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hi mamas!
Last night I was having a bad night and your posts made me feel better.
Our good friend Tom was in a dance concert adn invited us. I was gonna stay home with Luka, but they left us 4 tix and so at the last minute I decided to go. Bad idea. Luka was NOT happy there. We did get to see Tom's performance, but I spent most of the time outside walking with him. But by intermission, the baby was screaming bloody murder- yk the scream where they vibrate? It sucked. Noam told me he was tired so I said we should all go home. Then I was making fun of dh (happens), and he got all bummed. So it was a total loss of an evening.
BUT, Luka slept well, so at least I'm not a complete zombie this am.

Heather- congrats on the new niece! woo hoo, more babies!

Kathy- I get comments/questions on my slings whenever I go out as well. I try to have info for buying for them. Unfortunately sometimes the $$ deters people.

I have no idea how much I weigh, but my clothes don't fit. It's been chilly here and I decided to try on my jeans.... bad mistake. not even a close fit- I have inches as well. when I had ds1, I was in my jeans at 2 weeks pp (was also barely 22).

Ann- my boys used to goto yoyo club here too at the mall. not sure if it's still happening here though. It was all fun and they learned all fun tricks and then the level of the tricks got really hard and they quit. they had these cards they stamped to show they did the trick. it's ok, i don't miss going to the mall at night. lol!

the sun came out here!!! It's been POURING, and sil, who has never come to visit us is flying in today. yesterday the whole island was socked in, so hoepfully we get at least a little sun while she's here. otherwise we;ll be sitting at home playing board games.
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Hey Ladies,

We had just an okay weekend, with some absolutely terrible moments. The highlight was the Ren Fest. It got really bad on the car ride home. Will and Emily just feed off each other. Same thing happened on the way to church and my folks yesterday afternoon. I swear, I am only getting in a car if I absolutely have to.

Today is going to be a long one. I have been working in the am at the office and telecommuting in the afternoon, but today I have an afternoon meeting and have to be at the office the entire day. Oh well.

We got the hospital instructions Saturday. Fortunately, Will is allowed to eat up until 4 hours before his surgery and can have clear liquids up until 2 hours before. You all have been great, by the way, and I just want to say thank-you. I will have my husband post a quick update after the surgery and let you know how he is doing.

I think we are getting close to teething. I can see the outline of his top center teeth and he is so drooley. He has found his hands too and is starting to realize he has feet. For the most part, he is sleeping well too, we actually got 6 hours straight last night. Of course, we were only asleep for 4.5 - 5 of those, but still, it was pretty good. I have been trying to remember to nurse both sides at the 2-3am feeding, but I frequently fall back asleep and so we both end up back awake at sometime aroudn 4am.

Well, time to get Em ready for school and DH and I ready for work.

Have a great day.
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Nicole- wow I love ren Fairs! there's one here but doesn't start till August can't wait to go. Did you dress up for it at all?

Proudmom- congrats on your neice it will great to have cousins so close in age. I love Usborne Books! they are great. I started selling Storyteller products but think I'll do Usborne also in the future.

Pam - congrats on your prepreg weight. WTG!

Well after about a week of no poops, she let one out this morning, WHOA baby, LOL. She's doing so well. Although she scared me yet again the other day. She was choking. Had to do the thrusts. This is the 2nd time she done this to me at home but luckily she did it in the NICU and gave me some preparedness on what to do when I'm on my own. I don't freak at it. Although I almost called 911 the last time cuz it took awhile for her to respond but she was ok.
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I can fit back into my pre-preg pants, thank god. The waist band does fold down and my fat belly kinda flops overthe top : well, ok it did that before but not nearly as much. My stomache is so floppy and pouchy I still look pg but at least I can fit into my pants. My skinny sister is envious because, even though so's so tiny, she can't fit into her pre-preg pants and her ds is just about 9ths old.

We had a very nice sleeping night last night. We went to bed a little before 9 and she didn't wakeup until almost 3. Then she only slept until 4:30, she normally wakes up every 1 after her first big sleep, but last night she slept right through until 6:45.

Saturday night we went out for mexican with my sister (bad idea btw Elizabeth was up all night with gas) and we had our first blow out poop : DH changed her and it was really messy. In the middle of the night I figured out why it made such a mess. When I changed her before we went out. I noticed that the leg holes of her diaper were really lose. I thought about putting her in something better fitting but thought that she alredy pooped so it should be a problem oops.

Andy how's the co-sleeper working? I think Elizabeth may sleep better on her own also. I've been experimenting since you said that about Ori. First I tried just removing my arm from under her head, then my arm from around her, then I move just a bit away from her close enough so she could touch me but not close enough so I am touching her. She's been sleeping longer the less I'm touching her. She'll sleep in her mei tai when I'm walking around with her, but she wakes up every so often. However she'll sleep just fine in the bassinette or her swing. We're working on setting up her crib like a co-sleeper. DH is going to get some wood to raise our bed up a couple of inches then I think we'll be all set. I'm kinda bummed. Maybe she's just all "touched out" since she is almost always being held during her awake times.

Well I've got to get some laundry done, the clean diapers put away and I have to get to the library and post office before I have to pick ds up from the bus
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Hey, Mexican food! I've been cravin it so bad. I'm the one who was always craving tacos when I was pg, and, well it never left. We still have tacos once or twice a week.
Sweetpeasmom, I would be panicking if I had to do anything like that with my kids. I took a first aid course last fall, but I tend to NOT stay calm in emergencies.
Nicole, do they count bm as a clear liquid, or do they mean only water?
Those of you involved in yo-yoing, know where I can find a nice wooden (or metal) yo-yo? I want one for dd, but I don't want a cheap plastic thing. I had a nice metal one growing up, but I think it's gone now.

A while back, we were talking about rituals, so I wanted to post what I did for dd1. Most of it is taken from Circle Round by Starhawk et al., and everyone brought a bead that symbolized some non-tangible gift they wished for dd (kinda like a sleeping beauty type thing).

I'll probably do something similar this time.

“Welcome and Thank you all for coming here today to help us welcome Abigail into our lives” All hold hands. Say “Hand to hand the circle is cast”
“I invite the God and Goddess to be present, especially in the forms of Blodeuwedd, who governs the growth of children and Dagda, who represents paternal love. We welcome your blessings upon our daughter Abigail, whom I have chosen the spirit name of “[insert chosen spirit name here]””

Call quarters:
Air: Bubbles; Feather
“Air, I come before you asking favour and protection for our daughter, a deeply loved child. Grant her your wisdom and let her mind have your quick thoughts for action whenever danger is near. Share your clear eye for seeing, your way of discerning.
May all the breaths of her life be of clean, wholesome air. Let her blood flow red with your oxygen. Move her breath freely and easily until the peaceful end of a long, healthy life. When in your realm, may she fly with the grace of the migrating bird, and always return safely to earth. Bless her eyes and her lungs. Bless her thoughts, so that she may think clearly and find her mind a source of pleasure and joy.”

Fire: circle her with candle, clockwise; spiral candles
“Sacred flame, I bring you our daughter, longed for, and treasured. I ask your favour and protection. Let her know your abundant vitality and energy through strength and courage in herself. Shield her from fire’s destruction; spare her from the fire-power of guns, from war, from harm powered by hatred and flame combined. Let the blaze of her heart bring warmth, not burning, let the flames of transformation bring her growth, not destruction. May her passions bring her fulfillment.”

Water:dip finger in water and trace a pentagram with finger on her forehead; shell
“Holy water, I bring to you our daughter, long sought and dear. May she never thirst. May she always swim through earth’s waters with strength and safety. Let feelings flow through her without injury; let her learn the art of change from your many forms. May she navigate relationships with insight, tact, and integrity. Let her always find nourishment for her spirit in your presence. Be for her a source of comfort and peace.”

Earth: place chamomile wreath on her head; rock, soil
“Sacred body, I bring to you our daughter, our hopes and love come to life. Let her body be whole and strong; let no harm come to her from your creatures. Let health be her birthright; may she know little pain. In sickness, let your wise medicines heal her. May your powers of renewal be within her. May her body be a source to her of joy and pleasure and her hands make good work in the world. ”

“I thank[list family names for as far back as is known] and unknown ancestors for laying the foundation for her life.”

Amy: “Great Goddess, Giver of life, we thank you for this precious life that has been given us to tend and nourish. May your blessings follow this young one throughout her life, may she grow in beauty and wisdom, may she learn your ways and know the wonder of your creation.”
“Green One, God of the forest and all growing things, we thank you for the life and vitality of this child. We ask you to bless her with good health, good humour, and good sense.”

Me: “Goddess and God, our hearts are full of gratitude. We ask for your guidance as we care for our child, that she might bring as much joy to the world as she has brought to the hearts of all of us here.”
Pour breast milk onto soil as offering. Offer bread to the God and Goddess

“Lady hold her while she sleeps, give her visions she can keep.
Make her safe until the light, thank you Goddess of the night.

Make her healthy, keep her strong, let her live a life that’s long.
Give her wisdom and self-worth, thank you Goddess for her birth.

Give her knowledge, make her bright, let her know what’s wrong and right.
Give her friends, let love be hers, thank you Goddess for little girls.

As she grows up let life thrive! Animals and plants survive.
Peace and health for everyone, bless us, Maiden, Mother, Crone.”

The parents come forward and hold an empty bowl.
Goddess Mother: “Consider the gifts you wish to offer Abby, the qualities you would like to call into her life. Think about your own qualities, about the things you have learned from experience or gained through struggle. Visualize your blessing within your bead. If you wish to share your blessing at this time, you may do so, or if you wish you may record it in the book on the table afterwards“
One by one, each person comes forward, drops the bead into the bowl, and names the gift they offer, if they wish.

“I Thank the God, Goddess Blodeuwedd, and Dadga for their presence on this special day.”
“I Thank the Quarters; Air of the East, Fire of the South, Water of the West, Earthof the North”

Open the circle:
“By the earth that is her body, by the air that is her breath, by the fire of her bright spirit, and the waters of her living womb, the circle is open, but unbroken. May the peace of the Goddess go in our hearts, merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again. Blessed Be”

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Originally Posted by Killick
We got the hospital instructions Saturday. Fortunately, Will is allowed to eat up until 4 hours before his surgery and can have clear liquids up until 2 hours before. You all have been great, by the way, and I just want to say thank-you. I will have my husband post a quick update after the surgery and let you know how he is doing.
I am fairly certain the breast milk counts as a clear liquid. I can check if you want.

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It has been FOREVER since I could be on the computer for more than ten minutes! Hello everyone. I've missed you. Now, MIL is here to stay. Whew, things are so much easier. She has the baby and I've showered and dressed and feel pretty good, other than exhausted of course. She arrived last night and immediately held the baby for hours, and I got to put some things away. I was thrilled to finally put things away, in their real places, not just the pile-to-go-downstairs-to-be-put-away.

Wonderoos: we have one and we like it pretty well. The one-size part is great, because it fits my super-fat-thighed baby. The only disadvantage compared to Fuzzi Bunz is that it only has one row of snaps for closure, so you can't adjust the waist and thighs separately.

Bum-Ware: we have one of these, in velcro. It is a very easy diaper, but doesn't fit too well; the waist is loose when the thighs fit correctly. (Again, those super-fat-thighs.) It is also really thin, and therefore not very absorbent. I like it in principle, because it's trim and simple (no assembly), but not the diaper for us. The front-snap ones will have the same problem because the waist and thighs don't adjust separately.

Tempur-pedic: we have the mattress. I was worried at first that it would sink in too much to be safe for her, but it doesn't. It hardly notices the 12-lb baby. She seems to like the bed a bit better than the cosleeper, and I think it's because the mattress is more comfortable.

Boys clothes: love the stripes! Evelyn has some clothes from the boys' side for this reason.

Tigerpurring, wow, great job nursing and CDing and taking care of twins! When our baby is being difficult, we say to each other, "At least we don't have twins." Especially as your first babies!

Ori looks beautiful. He really looks like a boy. And Becca looks darling, so proud to be holding him. Keyboards are really cheap and easy to replace if yours is wonky.

Lisa, are you going to remodel the living room while the kitchen is still in process? Feeding over the potty in the middle of the night... wow, that sounds tough. Who wants to wake up for more than rolling over and inserting boob?

Prepregnancy clothes: didn't even try them, except one pair of jeans that was loose before. I just bought new pants. My old ones were pretty worn out when I got pregnant, plus they're lost in the attic somewhere. That's my excuse. It's much less discouraging to start with new pants. So they're 8s and before I could wear a 6, no big deal.

Karen, ooo, board games. What do you all play?

Nicole, I hope the surgery goes super well, and the stay in the hospital is okay, and he comes home healthy and it's all over with.

Laura, where did you learn how to handle the choking?

I've been away from her for an hour and a half now, and I miss her. (Only a story away.) Going back to work is gonna suck. Time to go down and see the baby again, yay.

Good sleeping and pooping vibes to everyone!
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I am so not happy right now. The people in the apartment next to me are trying to jam a couch up the stairs. There is no way it could be anything else they've been at it for over 20 minutes now and its drving the dogs mental, which is in turn driving me mental. Thank god dh took Elizabeth with him to go pick up fil. The thing that is really pissing my off about this couch is that they moved in shortly after we did and this is a really old house and you cannot fit a couch up the stairs the ceiling is just too low. They did this with their last couch and then put it in the back hall, partial blocking our patch to the basement, where the laundry is, and totally blocking the backdoor out, our fire exit. Really though how stupid could you be. You couldn't fit your other couch up so you go and get a new one 6 moths later

Jessi glad to see that you posted, maybe when the neighbors end their pointless quest I'll be able to read it and respond.
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Sweetpeasmom - No, we don't dress up for the ren fest, unless you count a tank top with easy access and shorts dressing up. :LOL It is just to hot here in sunny AZ to wear all those clothes.

Pam_and_Abigal - the form specified that human milk (breastmilk) up to 4 hours prior to surgery. Like they had to specifie breastmilk after saying human milk. I mean, what kind of other "human" milk is there? Clear liquids like juice, pedialyte and water. If we have to give anything, it will be water since I don't really want him to have anything else right now.

Well we have offically joined the I hate the car club. Will can be totally asleep, but if you put him in the car, he wakes and starts screaming. I absolutely hate being in the car now, but I am taking a totally zen approach to it. We have to go places, namely to work. He has to be in the seat, and he is going to cry. It is a safety issue and I can do nothing about it, so I am at peace with his having to cry in this case. It has been driving me nuts and I have been trying to do things to make it better, but when I mowed down a tree last week with the car trying to get him to stop crying, I decided that he is just going to have to cry in the car if that is his inclination. I have to keep my eyes on the road. :

Well, gotta go make dinner.
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OMG!!! YOU MOWED DOWN A TREE!!! I am laughing here, thinking of all the STUPID things I've done to get children to quiet down in the car (swerving, stop and go etc.). But I've NEVER gone that far! Geesh mama - you are some mama tiger! I'm taking it in, that Will is really going to have this surgery. You are VERY brave, and dealing with this so incredibly well. Many hugs!!! Weird that a HOSPITAL has such trouble with breast feeding... ugh. I'm sorry that Will doesn't like the car, but I think you are on the right track with your new attitude. Did E. like the car as a baby?

Jessi - HELLOOOOO! Missed you. Glad to hear your butter baby is doing so well! We ended up spending a small fortune and getting the dual adjustable tempurpedic mattress with the platform. YIKES! I am SO psyched!!! WooHOOO!!! We are having it delivered so we don't have it yet, but it's something MAJOR to look forward to.

Speaking of which, I just sent my 2nd nasty note to the USPS because my diaper covers are STILL not here. They were picked up on the 2nd of March, so I think, for Priority Mail, they have MAJORLY screwed up. Of course it's the freaking PO and noone is responsible, so I don't quite know what to do, but YUCK, what a bummer. Thank god for beds!

Thanks for the nice comments about the little man over here. Compared to you mamas, he's a pipsqueek! I think he's skirting 10 lbs now, with skinny little legs that don't fill his diapes (any of them!). Actually paper diapers fit him the best. Ugh. I did get one package of woolies and they fit ok if there is a LOT of padding inside. Oh well. I super pad them at ngiht and now he's not in sposies at night anymore. I just have to wash and dry them every day.

Az - neighbors are notorious for having small brains. Didn't your landlord mention that?! I'm sorry - I'm sure it's frustrating...I hope it's over soon! Maybe they'll get stuck in the stairway and ... well, I dunno... sleep in the stairwell?

Karen - Sorry about the dance. Ori has bad moments too - he's getting pretty picky about being at home, swaddled, in bed for bedtime. I'm not sure this is a good habit, but he's sleeping at night pretty well, so ... Do you think that's what was upsetting Luka? I'm sure glad the weather is warm and sunny there! It's supposed to get out of the 30's here this week...;_)

SIL is due in town late this week - very exciting. Also Dd's first Chiro. appt. is tomorrow - she's SO excited. She's been with me a few times, so this is kind of a big girl thing to do. Her shoulders are about 3/4ths of an inch out of whack...yuck.

The co sleeper...well, it's not working too well yet...for sleeping. But for storage it's GREAT! Burp clothes, spit-up rags, extra diapers and covers, dd's dolls, blankies, hankies, you name it, we store it. I'm not too worried. He's slept in it a couple of times so far. For middle of the night stuff, I'm finding it's not easier. He tends to really wake up if I move him a lot. Rolling him over with me is about as much stim. as I'm willing to put out there right now. It's there, he'll use it or not. It didn't help a lot becuase on the nights we tried it I had to get up out of bed to soothe him...not too cool. When he's in bed with me he's awake (a little bit) more frequently, so he wakes me to nurse more often, but he doesn't wake up so much that he needs soothing to go back to bed. Just pop it in and off we go. Usually he doesn't even nurse a lot, excpet for the usual midnight, 3am and 6am feeds. Those don't count 'cuase they're REAL feeds when he's genuinely hungry. KWIM???

Ok, must nod off over here. LOL!! Andy
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Oh, we do Renn Faire here too! We don't dress up either, although dd wore a pretty dress with a tiarra and necklace and LOVED that. It's kind of far, we have to camp out to go. Don't know if we'll do that this summer or not. The c'ground was REALLY noisy. Hard to find someplace quiet so close to NYC.
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I should be in bed instead of on the computer. Does anyone else feel like they have mush between their ears. I can't remember a darn thing!! I read everyone's posts and now I am speechless

Aine amazed me tonight. After we put ds to bed, I laid her in her crib/changing table to change her and prep for bedtime. Afterwards I took the dirty clothes and diaper to the laundry room. She was calm just lying there - this never happens!! So, I turned off the light as a lark. SHE FELL ASLEEP!!! I feel really weird...She usually needs to be held to sleep. Very odd. Now I don't want to go to our room because I am afriad I won't hear her...Hmmm, what to do.

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I'm with Heather- I read all the posts and then forget it all by the time I write.

we went to the beach today because we're getting our house painted and it stunk. but it was completely overcast and windy and Luka freaks when the wind blows on him too much. So we abandoned the beach and went to the zoo. Was very fun. Baby slept the whole time (not that he'd acutally notice the animals or anything). Funny though we were checking out the white tiger we have here and the boys were growling at it and it roared at us. Ack! We all jumped back and Luka awoke (was in the sling and surely picked up on my adrenaline!).

Pam- thanks so much for posting your ceremony! It sounds beautiful! We may do something for Luka- maybe for all the boys since we've never done anything like that. the older ones deserve it too!

welcome back Jessica. So Evy is keeping you busy huh? no puter time? I think I'd go crazy w/o it at this point. some days you all are my only adult interaction.

sweetpeas mom- scary on the choking!

oh, i gotta run, I have people talking to me
will write more later!
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Heather, I vote for let her sleep! You'll hear her if she really cries, won't you? that's one reason we have a twin bed in the baby's room - so we can sleep in there if necessary.

Lisa, you cracked me up in your post last week about the Stevie Wonder head motion. Evelyn totally does that when she is cranky. She gets all in a panic, and it's quite aggravating. DH thinks it's hilarious when she does the back-and-forth movement and then chomps down. Sometimes she even makes a little chomping sound when she grasps the nipple.

Two posts in one day! Wow, what a difference with MIL here. She's already done half a dozen laundries, and she even puts them away, as much as she can.

Ope, DH is home from the Despot (aka Home Depot) with a new faucet. He's going to try to install it himself tonight. Fingers crossed that he doesn't ruin anything. We have a plumber coming tomorrow morning, to reposition the washer faucets and to fix anything DH messes up with this faucet installation. We hope that he'll get the faucet installed okay, it will fix our water pressure problem, and we won't have to pay the plumber to do it at $88/hr.

Edit: cross-post with Karen. The zoo sounds great! How cool that the tiger roared for you. Guess he showed your sons how it is really done.

Adult interaction: Saturday some friends came over, a couple with a three-month-old son. We ate dinner and drank a bottle of wine and played a board game, or part of one, since it got too late and the babies didn't let us finish it. Evelyn was fussy the whole time. We kept having to leave the game to soothe her. But of course they understood completely and it didn't ruin the evening at all. It was a great time. When they left at 12:30 a.m., I said, "Wow! It's like a real Saturday night!" Okay so before kids we'd have killed three bottles of wine and played two board games all the way through, but still, it was close.
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Hey Jess - WOW! My congrats on interacting with another couple at ALL let alone at night, let alone play a game at night, let alone ... what did they do with their kid? I don't think Ori would sleep without some bed time with me, plus low/no lights. The noise is probably the smallest factor. That's about all I can say about this. WOW! (From Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse)

We had another lame night here. sigh. and he pooped all over BOTH pair of wool pants, so now we have none (both drying) The wooly part dries pretty quickly, but the part where the waist is takes a long time. sigh.

not much to report here. lots to do this week- get car fixed, buy new stove, find twin long sheets somewhere for the new bed. y'day I went into town and got Ori's ss number (boy, was that ever fun!). Parent teacher conference on Fri. then a b'day party for dd (not her own, a friend's), in laws due Thurs nite, bla bla bla. I am very cranky and my brain SO doesn't work. I returned videos to the library a WEEK late ( I would swear that week never happened!). Ouch on the fees, too. no sympathy from the cranky librarian, either. blah. Did I mention my brain doesn't work? I write EVERYTHING down. Me and my aging dad. He does that too. At least I have hope that I may get some capacity back before the story is over :-0

I'm making matza ball soup today (w/nochick. broth and loads of veggies), and I want to finish and go snuggle the little dude before he's awake (again). caio! andy

PS - Karen - your world does sound a little isolated, being kinda remote out there and home schooling... we're HERE we're HERE we're HERE!!! (from Horton Hears a Who) and I'm glad you spend a lot of time with us, too!
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oh mexican food, yummm could eat it right now

Jessi-sounds like you've had a welcoming relief! I had to take CPR before I took Megan home and she had some choking and apnea spells while in the hospital so I got to see the nurse also, so it kinda prepared me thank goodness. Of course I wish she wouldn't do it. Adult interaction, whats that? lol. The most I get now is these forums, how sad is that.

Nicole- yeah I can see why you wouldn't dress up in hot weather. ours is in the fall and it's such perfect weather for it. Although I was pregnant last year so I didn't go. I'm dying to go this year.

Heather-Yup I got a pile of mush between my ears and everywhere else. I feel like an idiot somedays. So what did you do let her sleep there or what?

I actually felt like I got some sleep last night, she went 5 hrs, then 3 hrs. So only woke up once really. A very nice mama on another board is sending me a brand new supplemental nursing system! I was so shocked. I'm hoping it will help Megan with bf as I'm so tiring of this pump. She can latch on fine but she gets frustrated and cries and screams and pulls away. Thinking it just doesn't come out fast enough for her or she just doesn't like to work at it. So hoping this could work. I'd love to just bf and not worry about pumping, bottles etc....
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Ugh Lauren and I both have colds. And we have a mama-baby date today too, so I'm bummed, my really yummy lunch (and all my research to find dairy free foods at this place) are gone... and poor baby, she's so congested she's not sure what to do with herself, sneezing and coughing all the time, the drool is out of control, and I'm not sleeping because she sounds like she's choking in her sleep. UGH! We spent a good part of the night in the bathroom with hot water running, ugh ugh!

And dh is on the evil list too, last night he went to his club meeting (an hour) and then to his mom's to get some company checks signed, and managed to stay there and drink wine with them until 1am. You'd think MIL would have sent him home when he said "Lisa and Lauren are sick" since he obviously wasn't smart enough to do it himself. I thwacked him upside the head when he climbed into bed last night and he got mad and slept in Lauren's room. UGH again, what I wouldn't give for a few hours of adult conversations and half a bottle of wine.

Nothing else going on, we spent yesterday in bed with the laptop, plans are the same for today. Enough venting from here,

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I'm feeling terrible today. I saw every hour last night and almost every half hour. DH slept with us last night, he hasn't been for weeks and his snoring kept Elizabeth up. I would see her falling asleep and then he'd let out a big 'ol snore and the eyes would pop open.

My mood is terrible too. I've just had enough. I swear there are moments where I just want to send her back, that i just can't do this. I want to sleep with my husband and cuddle up with him, i doin't want this constat worry about how we are going top have enough money so that i can stay home at least 6 mths and feeling like it is my fault, i'm sick of having the constant battle with ds's dad about money and then the anger from dh when the money isn't there yet again. and then feeling guilty for any $$ dh has to spend for co-pays and perscriptions for ds. i hate myself for being jelous of the baby because dh gives so much of his attention to her and being angry that we have to go visit people. Then I feel so over full of love and bad for feeling like that.

Ope, DH is home from the Despot (aka Home Depot) with a new faucet. He's going to try to install it himself tonight. Fingers crossed that he doesn't ruin anything. We have a plumber coming tomorrow morning, to reposition the washer faucets and to fix anything DH messes up with this faucet installation. We hope that he'll get the faucet installed okay, it will fix our water pressure problem, and we won't have to pay the plumber to do it at $88/hr
I hope the faucet installing went well, dh says that besides new homes/remoldels fixing the diy messes homeowers make is most of their work. He says that most of the time it would have been cheaper if they just paid the plumber in the first place.

Az - neighbors are notorious for having small brains. Didn't your landlord mention that?! I'm sorry - I'm sure it's frustrating...I hope it's over soon! Maybe they'll get stuck in the stairway and ... well, I dunno... sleep in the stairwell?
lol they didn't have to sleep in the hallway, they had to bring the couch or whatever back out. Another thing that made me really angry about that was someone is home all day and they are forever moving stuff at night. When they bought a new mattress they had the mattress guys come at 9pm!! I know that the lady at home is awake during the day too because they have 3 dogs which, for what ever reason they walk one at a time so she is in and out all mornging long\
Oh a quick funny about no brain neighbors, at our old aprtment dh used to do almost all the shoveling, the guy downstairs did it maybe 3 times in 3 years. He asked to borrow dh's shovel one day and then he stole it. Hello! Dh wouldn't shovel out the guys car after that.
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Andy I answered your post about Ori's rash, I don't think I had much to add. I wanted to let you know since you're having all these wool problems that I got a really nice pair of longies, they too big right now though, off ebay from the wahm from Green Mountain Wee Woolies my winning bid on the auction was $8 her e-bay id is valentine59 you may want to keep an eye out to see if she lists anything that you like. She seems to list a couple of things towards the end of the week. She shipped my longies out right away and I got them really quick
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thanks az! I'll take a look. other than not arriving, being too big, and getting pooped on, the woolies are great! the rashes are minimal now (they were a little ugly with sposies( and no leaks. one handed here - mr cranky just woke from a 3 hr nap, fed lots, got a new diape., and is still cranky. most unusual. maYbe he wants more food. difficult to make matza balls with one hand. LOL
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