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yah Pam for going diaper-less. how awesome! I can't imagine driving to visit and not wearing them. woo hoo!

sweetpeas mom- Megan just might be gassy cuz she's still new. it isn't necessarily something you're eating, and when she's around 3 months (adjusted age, I guess) it'll probably stop. this is esp true if you already don't eat dairy, which is usually the biggest culprit.

Lisa- you wanna have a birth control discussion? ugh, it all sucks!
Look at the LAM (lactation amenorrhea method- these websites make it sound like it'ssomething new, lol)- 98% from just breastfeeding like you already are:
Other options:
cervical cap
mini pill
Maybe there's more but I can't think of them right now.

I have used LAM, ccap (have 2 lovely kids from wearing mine), IUD (was my best option but is yucky), condoms.
Basically, IMO they all suck.
What'd you all use before?

Oh, and I wanted to report that I am a NEW woman because my child slept for 12 hours. He woke up for sure to nurse, but we were down for a long time. woo hoo.
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Ok DH and I vote on the pasta dish. It could probably use a bit more garlic and a pinch of salt, but otherwise, a fast prep meal. I think with 10 min. prep and an hour to bake the peppers, you could get in a decent nursing and get baby down and eat in peace.
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Ok my $.02 on bc.

Before pg I was on BCP. I've had lots of different ones, I have 2 side effects from bcp, either they make me terribly moody and depressed OR I start spotting at week 2 after 3-4 months on a brand, so either way I switched brands pretty frequently for a number of years.

Never tried a ccap or diap., we both hate condoms, and morally I have a problem with iud. Not sure why I draw the line there, but messing my body up, using a barrier, etc. are ok, but preventing implantation bothers me.

My reasons for bringing this up - I stopped bcp after the Jan pack was done in Feb, we abstained Mar, and I got pg. on the first try in April. We were seriously expecting it to take a few months, so we either have excellent timing or are uber-fertile people. Either way, I have friends who have Irish twins, and right now there is no way I could deal with another baby this year.

My mom did LAM after I was born, and my brother was born 18 months and 1 day after I was, all w/o her ever getting a period again. 2 under 2 also scares me, although I think I would deal better there.

I know I can't go back on bcp, it just made me too nutty, so it's time for me to learn again. Golly gosh I feel like a teenager with no clue.

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thxs Karen. I guess so. Hopefully she'll get out of it soon. I've tried gas drops also but they don't seem to help much.

For bc he got snipped, this is our last baby *sighs*
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bottom line is- birth control sucks and the options we have suck. I didn't mention fertility awareness, but from my experience, the signs are really hard when bf.
so.... good luck on figuring out something. Lisa, with the way you describe Lauren nursing, I bet LAM works for you if you haven't had a period yet.... but yeah, you can ovulate before 1st period. With your mom though- 18 months apart means she was past 6 months pp.... isn't considered so effective after 6 months or solids (whichever comes first).
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we're goin gfor the snip too. he promised as I was pushing Orin out. well, I MADE him promise, but still, he said ok! Course he hasn't actually made an appt., yet, so we'll see LOL!

Thanks for the awesome meal idea Lisa! And everyone else, too. We're having a MUCH better day today, and had an ok night last night (Karen - it's actually kinda scary that Luka doesn't stay in bed for 12 hrs. at night with you...that he has THAT much energy! Wowza! Ori will stayin bed all darned day, it seemes. Very mellow.), so I'm not complaining at all. My little slow gainer - only 9lbs11oz today at check up. He's grown an inch, and is def. gaining, so the mw's aren't concerned...doing exactly what dd did, actually. She's still on the light side of life, although in the 80% for height.

Lisa - I'd assume uber fertile and go for something like the beads or the 'phram (gotta be careful there, but if you use it right it's pretty good). I also think that spermacide alone is about 85% effective - ok, it's a risk, but given that everything has a bit of risk (other than abstainence) it's pretty easy to use, kinda fun, and doesn't mess you up with hormones etc. And it's killing HIS stuff, not ours, which has a small redeeming factor. We used it for a long time, just the foam, and the MINUTE we didn't use it, well, HERE'S ORI!!!

BTW - I got FOUR smiles today - the six week milestone is a really good thing to remember. He actually gave me four solicited smiles (not just gas by a LONG way!). I am so over the hill! And he's ok in the sling these days, although unless I'm trying to get him to sleep, he wants to be facing up and/or out, which makes me a bit nervous.

He's really super spotty. It's fine, I mean there's nothing actually wrong with him, but a cashier at Jo-Anne's (fabric/craft store) actually said "does he have measles!!?" I said Jeeze, I sure hope not!, but I felt sad inside. He's still such a cute, sweet little person, and she was a STUPIDCOWNOTAMAMAHEARTLESSWOMAN. Thanks. that felt good.

Well, boy-o is asleep - for the moment - so I'm going to get some dinner prepped. Aloha, caio, shalom, adios, arivaderche (sp!), and check ya later mamas!

PS - thanks for the hylands info. I guess I will look into making myself a gripe water solution...
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as far as post nap signals, in order to catch the pee I nurse her over a bucket and she usually pees while she's eating, about 5 mins into nursing. It's taken a lot of work to position her so I have a good hold, can latch her on, and not get the iside of my pants wet.
I've actually noticed a couple times there is a particular vocal sound she makes for other, non-nap pees.

BC. I agree there's no good answer. Before dd1 I was charting, and it worked for almost a year before we got pg, and the only reason we did is because I thought I *knew* my cycle would always be 30+ days long, and then one freak cycle was 28, and it was our anniversary, and I said what the heck, day 13 or so, won't get pg cuz my cycle is long...

well, I didn't do temps after dd1 was born cuz I knew with nursing i wouldn't get good readings, but we didn't use condoms if my period was just about due or had just been here, and my cycle was more regular than ever. Well one day I just didn't stop in time (to put on a condom), whoops, and I checked the calendar, and it was day 16! Well, I knew I was pregnant that night! And here's dd2!
We always have these "accidents" in the same month that we decide we'll try for a baby in a few or several months. We get pg as soon as we decide we want another one!
So, sounds like the cervial cap isn't that effective?
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My problem with LAM is this:
of the three conditions, not having your period isn't helpful, because they say as soon as you get it, you need other methods. Well, you could get pg before you get your period, so you can never really know if you are "amenorrheic" until it might be too late cuz you already ovulated.
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Cervical cap is just as effective as a diaphragm, but is harder to use- it has to get a suction on your cervix, so they say in the 1st few months to use condoms or something else also.... if not on properly it can get dislodged.
You are also supposed to use spermicide in it, but I never did cuz it grossed me out and I decided i was allergic to it.... so, I do think it's a good option, though not very popular in the states- not sure about canada.
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for bc I want to try the minerva (sp) iud. The mw wasn't sure if I was a candidate becuase of the uetrine infections after I had ds, but she thought I may be since it was isloated and so long ago. If thats not an option I really don't know what we'll do. After being on the pill on and off for almost 10 yrs I'm all set. I'm never doing that again. I tried the depo after dswas born, horrible! No one who I've talked to who's taken it has anything good to say about that.

I just want to say how much I love my mai tei This is way better than the pouch, and I'm getting quicker at putting it on.

Nicole I'm sorry to hear that little Will isn't doing so well. I'm sending lots of good vibes your way that Will's surgery goes well and does what its supposed to and he gets to go on an live like any other little boy. Hopefully the meds help him out
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I was going to get a mirena iud, but my damn insurance doesn't cover it. And we have a ppo. WTF?!?! Its easier for them to cover a baby? I just don't understand. I have a cervical cap, but I don't like it and they are only about 70 percent effective. BTW, you can make a nice spermicide with 1 part lemon juice, 2 parts aloe vera gel. It'll keep in the fridge for a day or two. I took depo for years and it was awful, I wouldn't recommend it.

I think I'm good with LAM for the first 10 months or so. I got pregnant when Makai was 13 mos - no period. Right now, dh and I don't even sleep in the same bedroom, so I'm not worried about gio, much less pregnancy, lol.

Andy - Ori is adorable. Forget that stupid lady.

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Originally Posted by mamabeca
He's really super spotty. It's fine, I mean there's nothing actually wrong with him, but a cashier at Jo-Anne's (fabric/craft store) actually said "does he have measles!!?" I said Jeeze, I sure hope not!, but I felt sad inside. He's still such a cute, sweet little person, and she was a STUPIDCOWNOTAMAMAHEARTLESSWOMAN. Thanks. that felt good.
We keep getting concerned looks and questions and stuff, too. The guy at Staples today asked my mom if her face was normal and was that contagious or anything. I wish I'd heard, I'd tell him yeah, she caught zits from the teenagers at the mall. Or rubbed her face all over him and shouted OMG! You have BABY POX now! Okay not really, but funny to think about.

We had a nice shopping day, though. Got an Easter dress, purple with a white pinafore. So cute! Penney's studio wouldn't have been able to get pics back to us until 3 days after Easter, so I'm going to call around tomorrow and see what I can find.
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I can't believe people are making comments on baby acne! WTF is UP with them? that's SOOOO uncool. and "adults" to boot!

Re: IUD- i got mine out of desperation, because the fear of pregnancy was really putting a bad dent in our sex life. I had a copper one- but supooseddly that mirena that Az is talking about is better (no bad cramps and heavy bleeding).
Ann- when I got my IUD (6? years ago), i was all set at the doc and then they sprang on me that it wasn't covered and was like $300+... I had to psych myself up for that appt, so in the end, I put it on the cc and had her put it in. CRAZY though that they didn't pay! it'smuch cheaper for them than another pregnancy!

my dh is also wanting to get snipped, but there are a few snags in the wat which I can't go into right now. And then there's my insane desire to have another (which I'm sure is scaring the crap out of him!).
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Karen - you are NOT insane! Wait and see if the desire holds out for a while, of course, but you are def. not insane.

I've never had an IUD - it's so WAY out there for me, I just can't see having it inside me! My pal Jen got one, and I've NEVER met a crunchier mama in my life...so maybe. If he really won't get snipped, that is.

Right now I'm kinda mad 'cause on nights he's coming home we have dinner a bit later so that he can chill out a little when he gets home. Tonight he decided to leave work early (yeah!) and go have drinks with a guy from work (huh?). So he didn't get home until like 7pm. Ori is fussing and stressed (ok, read HOWLING), dd is whining she wants her 'dinner and a movie already!' (which we do every friday night), dinner is bubbling away, the dog is crossing his legs (again), the phone is ringing, the smoke detector .. oh, no, that part wasn't tonight. It was hard to hear over the howling/whining. Well anyway, I was pretty much hyped out and not at ALL a happy camper. On the phone, of course, is dh saying he's TRYING to get this buddy of his from the office to drive him home, but he's not at all into leaving blah blah blah. I've got NO sympathy at all (has he never heard of asking what the plan is before leaving? Can he not pick up the phone on his desk and tell me the plan? DUH!). So now I've nursed the little guy for like 1.5 hrs on and off (20 min. on, 5 min off, fuss fuss fuss, 20 min on etc.). And I finally came downstairs and just about tossed the baby at dh and I'm like hey, you screwed up the schedule, you deal! Now he's upstairs doing the rock on the chest motion and humming... good luck buddy! Ok, I think I have ranted enough! for today.

I do think it's lame that adults freak about baby acne, but it does look strange on a baby, whom we associate with that beautiful clear skin. Like he had two weeks ago... and hopefully like he'll have again soon... please... so it's just kind of how people deal with this slight shock to their sensibilities about what a baby 'should' look like. When seen from a little distance, he looks just fine. Up close he's spotty and has a couple of dry skin spots that I'm treating with tto and comfry balm alternatly.

And WHERE ARE MY WOOL COVERS? I am still in chuck a ways at night because I SO don't want to have a wet bed all night, and because I only have two working covers right now (the two new ones, all the old ones are junk) which I wash at the end of each day and let dry overnight. So I don't have anything to use for a cover. UGH. I can't even believe that you ec'ers are doing so WELL at this incredibly hard task! Pam - did you do it with your dd#1 too?

Well, better go keep dd company while she finishes off Babe Pig in the City. Since dh is upstairs (and likely will be for a while!) Caio - andy
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Oh Andy, I'll share some of our good night vibes with you so you can have a peaceful tomorrow! What a night you've had already.

DH and I went to the auto show (ugh, who thinks of these things?) since he wanted to get out of the house (worked a 4x10 week so he's got 3 days off) and we had free tickets from the dealer where we bought our van. So off we go, I actually broke out the stroller for this one - not because the kid actually sat in it, but because the expo center is HOT and I needed something to carry my coat while I slung and bf'ed baby as we wandered and looked at cars. So dh pushed the stroller loaded w/carseat, coats, diaper bag, snack for me, etc. and I had old farty men stare at me because I wore the wrong bra Ilike a glamormom tank) and it was obvious that there was boob sticking out of the top of the sling. lol

Anyhow, we've had a nice evening. I nursed her down when we got home, and I told dh he had to amuse her for 20 min while I made dinner because I had a craving for greasy fries made from real taters, and I was sure she was going to pop those little eyes open after I got off the bed. Well he lucked out, she's still asleep, almost 3 hours later. So we made this yummy pig out dinner, complete with extra salty fries and soda, and actually sat at the table like adults and had dinner. Dh is playing Cinderella tonight, putting away dinner and doing the dishes, and I just got done rewashing the load of dipes I washed this morning - they came out of the dryer scratchy and rough feeling, so I ran them through w/o soap, they frothed up again, must be using too much soap in there!

Oooh Lauren is wiggling and making noise, but not waking up. My guess is she's peeing but I really don't want to wake her.

G'nite ladies and babies, tomorrow we're going to a wahm fair that the local crunchies put together, something like 40 wahms are bringing their stuff (a few sling mamas, 2 diaper makers, a marykay gal, pampered chef, etc. etc.) so I've got to go check it out.

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Hey Lisa - WOW - maybe this is my calling - I am SO dying to have a fair here in Albany...what a boring old town this is. It wouldn't be too hard...It's like people here ENJOY staying home to watch Martha Stewart stories! But seriously, if you see any really super cute wool soakers (short or long pull-on diaper covers) will you buy me one or two? I like the designs {not too flowery or dh will make me sell it :-(}, and I like the rainbow type (prmary?) colors. I have three plain natural and two striped blue/grey/green colors now. If anything catches your eye, I've got 50 - 60$ to spend (but I don't think I could spend that on one soaker, maybe as much as $30 for one really super nice one) on a wool (not a knit) pull up (no snaps, 'cause I need these to work at night) soaker, size Medium (10+ lbs)! I really hope you enjoy the show, even if you don't buy anything. Thanks for the vibes, eh! EVEERYONE is sleeping here now - that bum never made it back downstairs and left all the dinner clean up for me, and walking the poor doggie, too. Well, at least the kitchen is clean for tomorrow! Oh, did I mention I am going to go skiing tomorrow?!! I'm going to share a tix with dh, so we can swap skiing and being with Ori. Mostly I'll be the Ori part, but if I can get two or three runs in I'll be happier, I think. Hey - I really am so so SO lucky, and I know it. At least I don't have to wake up, strap on baby, and then go pick cotton or weed the rice fields or something. Right! Oh, don't worry Lisa - just go and enjoy the fair. I've got these soakers coming in the mail and they're just taking forever, and I'm really WANTING them to arrive (I think I checked the mail like 8 times today LOL); if you see something, that's great, but no sweat and I won't expect anything. Have a nice snuggly night! Andy
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Originally Posted by mamabeca
He's still such a cute, sweet little person, and she was a STUPIDCOWNOTAMAMAHEARTLESSWOMAN. Thanks. that felt good.
:LOL I think you are right for thinking this.

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Andy- I've got a bunch of yarn sitting here with nothing to do. I'll send you a soaker
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Ann - ARE YOU NUTS??? Did someone take your children to Alaska? Did you win the lottery? Get a maid? Find a burried treasure? What do you mean 'nothing to do'?! You are so amazingly kind, though, that who could help but love crazy you!! I also have some yarn, good stuff but to be honest ladies, it's not working for me, this knitting thing. The same 12 rows are sitting there, very lonely and sad. I will send you my stuff, Ann, because it's not going to build anything sitting here! I am making washcloths and wipes out of yummy flannel, though. I got some embroidery thread today (thus the ugly comment at Jo-Annes) and am stitching the edges with different colors (on different pieces). For not very clever wid my hands (or brain) me, it's a good thing to do. And they ARE yummy soft and wipe away the poopie/peepee/spit-ups like champion wipes. I got one more piece today, cars and trucks, but I think I'll keep that for swaddling, or maybe some of it, and try another fabric store nearby (a little one) and see if I take a liking to any of their fabrics. Never know when you'll run into something wonderful! Not tomorrow, maybe monday... Anyway, I want to wash these and see how well they wash out, but I'll trade you, Ann. U send that soaker and I'll send some washcloths! They are the mitt kind, that kids usually LOVE, in bright red. I think about a hundred of them would be a fair trade. I so admire you people who can do this making stuff thing. I am just not at ALL coordinated...I prick myself, knot everything up, and generally make a mess of things. Ah well. Off to bed now - have a GREAT day/night, and Ann - THANK YOU!!! Andy
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Andy - you crack me up, girl :LOL. I'm not crazy. I think, as my neighbor always says, its a Catholic thing? Lol, one gramps was from Italy, one from Ireland - you could not LEAVE the house without taking something along with you...god forbid you refuse and ignite those infamous tempers. I suppose I picked up a bit of that, since I was raised by my g-parents

A trade would be wonderful. I would send it to you no matter what, but...if you must trade then you must.

Just got back from an interesting dinner at the neighbor's. They are trying to adopt one of our other neighbor's baby. Sort of a weird situation. I want them to get the baby, but I feel so bad for the young mom I really don't want her to have to give up her baby. She's a young -20. Not a teenager, but still, yk? Single, got a LOT going for her, the whole bit. I have no idea why I was invited over. Talk about feeling uncomfortable. I feel like I should talk to her - after all, I was pretty much in her shoes at one time. However, I don't want to mess this up for my neighbor, who would love to have a baby girl. (they already have 4 kids- 2 on the Big Island, and aren't really financially in the best place to add another, but there is SO much love in that house). Anyways, I think I'll just stay out of it, and if she keeps her baby, then I'll help. and if she doesn't I'll help. I'll just be the neutral helper

Ok, I'm tired. Had five kids all day. And going to take another bunch to the beach tomorrow. Sigh...Alaska sounds REALLY nice. So does a maid...or buried treasure. Hmmm...beach, buried treasure? kids will be busy tomorrow. haha.
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