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Originally Posted by ShannonCC
Of course I am not the type of person able to go up to total strangers and say "hi, are you homeschoolers?" :LOL
: I've done that. :LOL

That's actually how I found out that 1)there was no secular homeschooling group closer than 2 hours away, and 2)that there was a lot of interest for one. :LOL

Last night, my husband gave BooBah's spinny chair a good cleaning. This morning, BeanBean noticed that it was all clean. He was thrilled, and is now doing experiments with cheerios in it. :LOL He's dropping them down through the hole in the middle (the seat is still in the washer) and trying to get them all into a small pile at the bottom. He's actually doing really well. :LOL

I am about 1/3 of the way through photocopying a book which I will then burn on a CD and keep forever and ever so that I can print out the same pages over and over again for the kids. I mean, you pay $60 for a book, as far as I'm concerned, I should be allowed to use it over and over again for my own darned kids!

When I finish, I will photocopy books which were specifically designed to be copied for kids in classrooms (in other words, books which it is legal to make copies out of) that my mom bought at Education Station. :LOL I just love the burner, though, because now I can put them up and they'll take up a very small amount of space... assuming, of course, that I can find a place that's out of reach to put the burned discs....

My niece is flying along through third grade English. She may well finish it before the school year technically ends, and be able to say that she finished three years of school in nine months. Go ChibiChibi! :LOL She's reading beautifully, too. I didn't get a chance to show her the math game yesterday, but I'll try to do it this weekend.
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We have a Dollar Store! I never would have thought of that, thanks!

We had a stay home and relax day here It's been a trying week and next week (don't ask me how this happened, :LOL) I somehow over scheduled us and am already feeling tired just looking at the calendar. Ok, our "overscheduled" week is nothing to some people but we have four activities next week and three are three days in a row. Yeah, I know a lot of you are saying "what's she whining about, we do more than that all the time!", :LOL

I have a store credit burning a hole in my pocket so I'm going to go to B&N and get a Dvorak CD tonight The cello is my favorite so I'm going with that.
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Originally Posted by eilonwy
: I've done that. :LOL
Oh wait, don't misunderstand me! I don't mean there's anything wrong with it. I meant that I am way too shy and anti-social to do so :LOL I did surprise myself once, at a farmer's market, when I went up to a woman with an Ergo and asked if she was on MDC! She said no, thereby ruining my confidence and making sure I won't talk to strangers again for a long time :LOL

I mean, you pay $60 for a book, as far as I'm concerned, I should be allowed to use it over and over again for my own darned kids!

Aren't you? I think it's perfectly ok (I mean legal!) to copy a book for your own use isn't it? As long as you aren't selling it on the street or anything
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Originally Posted by ShannonCC
Aren't you? I think it's perfectly ok (I mean legal!) to copy a book for your own use isn't it? As long as you aren't selling it on the street or anything
Well, when every page you're copying actually says "reproduction prohibited" right on it, and the paper is purposely thin and fragile, I'd have to guess that it's not technically legal to copy it at all. But like you said, it's not like I'm selling it on the street or anything.
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Oh, this is a nice thread; I love seeing what you guys are up to!
We had such a nice day today! It has been gray and chilly for nearly a week, so we were both thrilled when the sun shined bright into the bedroom this morning. I dressed us in sweats but once we got moving outside, it was HOT. So we wound up in shorts and T-shirts. Spring IS here! We planted a great many seeds into Jiffy pots and rearranged our little nursery area to make room for the new guys...I am hoping dh will get out the tiller tommorrow so we can make our new plot. DS helped me to fertilize the things that have sprouted (fish emulsion and kelp, all organic), and he watered everything in the whole yard while I pruned rose bushes and a few other things. We cleared the whole property of limbs and sticks and ds had fun trying to push the wheelbarrow (he kept spiling everything out). Then we made a picnic and ate it on the beach. Of course that meant we had to have an "adventure" out there (walking the river, looking for "rocks and minerals," animal tracks, gold (he hasn't found any yet, lol), throwing sticks for the dog. We played on the beach until just before sunset, when the wind started getting chilly. Then we played Chutes and Ladders on the porch and watched the sunset. We cleaned up for a while, then we sewed. My friend gave me one of those cheapo tiny straight stitch machines for ds; he practiced on it while I worked on a quilt. He is helping me make a pizza for dinner, and then we'll go in his room and read together; he brought home a ton of books from the library, about squirrels, dolphins, a magic tree house book, dinosaurs, diggers, spiders.
BTW, I wanted to respond to this:
I am wondering if Playmobil, animal hospital and house make up a curriculum??
SURE; it's called unschooling and it is great!
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Mamamillie, I want to be where you are! It sounds sooo nice. I've always wanted to live on a river. I mean, desperately. Right now we live a couple blocks away from a river, but it's impossible to get down to it without going out of our way a 1/2 mile or so, because there are houses all along it. I think my life will be complete when I can live on a river. Sigh.

Well yesterday we had a big day, I had meant to run errands in the morning but my FIL came over and gave me gardening tips (he has a degree in horticulture!) and gave me Roundup to keep the blackberries at bay (they LOVE it here, they are incredibly invasive and fast growing, and all the work I have put into cutting them back up has been nearly pointless) and I am feeling much encouraged about getting things in shape. I want to take all the grass out of the front yard and plant flowers and food. And I want to plant some fast-growing shrubs along our road and neighbor sides as visual barriers (yes, the blackberries would work but I would have to build a trellis for them to go up. And anyway, our blackberries are the seedy bitter kind, and I just want them gone!) and it appears that we can take cuttings from some plants in the neighborhood and just stick them in the ground, so I don't have to wait until we can afford plants, these are free! I can't wait to get started!

Anyway, when FIL was here he showed us some beetle larvae he'd found on a kind of pod on a plant, and explained how it got to be there and what the relationship was to the plant. It was so interesting. I love that my kids (and me) have him as a resource for learning about the natural world. We can't wait until they are old enough to start working with him (as papa and I already do, a bit.) They already are, kind of, we help him sell produce at the Farmer's Market, which they love. It is kind of neat, it's the kind of thing I would have loved to do as a child.

Then we went to our weekly unschooling play group. We rent a big gym and the kids run around for a couple of hours. Two of the mothers I like best were there, and the kids had a great time. I also played a little hockey with them, I went about three rounds before I couldn't breathe anymore, but gosh was it fun! I grew up hating organized sports and PE (which was required in school) and had kind of forgotten that there are other ways to play games and be physical that are fun.
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We are slowly unpacking and getting more settled. The house is actually starting to look more like a place where people live than a pigsty lol We've had such running around to do with getting utilities dealt with, convincing the garbage company that my house does exist and would they please bring me recycle bins...etc. It will be nice when we slow down a bit.

Dd went over to her friends yesterday for a sleepover. She was very excited! Ds rented Alien vs. Predator on cable and we just hung out. I managed to sort of clean up my flower beds, but there are more weeds. Dd wants to grow some stuff this year too!
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