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January Babylicious March Thread

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Hola mamas! Just thought I'd get this started. Dd came running downstairs at 6am (scared me to death all the stomping!) yelling about the snow day and first day of march all in one rambly belly laugh. Quite the site in the wool nightie and fuzzy slippers :LOL . I hope it's a really terrific month for everyone! Enjoy!!! - for many of us, we're heading into month two with a need for patterns and a little bit of predictability to life. Wouldn't that be nice! Some of us are back to work, and life going on as usual. I hope it's a GREAT usual! Ok, I had my rant earlier (feb. thread) and am now feeling very optomistic about life. Hope the night goes well!!! Andy

hey where is everyone?
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Happy March Ladies,

I can't believe that Will is 2 months old already. I haven't even gotten the birth announcements out yet. :

Andy - I agree, a routine would be nice. We had a good one going, but the whole hospital fiasco last week screwed that one up. At least the nights are still pretty much the same. Nurse at 9:30pm, then to sleep until 2 or 2:30. Back up around 4:30 to nurse again, and then he lays in his bassinet for a while until he gets fussy. I am scared to change him this morning, though, I heard him take a giagantic poo. Good thing DH is home. He is on diaper duty.

Mini Rant: What is up with husbands and diapers?!? All I ask is that he unsnap the soakers from the shells before putting them in the pail so that we don't have to completely replace the diapers. We don't even have to rinse the dipes at the moment. I do all of the rest. I go today to put the dipes in the dryer, and nearly half of them are still snapped together. I gave him an ultimatium. Either unsnap them, or face the fact that they will have to be replaced when the snaps rip out :
Okay, I'm done now.

Well, wish us luck. We have the cardiologist today and should find out when the surgery will be. Gotta go get ready for the day!
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Hey - just wanted to push this thread up to the top, so we can find it. This thread forun is way bigger than the prengancy one. whew! typing one handed but not with a very quiet baby. check ya later mamas! andy
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Oooh new thread. I posted on the old one. Here's what I said...

UGH Andy, what a day! I'm with you on evil baby won't nap syndrome right now.. we've been shoving her into a sling and just wearing her all day, which is killer on my back, but allows me to get a little bit done around here. Oh, and it's still snowing here, so maybe your mom will have to stay home yet again because of the weather!

On the flip side, and I just had this revelation the other day, I'm so thankful that I can just climb into bed with her most (but not last) nights and nurse to sleep, diaper and nurse in the middle of the night, and nurse again in the early morning, if I had to get out of bed and walk and jiggle and bounce and rock all night to get her to sleep I'd be one hell-a meanie around here!

Last night wasn't pretty. Actually the last 2 nights weren't. She just can't unwind to go to bed when it's late. I don't know what's up with her, but she nurses and nurses and nurses and nurses and then pops off and on and thrashes around until I think my nipples have been worn flat. Monday night she finally settled down after 2 dipe changes, last night I couldn't take it anymore and just held on to her on my chest and we both fell asleep, but I woke at midnight in the MOST uncomfortable position!

I guess I should shower and find breakfast before she wakes up, or I'll never get to eat. And woohoo, I'm getting a haircut today, I think it's been 7 weeks since I had my hair cut, as I am pretty sure it was the week before she was born. I'm feeling a little shaggy. I've enlisted my mom to go with us, she's getting her hair cut too, just 30 min. earlier, so hopefully she can walk, rock and bounce baby long enough for me to get finished.


And more to add,

Nicole, I hear ya on the announcements, I just got ours done, now I have to envelope, address, stamp and mail them all. UGH! Good luck with the cardi appt.

Andy, the snow just picked up AGAIN, it's superblizzard here, enjoy the snow day.

Now I'm going to make breakfast. Finally.

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Mine has had a couple of days where she won't nap, but it's not really a habit, maybe two days out of the week. She almost always sleeps late in the morning, though.

I never did birth announcements either, but I have shower thank-you cards to get cracking on, and I washed the paper with the "who got me what" info on it! I hope I kept the right cards with everything, or at least that my mom remembers.

Has anyone done any portraits yet? I'm wondering if I need to get them done soon to get them back for Easter. I'll probably go to Penneys cause I have the best coupon there. $4/sheet, no sitting fee.
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Hey ladies - Lisa - thanks for the forecast! It's pretty snowy here - been snowing for about a day and a half. No school y-day, but she went off today, so it's gotta be dying down or they would've cancelled (Montessori schools cancel on a dime, just so's ya know).

Nicole - good luck at the doc. today! I keep hoping they'll turn it around and say WOW - it's all better! go home and enjoy! Well, I'll hold out that hope for you, so that you won't get disapointed if it doesn't happen.

Lisa - your days sound pretty tough right now. In the sleep books I've read, it becomes very difficult to get baby down once they are 'overstimulated' - which means something different in sleep talk than it doeslater on with big kids. Basically you need to do w/sleep exactly what you do w/ec, and take her cues for tired and get her to sleep before she's all stirky, then she'll sleep better, moer quickly, and for longer. I rec, Weisbluths book with a grain of salt...

Ok, off to the chiro - have a great day all! Andy
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Hey Paq - that's a good price. I think it takes about 10 - 14 days at the big stores. good luck with that! We have baby acne, so I think I'll wait...
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Hey andy- maybe you could edit the title of the thread and add in Jan something or other. I didn't find this one until I had already posted in the old thread.... I put a message in the old one that this one is here too....

Here's what I posted in the old thread
I'm thinking on the fact that when you have a newborn, every day (esp a non sleep day) can seem like an eternity. I've noticed that we write about the minutae of our days because they become so important when we're sitting at home! When you're out and about and having a life, it's just different, yk?
My baby also didn't sleep a lot yesterday- mostly little cat naps and then all afternoon took longer naps but woke up grumpy (ie. still tired). I hope today is better.
THe worst part about him is that he is consistently waking up at 6. He starts snorting and groaning and just making lots of noise at like 5:40 until the eyes pop open at 6. It's just TOO early for me. We lie in bed usually for another 20-30 minutes while he stares at walls or whatever, and I try to pry my eyes open. But by then I've got to go to the bathroom and I start feeling guilty that he's been wearing the same diaper all night. He does go back to sleep like an hour or so later but by then I'm too awake to sleep more. sigh.... when he's older, if he still does this, we'll put toys by the side of the bed for him to play with while I sleep.

Heather- I'm glad you're having some better days. I remember when I had ds2 I got in this mindset that the first 6 months would be the hardest and that I just had to deal. It was true. 6 months was challenging (but truly went by fast) and then my boys started to play with each other..... so hang in there!!!
Andy- hope today is a MUCH better day!

Hope everyone has an excellent day!

Birth announcements? geesh.... nothing like that over here. Everyone's gotten an email. Isn't that enough? WHo has TIME for these things?
I have gotten out some thank you cards- esp to the older relatives who have sent gifts. one of these years I'll catch up!
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I've been so busy the past couple days, I haven't had time to post! Nothing really exciting per say- just kid school stuff.

Heather - ack ...We all have those days mama. I remember the first time I yelled at Kobe, it was shortly after Makai was born. I was soooo mortified. But it happens and its totally normal and ok, yk? We're only human after all, and the fact that you were so upset by the incident shows that YOU ARE a wonderful mama who loves her babies. Hang in there - it will get better. 2 is such a hard age. One thing that helped a lot (and still does) is that I try to have lots of activity outside of the house. Luckily my babies are sling babies and don't seem to mind going along. But we do all kinds of stuff - art class, music class, LLL playgroup, tot soccer, tumbling, swimming. Not all at the same time, just one or two per session. But it really helps the boys get their extra energy out in a positive, focused way. And it keeps them from terrorizing (me) mainly at home.

I can't believe Violet is two months old. She's really out of the newborn phase now. She can roll halfway over, she smiles alot, and she is SO chubby! I'm not sure how much she weighs - I'm guessing around 15 lbs, because she's fitting into 6-9 month clothes. I love this baby phase. Their just so juicy and chubby and kissable. Sleeping is getting better. She is still waking up at about 5:30, but strangely she just lays there kind of wiggling around. I just lay there and half sleep usually. She is just starting to like to lay on a blanket and look around during her awake periods, but only for a couple minutes, she's pretty mesmerized by the ceiling fan. Mostly, she's still in the sling every waking moment - its killing my back too, but at least she's happy.

Anyways, here are some recent pics http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeEM2zlm1ZtmGJ

We did get some portraits done last month at Sears. It takes about a month to get them back, which is kind of a bummer. I haven't sent out birth announcements either. Its almost getting too late now.

Have a great day everyone!
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OMG Ann- Violet is soooo cute. I adore her cheeks and I don't know how you could keep yourself from squeezing and kissing them all day long!!!

I envy you being busy. Life has been so slow here and it's getting old. I don't think I've driven from the house in several days. But truly, there's nowhere I wanna go right now. We're supposed to have an LLL meeting tomrrow but we've lost our meeting place and me, lone Leader here has not put any effort into getting a new one. so.... home we stay. actually we have a party to go to tonight and tomorrow ds1 is getting braces on , which will be a long day in town.
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Originally Posted by mamabeca
Hey Paq - that's a good price. I think it takes about 10 - 14 days at the big stores. good luck with that! We have baby acne, so I think I'll wait...
We do too, but if it's either that or no pics by Easter, we'll go spotty. Hopefully I can stop in there tomorrow while we're out and see what their turnaround time is like.
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Birth Announcements completely slipped my mind, as did the fact that it's a new month. Well, I knew it was a new month, but it didn't occur to me that that means a new thread. For portraits, we'll go to the superstore (local chain grocery store), cuz they're the cheapest. I'm thinking about waiting till Geneva is a bit older, like around 3 mos.
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Free ice cream!

Just what we all need in this cold climate.

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Wow, it's March already!!! Time sure is passing quickly nowdays.

Today was a good one for us. We actually made it to our monthly LLL meeting. They're a small group, and I wish there were more of them to attend in our area, but the nearest are 1 hr+ away. NOT a drive I'm eager for with a 6wk old & a 27 month old!! Ey yey yey!
Anyway, there were 5 of us there today and two of the Moms I hadn't met before. I wish one of them had been able to stay until the meeting ended, as I'd wanted to ask her and her little girl over for coffee sometime. Sheesh, sometimes it feels like you're dating again when you're looking to hook up with like-minded Mamas, hey? :

Violet is so, so cute!! What a lovely and contagious big smile she has, Ann. She looks so happy!
We don't tend to do prof. pictures, as I really like doing them myself and that way I can take a million of them & get the ones I like. Plus, DD #1 tends to take a while to get adjusted to new situations, making "natural" pictures from a studio really challenging to get. I took a whole load of pictures this weekend actually, and I have a couple uploaded so far ~

this one was kind of a fluke, but I really like how it turned out

Yeah, I'm a regular shutterbug... poor kids are going to grow up and be sick to death with camera flashes!

to all of my fellow toddler-mamas. I am right there with you in that some days I feel like I'm such a loser parent. I try my best not to lose my patience, knowing that as much as this is all an adjustment for me, it's even more so an adjustment for her, but there are days where I am less happy with how I manage than others. I'm thankful that we have way more good moments than not, and on the occasions that I do handle something poorly I am really open with her about it. I tell her that I felt frustated and that I didn't handle it the best way that I could have, and that I'm sorry. Thankfully, these don't happen too often, but I can empathize with how rotten it feels.

Someone (sorry, I forgot who) mentioned feeling discouraged by slow weight loss. I'm right there with you... I'm trying not to let it get to me, but admittedly it is. I went to my 6wk PP check-up yesterday, and was just horrified by my weight on the doctor's scale. Now, I know that I always tend to weigh a bit more on those scales than I do at home, but EGAD. It was bad. So I am feeling pretty discouraged. I am not getting as much exercise as I'd like to, but still I am managing to get in a few miles at least 3 days a week, plus pilates or yoga a couple of times a week. With my first daughter I lost all but 7 lbs within the first 2 weeks, so I guess I was anticipating a similar experience this time. Sigh.... I feel shallow even mentioning this, but it's just bringing me down. DH is awesome though, and tells me I've never been more gorgeous. I love this man!

Oh, Lisa, I'd meant to tell you that I got your bead last week. Thanks, Mama! I will add it to Brynn's keepsake box with the rest

phone rings.. bye for now!
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kathy, your dd1 is 27 mos??? and her hair is *that* long?????????
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Yup, the girl's got some hair on her! Actually, while I think it's gorgeous, it's getting a bit hard to care for since she doesn't tend to like me brushing it... ey yey yey!
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Hey - Just thought I'd mention I went to a meeting tonight ALONE! I nursed Ori down at 6:30, and got home from the mtg. at 9. Not a PEEP! Dh is so impressed (as am I!) what a little champ. Actually, it's because he didn't get a big long afternoon nap in that he is doing this, he's TIRED, but he did catnap a few times, and had a good long a.m. nap. He's such a good boy. Slap me when I say otherwise. Good news! The reuseabums lady (tina) finally got in touch - I am so pleased! Did I mention this already? Sorry. I am just SO psyched! And kind of relieved, because most of our wraps are from dd and they're old and leaky and we're doing a LOT of laundry over here ... so I'm looking forward to some more wraps that don't leak through his clothes .

I LOVE the pics! Kathy - I'm really impressed you cought a smile! Ori still doesn't smile - not socially, anyway. Once in a while I catch a little smile when his belly is full is the milk is dribbling down is little chin and he latches off in that eyes rolled back bliss state (that one where when you pick them up to burp them they head bobble like a drunken sailor - know it?!). You do take good pics., and the girls are BEEEEAUTIFUL!!!

Ann - Violet is AMAZING! Truly a sweetie and just yummy to the eye! She does look big, but hey - this is the creamy babyliscious thread, eh! Ori does the same thing with his thumbs, tucking them in and squeezing them so hard the knuckles turn white. Wonder what that's all about...

Pam - I surely do miss the superstore...we had one where we used to live outside Vancouver, but alas...NY just has WalMart (tripple )

Ok, best get a snuggle in with dh before the sleepmonger awakens and my night is over . Lotsa hugs to mamas! Oh, and to answer Laura (I think) - haven't heard from Embens in a long while. andy
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Good morning everyone! We're up and attum this a.m. The downside of the early to bed-er is that he is UP at a god awful hour of the morning. ugh. He's back asleep now, but I'm afraid we might get into a baaad pattern. When does actual pattern sleeping begin? For all the reading I've done on sleep issues, you'd think I'd have come across this. Most books treat newborn stage until 3 - 4 mos, which seems kind of long to me. Violet is two months and she doesn't look like a new born at ALL! And Will either, probably.

Speaking of whom, Nicole - what's the word on Will boy?

One last thing on sleep - because I went out last night, I didn't lay down with Ori at all until he peeped at about 10:30 (4.5 hrs. he slept!). Dh and I went up about the same time. After I nursed Ori, I went in and snuggled with dh, and fell asleep. I woke at 2ish when Ori woke again (3.5 hrs.). These are WAY longer stretches then he does when I sleep with him (usually 2-3hrs., occasionally 3.5, very occasionally 4 hrs.). Do you think he's a better sleeper when he's not sleeping with me? OMG I hate to think of the little fellow all by himself at this stage (not the least because of his breathing difficulties)... How would I ever know the difference between him sleeping well no matterif I was there or not, or sleeping well because I'm not there???

Well, not much else to report, except I bought MORE wool soakers last night on line. And I've given up on the ebay thing. I keep losing out bids at the last second, and it's KILLING ME! Hope you have a great day today! Andy
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Originally Posted by mamabeca
Hey - Just thought I'd mention I went to a meeting tonight ALONE! I nursed Ori down at 6:30, and got home from the mtg. at 9. Not a PEEP! Dh is so impressed (as am I!)
Ok well I was all proud becuase I went to the post office yesterday just ds and I, but Andy that blows my 30min trip away. Way to go mama

Weight loss, I don't want to know. I've yet to step onto a scale. However I was at the rmv yesterday and the woman there said I looked great for having a baby not even a month ago. So now my ego is all inflated and I'm thinking about taking the box of my pre-preg clothes out of the closet. I'm 90% sure that maybe 2 things would fit so who knows...

Ds went to the oral surgen yesterday. He had a tooth that cracked off right at the gum, yuck. They put him under to remove it and he was in a mood for hours after. The tinest thing would make him cry and cry. Then after that he was acting like a jerk to everyone (pets included) and using foul lanuage. We went to the il's for dinner and when we came home it was time for bed. I went upstairs an hour later and ds was sneaking playing video games. So I wasn't too happy with that.

Good news from yesterday though, ds did hooked on phonics with me for a couple of hours and he's doing great Elizabeth took a 3 1/2 hours nap yesterday morning, laying down by herself in my bed, no swing no vibrating basinette then I layed her down last night at bed time in the bed by herself again and I didn't cuddle up with her when I went to bed and she slept from 10-1 and... dh and I gio for the first time since well before she was born no pain at all So I'm in a very good mood this morning.

Oh Violet look so big and I love the droopy cheeks. Kathy the pictures of your girls were great. DD#1 does have very long hair. and it looks so nice, I wish my hair could look that good.

Well baby fusses. Hopefully I'll be back to post more later.
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Mamabeca - I think it varies when sleep patterns emerge. Will sleeps pretty consistenly like this at night: Nurse around 5 and sleep from 6:30 or so until 9 when we go to bed. Diaper change and nurse again, this time to sleep. Then he sleeps until 2 am or so and I pull him into bed with us to nurse and then we all go to sleep again.

Doctors visit - They have started the process to schedule the surgery. It will be in 4 weeks or so, which is early April. There are a couple of signs that show us he is working harder to breathe/eat, ect. He is getting sweaty when he eats and has not gained as much weight. They also put him on a medication called digoxin, to help his heart contract harder. It helps to fight against the narrowing of his aorta and push the blood through. Now, if I can get the pharmacy to actually fill it and not lose it, that would be great.

Running late this morning. Gotta go get ready for work.

Have a great day. More later.
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