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Well I've got strep throat, yucky. And its starting to snow and dh is on the phone trying to correct some problem from when he had unemployment like 2 years ago so I may have to walk down to get ds from the bus, double yuck!

Karen, ds wears alot of stripe too There sadly isn't much choice for boys clothes when you aren't into the whole sports things. I do try to stay away from the "macho" things for him. I want to keep away somewhat from sterotypes, but I'm not doing such a good job with dd : (but hey dresses are comfortable right?) Luckily ds is still young enough for the cute animal shirts. But do agree with you though that if its free why not? DS had a couple of kinda girly outfits that he wore when he was a baby.

Ann yeah I'd be willing to sell you some of the wonderoos. I've been comtimplating it, since dh hates the snap diapers he gave me a : look when I showed them to him. Just pm me.

Oh well the little one is getting up. Can't complain she's been sleeping for 5 hours
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May I join you?

My twins were born 23 January, about 3 weeks before their due date. Now that some of the craziness has worn off (well, it's still crazy around here, but we've gotten used to it!), I've been spending some time browsing the forums while they eat or sleep on their big bf-ing pillow, their favorite place to be (if I could walk around wearing that pillow, I would!).

It's been a hard 7 weeks--from c-section recovery to finding someone to help me out during the day, from figuring out how to tandem (is that the way to describe them nursing both at once?) feed them (some days that's all I do, I think!) to wondering when they'll space feedings further apart at night. First time mommy, too, so I've also had to figure out how to (cloth) diaper a squirmy baby, and put a baby to sleep such that I have a few minutes to rest until it's time to diaper and feed all over again.

That said, reading your posts has been SO helpful. Seeing that some of you, even those that have had children before, think that their babies' sleep schedules are an enigma has been heartening, and reading about all the things that you're able to keep up with (i.e., making things and tending to other children) is really inspiring. And the fact that you take the time to yourselves to join the forum helps me feel a little less guilty about not COMPLETELY doting on my babes 24/7 (I feel bad sometimes that they have to share one mommy, when lots of times it's obvious that they really don't want to do so!).

Especially now that they're falling off the bf pillow, it's hard to type or do much when they nurse, and they're still nursing quite often so I might not be a super-big contributor to the thread, but let me tell you that I admire every one of you and thank you for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us.

- TigerPurring, with Carmen Sierra and David Celestino
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Tigerpurring! Congrats on the birth of your babies! yk we all gotta do something for ourselves every once in awhile, and coming here is one thing that's been keeping me sane for sure!

Az! Strep throat is NO fun! i hope you get some good help from dh so you can recover quickly. mamas don't have time to be sick!!!
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Az! Strep throat is NO fun! i hope you get some good help from dh so you can recover quickly. mamas don't have time to be sick!!!
I must have gotten strep throat hundreds of times, seriously one winter I had it six times!! So I'm not very worried about it. I feel better just knowing its not some sort of nasty infection. I had two uetrine infections after having ds and if it wasn't for that I would have waited my standard 1+wk before calling the dr. I just don't want to have to end up in hospital like I did after having him

Tigerpurring welcome and congrats on the twins on nursing both of them. Sometimes with one, between thrush, cracked nipples and never getting in on the fun baby stuff, I'm almost in tears. I don't know how you mamas of twins do it
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Alright, my turn for a crappy day I guess. She screamed all afternoon, popped awake again every time I got her to sleep. Gah! I have to go out to dinner in a little while, too. I hope this means she'll sleep through the evening, although I imagine she'll be starving whenever she does wake. Oh, and we had FOUR poopy diapers today. I imagine that contributed to the crankiness. We're supposed to be out all day tomorrow too, but I don't know if I'm going to be up for it now.
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Hey Paq - good luck with that...ime there is no expecting NOTHING from these squeekers. A bad afternoon can presage a good night or a terrible night. A good afternoon the same, so WTF!? I do send you some slepy vibes...at least through dinner! My new thing is handing boy: off to dh five minutes before dinner, so he gets to make dinner and then handle Ori during dinner. Then I put everyone to bed and he gets to veg. Oh, it's really fun to eat in our house!

Well, still no soakers. I'm telling ya, I'm checking the mail like it's valentines day or something. Remember checking your cubby on valentine's day at school? 4th grade I got a valentine's card from Michael Schlessinger (oooh, was he ever cute), and it had his NAME on it - that was so cool. I was the envy of half the girls in the class for like the first time EVER. :LOL Anyway, sorry - off topic - still no package. Now there are two others I'm waiting on as well, so HELLOOO post office world...can you PLEEEASE get me my soakers?! The silver lining here is that I ran out of all the covers I had (man, does this boy ever poop BIG time, right up the back and out the leg and eeeeew, it's everywhere! gotta sponge bath him like 6 times a DAY. What I wouldn't give for just 4 poops!) so I resorted to the aio's (HA! Thought I was gunna say we started to ec, huh? Not a chance. WAY too hard) that were too big in the leg and they FIT now, so we're back up to having enough diapers agian (whew!).

Dd and dh are at the science fair - thank GOD that is over with. 1st grade is tough for science fair. They're too young to do anything really super interesting but she SO wants to do SOMETHING that it ends up being me getting on her case about doing the darned thing for a solid week... Thank goodness it's over for a whole YEAR.

Tigermama - you are, as you can see, quite welcome to this group. It's a very inclusive group, really. We'll bitch to anyone who will listen, basically.
You're sure a busy mama with two that are CD'ed and bf'ed! Good for you! It must be extremely fulfilling, and for SURE best for the babes, especially preemies! But WHEW! That's a LOT of work! Feel free to vent as needed on this site. That's what we're here for!

Oh, and did you guys check out the Bum Ware diapes. on this site? http://www.bum-ware.com/store/default.asp
I'm not vouching for them, but they look good. They have a snap version that seems very flexible in terms of having a quick dry option, and lots of extras (not free, of course). Also, bought happiest baby today. I thought I'd give it a quick read before passing it on to a childhood friend who is due soon. Kind of a good baby present, 'cause she's not exactly my friend, but the child of a friend of my parents.

Hey Ann - good work on finding something your mom will even READ! Mine won't even discuss the issues with herself, let alone me or anyone else breathing. Geesh!

Check out Ori in his cool new Hawaii pants!


Oh, and a shot of dd slinging her baby and one of dad doing something goofy with the babe. Dd took that pic.

Ok, I'm going into the creepy crawley attic to find the co-sleeper. We used it a little for dd, but gave up on it because she was happier snuggled. Ain't they all different! LOL mamas, andy
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I am one tired mama. All of this friends and parties and staying up late is catching up to me. We went to the dentist and came back and Luka and I got in bed. We both fell asleep promptly, but he woke up within a few minutes : . of course he didn't STAY awake.... now I've been trying to sleep, but I can't . And whatever the dentist did is sore. I'm just having myself a little pity party while my baby sleeps soundly next to me on the sheets that desperately need to come off the bed and while I'm too lazy to get up and do something productive.

andy- so sorry it's taking so long for your soakers! what a bummer! geesh, one of my cousins sent me a package when luka was born (6 weeks ago ) and I just got it now- seems no one ever put those "priority mail" tapes across it so it went on the sloooow boat. don't fret though- shouldn't happen to you- mail order businesses are usually savvy about that kinda thing.
and the pics are so cute! your little man is GROWING.

so my babe is not a pooper. He hasn't pooped in 2+ days now. He's perfectly comfortable, so i know it's not an issue, just odd. My friend Lena reminded me last night that her ds was a once every 7 day kinda guy. I just know that when they hold it in for that long, it gets pretty messy when it finally comes- and you HOPE you're at home to deal. At this one LLL Meeting I was at, there was a mom whose babe went 3 weeks. She said that when he finally let loose, they had to just sit in the shower while it poured outta him. Sorry, TMI!

I should be productive, I guess. geesh, the kids are yelling outside of our bedroom window- looks like the nap will be over soon.
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Andy wow, Ori looks little such a little man, dd look adorable with the baby sling. I looked at those bum-ware diapers too, we seem to be looking at the same web-site lately. I almost bought one but I chickened out and got a very baby instead. I'm so warey of aios I had some bumpkins aios with ds and they have the same leg style and poo would leak out. The bumpkins sucked in many ways, that was just one of them. We have a VeryBaby aio that I got in a trade that works great.

I went for a walk with the dog and Elizabeth in her mei tai this AM. She decided 5am was a great time to be up, since I had nothing else to do, walk it was. It felt really good once I got out there. I was planning on walking alot father but it went from a drizzle to a good bit of frozen rain so I headed back home. All and all we walked for almost 40minutes. I may go out again this after noon, if dh can't get ahold of his grandmother or if she's busy :

I feel like being even more productive, I did the walk, cleaned the living room, did some laundry and put some more away that had been hanging out for too long
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wow Az- your medicine must be working well. wasn't it yesterday you were diagnosed with strep throat? make sure you are taking care of yoruself!

We had a sleepless night. oh well. I plan on doing nothing today but being in bed a lot. it's raining again and so it's perfect for nothing. the rest of the family has all sorts of plans. ds1 is taking a scuba class all day. we were aslo invited toa friend's dance performance, but me and baby aren't gonna go. not in the mood. i guess cumulative sleep deprivation is finally catching up with me....
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oh my Ori is a prince. Love the pic of your dd also, so sweet!

Azreial- sorry you had strep but sounds like you are on the mend pretty quickly!

WELCOME Tiger wow twins, congrats

It's been about 4 days here w/no poops. So weird how all of a sudden it's like constant then bang it's not there. Megan slept 7 hrs the other night, it was a dream but last night woke every 3 hrs, oh well. My first dd's bday party was today but we had to cancel cuz of the stupid snow so it's tomorrow hopefully most of the peeps can still make it.
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Well once I got her to sleep last night, she slept for a loooong time. Guess she doesn't like to nap during the day. Although, as usual, since it's the weekend and dh is here, she's napping now.

We're trekking to the inlaws for the first time today too... should be interesting. I have a creepy step-fil.

Poo.. love that we discuss poo. We're down to every other feed, but once or twice a day would be nice. And she's very much a middle of the night kind of gal, we nurse over the potty at night now.

Gotta run, making a yummy fritatta for lunch,

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creepy how? yikes. We're seg'ing into ori sleeping in the cosleeper...not going too well yet. ugh. we've got il's coming next week, so we must get him out of his room. our bed moves so much, his eyes pop every time dh moves! y'dy nite he woke so much he conked out this pm for nerly 4 hrs. Sorry my keybord is wonky 'gin. some letters won't type. time for new computer, too. double ugh! well, not much else tody. I hope everyone is feeling well, getting some sleep (slept 3 hrs myself this p.m.!) loving their wee ones... xxx
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Well, my sister had her baby last night. She had a little girl. My poor son is outmubered three to one between his sister and cousins . The baby was 10lbs 3 oz. Apparently we breed big I never thought we were huge people - tall but not circus tall...

Spent all day exhibiting at a Baby Expo. Not very lucrative and very tiring for me and the little sprout. DS stayed with grandma/pa.

DD is zonked out in her cradle. My dad made it when ds was born, so I try to have her sleep in it before I come to bed. It makes grandpa feel really good

Tiger - Wow! I am impressed with everything you do. I just was telling my sister how CD'ing a newborn again increases your laundry a LOT! I cannot imagine 2 newborns!

I am getting envious of all this diaper talk. I tried to buy things that would fit awhile. I am actually liking refolds which were the last on my list with ds...

Must go.

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We spent all day at the Reniassance Festival. It is really big here in Arizona. It was so much fun. We carried Will in the sling and I finally figured out how to bf him in it without flashing everyone. The sling was a total conversation starter. I had hoped though that it would deter people from trying to touch him since they would have to get so close to me. No such luck. There were a couple times that I had to physically leave since the idiot person would not stop trying to touch him.

We are all a tired bunch though. Emily has gotten into the habit of getting up at 4am. We are having a hard time convincing here that 4am is too early and she needs to go back to bed. Oh well, we will keep working. On the upside, she has pooped in the toilet now pretty consistely for 3 days and so we are well on our way to potty trained. She didn't even have a single accident at Ren Fest today.

Well, the sun drains all energy, so I am going to sleep now. Have a good night all!

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Originally Posted by Killick
We are all a tired bunch though. Emily has gotten into the habit of getting up at 4am. We are having a hard time convincing here that 4am is too early and she needs to go back to bed.
Ugh... we are going through much of the same thing here. Not *quite* so early, but still really way too early for us ~ some mornings she starts the "wake-up call" at 5:30 am... shudder.... It is especially painful if you don't get to bed at a time that any sane person with 2 wee ones would. I know, for instance, that I'd be better off in bed right now since both of mine are snoozing away nicely, but where am I? Sitting here! Silly mama.
I'll keep my fingers crossed that both of us will see our DD's sleeping later soon! Hey, as I see it tomorrow's as good a time to start a new trend as any other day!

We had a really good day today. We hit a HUGE children's consignment sale that is held yearly in our town, and walked away with so many wonderful treasures for very little $$. It was perfect timing, too ~ Brynn is already starting to grow out of her big sister's sleepers (B is much bigger than T was), and it was also nice to find a few outfits for both girls for the summer. Tessa is really into dresses, and we can never have too many.
I wish that I'd brought my phone # along on little slips of paper, as I was approached many times by moms/moms-to-be asking about our KKAFP. I think I had a babywearing playgroup in the making if I'd been more organized! :LOL In our town you see a few snugglis/bjorns, but no slings at all and certainly no pouches or wraps. I'd love to see it take off, as they have so many advantages above those types of carriers. Oh well, perhaps we'll see a few more pouches around after today!

We picked up some flower seeds this afternoon while we were out & about, and I think tomorrow we'll scatter them in the Earth & then wait and see what comes up! Yeah, we're really careful gardeners here... Today saw temperatures in the upper 70's, so we are definitely thinking summery thoughts!

Proudmom ~ congrats on your niece! It's nice that your son has a cousin so close to his own age.

Tiger ~ welcome to our group! I have great admiration for you... I know what an adjustment it was to mama-hood with just one little babe, so hat's off to you with your two! I imagine it must feel like you are always bf'ing. I have a friend who had twins several months ago, and rest assured it does ease up a bit!

Goodnight everyone!
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Well, I am on a Wonderoos kick. I have been looking around all day trying to find places that had them instock. Finally, thanks to the ladies on the diapering board, I got one in almost every color. They don't make a ton of colors - I think I ended up getting about 12 total, some through trades and such. sort of sad that this is what my life has come to.

Violet has been doing a weird thing with her EC cues. She usually gives a little cry right before she pees, so its pretty obvious she has to go. Well, when I set her down to go, she holds it until I pick her back up and then she pees on me She's been doing this pretty consistently, so I think I'm going to have to invest in a real potty instead of a laying her on a prefold like I usually do. I suppose its time to get one for Makai anyway.

Nicole -ren faire sounds awesome!!! We used to go to the one in Northern CA all the time. I really miss them. I bet it was so nice to get out in the fresh air, was probably good for Will too

Ori looks so cute in his Hawaii pants! I love those caterpillar ones - they were one of our favorites Good luck in the cosleeper - well, I'm sure you and Ori are snoozing away right now - or maybe not. Hopefully you are.

Proudmom - congrats to your sister. How sweet that little dd has a cousin close in age. What were you exhibiting at the baby expo?

Just got back from taking ds1 from his yoyo club. Its freaking hilarious. Every Saturday night at the local mall they play Japanese dance music in the center pavilion and bunch of people get together to do yoyo tricks. Ds is actually getting really good. What can I say, its fun and its free

Ok, I should pay some attention to my kiddies, goodnight!
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Wow a renn faire sounds so cool! We were involved with SCA a few yrs ago, but it was sooo expensive.

I like my prefolds too, there's nostalgia or something that comes with using diaper pins!
As far as waking up, yesterday, Geneva had us up well before 6, but this morning she let us sleep in till 8. Definitely a morning gal.

Ooooh, and I am officially at my prepregnancy weight! The other day I had 3 more pounds to go, but today I got to it! All I need to do now is get my waist size to actually shrink with the weight. Still have about 3 or 4 inches to go...
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Oooh a Yo-Yo club! So cool! I'd be the one wonking myself in the head with the yo.

Andy - fil creepy in the likes to spend extra time hugging and kissing the teenage and 20-ish girls in the family (dh's cousins are all supermodel gaga) and he's dh's step dad, sil's bio dad. I've not nursed in front of him (he's only seen Lauren 2x) and I don't think I want to. I have a feeling he'd just sit and stare at me, even though you can't see anything when I nurse her. :Puke I also think he's an alcoholic, but that's just my opinion I suppose...

Oh yah, if you're interested in those soakers I can give you contact info for her directly, she says she also has red, blue, green, natural, maybe one other color? in a bunch of sizes. Maybe I can get the easter bunny grandmas to buy some for us instead of chocolate. Oh and last night mil tells me that she saved all of step-sils clothing (she's 11) from when she was a baby and she's going to get all the boxes out for us. Yay for free, but ugh, I'm sure she has 10x more stuff than we'd ever need or use. Then again, she bought the good stuff, so we'd have lots of vintage babygap and gymboree and who knows what else.

Pam, I think that's one of the great mysteries of the world, I'm also at my pre preg weight, yet my breasts, butt, thighs, belly, etc. are all still larger than before, so where did I lose weight? My toes aren't extra skinny, my face isn't gaunt, so what's up with the weight??

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Ann, we got the little tiny potty bowl from theecstore.com - huge markup (they sell for about $1 in asia) but it's small enough that Lauren's bum doesn't fall in, the lip is nice and big so the edges don't scratch her legs, and it fits right on my lap and isn't as huge as the smaller potties are.

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Ann - I forgot to say congrats on the first rollover! Too bad it was off the bed

I sell Usborne Books. Not sure if you have heard of them, but they are great books for children.

I managed to give Aine a bath and baby massage today!! Woo Hoo. DS used to get them all the time :

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