MT when my son was tiny, but MTs like the Kozy are really great for older babies IMHO. If you got on the list, you'd have one in time for when you'd need it most.

And I know that Kelley is working furiously to reduce the wait. But when you have a great product, people will line up to get it, KWIM?
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Congrats! I was going to order a Kozy but didn't want to wait that long so I ordered a Sachi (www.sachicarriers.com). She has several nice ones in stock and is working on natural ones this weekend. I emailed her and she said as long as I ordered one with natural straps she could get it out to me on Monday or Tuesday. I can't wait! Good luck.
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Oh, and holy macaroni! Nine days old! Give yourself a break. Birth takes time to recover from!
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yahoo has a babywearingSWAP group and a kozy comes up every few days

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I love my Kozy, in fact I bought a second one. It's very comfy with a newborn although I haven't figured out the back carry yet.
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I just received an AngelPack (attachedtot.com) which is similar to the Kozy. I love it! But, I'm not sure I would put a newborn in the back carry. It is super comfy though and easy to bf in. I guess I would rather a strechy wrap like the Moby for a newborn though. Get one for down the road maybe. Def the best carrier I have.
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I have several slings/wraps, but fav for a small baby(or any size for that matter is the pouch style from kangarookorner.com. SUPER soft and comfy in fleece or cotton(fleece is the most comfy). And you don't have to mess with rings!! I would encourage anyone to try one.
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You can put a tiny one on your back in the Maya very easily in a cradle carry, if that's your only concern.

But I HIGHLY recommend a Kozy anyway, I have a Kozy and a Maya and vascillate between them for which I use the most.
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My answer to "Should I get a Kozy" is almost always "Yes!"

I just got a silk one... it's *so* gorgeous... just drop dead knockout beautiful. Prettiest carrier I've ever seen, bar none. They're well made and easy-to-use, too. My first Kozy now lives with my cousin because she saw me wear her son in it and it took her less than 30 seconds to figure it out...and she got the back carry without even any lessons. Just sorta *did* it. Her son at 9 months old had been out of ring slings for a while and was a stroller baby...how could I *not* send her home with my Kozy, knowing I had another one on the way before this baby was going to get here?

Now, at 9 days old, the wait list shouldn't be too much of a problem--I think the Kozy really comes into its own when baby hits 3-4 months or even a little older. Not a bad carrier for a newborn, just not my fave. But considering that I can wear a 6-year-old in a Kozy... the longevity of the carrier makes it SO worth it.
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I don't think the wait is really too long . . .I'm not positive, but I think I was on the waiting list since early February, and my Kozy is now ready to be shipped out.
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