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check this out if you're interested in a wrap style carrier . they're on sale for preorder discount prices, if you're in the market. I'm not promoting, or vouching, btw. andy
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Well, I had a really rotten two days at home with the babies. I'm really at my wit's end. Yesterday, I did the unspeakable and hit my poor dd1 while trying to pry her off dd2. I don't think she even noticed it, it was a little slap on the leg, but I didn't realize it happened till after. I am so ashamed of myself. It's hard to even post it. I've been slacking off EC while the days are so hard. I still catch a few, but I've been diapering her some.
I'm really getting worried about the psychological effects my dd2 will suffer from being hit and hurt on a daily basis. DD1's latest thing is to rock the playpen back and forth (we got it to keep the baby safe, but it's not working). I get so angry at her, I'm a mess. I'm almost ready to give up on AP and everything. The only thing keeping me from running awaysomtimes is the thought of dd2 having to go on formula.

Anyay, sorry I don't have anything good to say...

Glad to be back, though
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Yeah it's back

Pam so sorry you had a rough few days. Try not to be ashamed about it. I know I've lost my temper several times with my first dd. It's hard but when she's throwing stuff at the baby, what else is there to do. Especially since I'm so sleep deprived. She's actually getting better with her, so things are improving.
big ((HUGS)) to you, i hope things improve

We only got about 4-5 inches of snow but the wind was ferocious. Some of our doors are frozen shut, can't see out of some of the windows cuz of ice and snow all over them and it's absolutely freezing! spring is how many days away and windchill is -10 degrees! insane

Megan is been kinda cranky past few days, I'm about to lose it. I just broke down and cried yesterday. For about 6 hrs straight each day she is so unconsolable. I hold her most of the time, so needless to say not much gets done and my first dd get's a bit short on the attention side. She doesn't even like the sling so that doesn't help much. Hoping it will pass.
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Andy we had a school delay here also. The kiddos were only having a half day anyway so we didn't bother to send him, school would have been 9-11. Plus he has been sick and home from school for the last two days. I'm sure another day home won't hurt, where he still seems a little off.

Man I am so glad mdc is back up. I really missed it. I'm a bit of a recluse (dh says I'm almost a hermit) so this is a big sorce of "social interactions" for me. Though it wasn't so bad sicne I did finally get a wipes warmer that I've been wanting to get.

Sleeping hasn't been going so well here. We had a real rough 24hrs. Elizabeth has been super fussy. She's sleeping now but I doubt it will last very long. Last night after not getting more than 15 minutes of sleep at a go I gave up and came downstairs and popped her in the swing. I really didn't care if she screeched all night at that point. She had started fussing at 4am the previous night. Luckily dh had soem sense and picked her out the moment she fussed the teenist bit. He walked her and bounced her and talked to her and gave her a bottle (thank god I didn't give up pumping, even though I get so little) and got me some sleep and even better a camler baby who slept somewhat better for the rest of the night. I got 45min-1hr strecthes

oh well she's waking up now, not even 30 minutes I'm just about ready to take a 4 hour drive just so she'll get some sleep and hopefully be in a better mood
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Originally Posted by mamabeca
I don't think the spots make them itchy, but Ori also has dry skin on his face, and that might be itchy.
That might be part of it, too. I've got some on my chin right now and they're super itchy, but plenty of dry skin, too. I run the vaporizer but it doesn't do much good in this house. Plus I dry my laundry hanging all over the house, and it's still dry in here.

Pam: Hugs! What about a timeout or solitary naptime or whatever for DD1? Might not be the greatest thing, but could get you and the baby a break.

Sorry about the rough sleepers. Mine's good today, but yesterday was difficult. I hate not being able to figure out what she wants! I feel so guilty, and then I get mad at her. Like what's she supposed to do, she's already trying to tell me and I just don't get it. And my husband's changed schedule so we're off an hour. I get almost no evening break, and he gives up on trying to calm her himself if she fusses more than like 45 seconds and gives her back to me.

Monday we did pictures at Sears, but she was not happy or smiley, and she cranked so much her face was pretty red and blotchy (otherwise it's all but gone now, until she cries). So I just bought the $10 package, and anyone in the family who just HAS to have an Easter portrait can buy one from their website. I think that's pretty cool, that you can share the url with the pics and family can buy whatever they want.

Hmm, maybe I'll try to slip her into the sling and wash some dishes.
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I missed you ALL mamas. That was a rough 3 days, eh?

OK, plug for book. I got that happiest baby book yesterday. Luka was having a fussy day (and of course we have visitors). He just couldn't seem to get in a good sleep and so he'd wake up and be happy for 10 minutes and then fuss and cry until he was asleep again. Well I busted out the book and swaddled him (didn't get to the rest). He had been crying for awhile- nothing was working to soothe him. I wrapped him up and he was asleep within minutes (crying stopped instantly) and then he slept for 6 hours! he just doesn't sleep that long. I think he might have even slept longer but when i heard him make a few noises I rousted him to nurse because I thought i'd burst. woo hoo. still woke up at 6am, but i'm feeling a lot more rested than before!

hugs to pam and sweetpeas mom and everyone frustrated with their older kids. I've found that whenever they get really annoying, it's gnerally a phase that will soon pass. Pam, Geneva will just have a different perception of reality as a second child... they handle more "abuse" and can nap in louder places.

we've had lots of guests since mdc was down. Had a big party here on sunday and I was really worried that Luka would get all overstimulated ad never sleep. But he did really well- barely fussed- even got passed around happily.

ok, he's fussing now- I better not ignore him- i'll be back later

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I read that around six wks of age is the HARDEST for infants. They are growing fast, adjusting lots to the noises, feels, smells and sights that accost them continually, and they are starting to move past the newborn and into the infant stage of development. It's the hardest for parents and according to that source (which my milk for brains head can't think of right now) it is normal to feel overwhelmed, angry (even at the baby), unable to soothe or comfort the baby, and, just to top things off, it is also the height of sleep deprivation.

The good news is that it really does get better! Once past the hurdles, and who actually knows how many there are, things smooth over and you get a nice grace period before the next wave of panic ensues. uh huh.

Pam - I wish I had some words of wisdom, but I can offer my sympathy and encouragement. You are a WONDERFUL hardworking and very loving mama. Dd1 is just young and wanting ALL that wonderful attention she was getting up until recently. Soon she will not even remember life without babe, so just hang in there. IMO, I think the needs and safety of both girls is more important than diapers/no diapers, but I'd like to think that it's possible for you to continue to ec ...just know that if you decide to stop for a while you can go back to it later (like when dd2 moves into that lovely phase of biting and hair pulling and can defend herself better!) ;-)

Oh, just gotta love the half-assed vacuum job I did while slinging Ori today...totally pathetic, but at least I get to say I got SOMETHING done and he wasn't howling and a few layers of dog hair have been removed...so sad :-)

Az- hope ds is getting better quick! I know with dd here, it's SO much harder to schedule life: them wanting baby, attention, love and so forth makes it really hard to stay focused. It's really REALLY hard for me to imagine how mamas do this with babies/toddlers at home. BIG HUGS!!!

Gotta go get ready for Brownies today...not exactly looking forward to it because there's a big parents mtg I called because co-leader has drifted to sea without even a phone call...ugh. I can't do this by myself (although I have been), so it's time to schedule some activities the moms/dads are willing to do. sigh. Ok, take it easy mamas. It's SO nice to hear from everyone!
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Andy, I was just looking at gipsymama for a gauze wrap. I love the moby-esque one I made from polycotton knit, but it's a bit warm for summer. Great now under my coat with babe to take walks though.

Happiest baby - oh yes, I think it's a great idea, we do all the S's except hand babe a paci, although she gets to nurse if we're not bouncing/walking her around. Speaking of which, she's cranky again, I'm thinking a swaddle and nurse might put her to sleep for a few hours.

Hugs to you mamas with toddlers, wow, I can't imagine, I'm soooo tired and intolerant right now already!

Lauren is 13 lbs today. My arms are getting buff!
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Originally Posted by mamabeca

check this out if you're interested in a wrap style carrier . they're on sale for preorder discount prices, if you're in the market. I'm not promoting, or vouching, btw. andy
lol Andy, I pre-order one in the sky color earlier today before I even saw this. Are you on the baby wearing co-op yahoo group too?
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Thanks mamas for encouragement. Today could've been a bad day, as it satrted out that way, but MIL came by in the afternoon for a few hours, had fun with dd1, dd2 slept, and I did a balance of tidying and sitting around chatting. Then the public health nurse was by, so I've had lots of company.
I may give up EC. It's really important to me, and it's going well, but it's something I feel I could cut loose if I had to.
At least we sleep well around here most nights. *hugs* to the mamas with rough nights and sleep deprivation. Really liked Happiest Baby with dd1, haven't really used it with #2, but she likes to bounce. Not much of a comfort nurser.

We're getting the kid's book "I Have Feelings" from the library. I hope it helps #1 to express herself more.

I found a sling position yesterday that G likes. She was ha;f asleep, so that helped, and then she fell asleep and stayed that way for half an hour while I played with dd1. I had her half-sitting up with her feet towards the rings, her body perpendicular to mine, and the top rail behind her head for support. I was able to chase dd1 around the house and play one of her favourite tickle-chase games, and then we did a puzzle, and I think I can nurse them both with this position.
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Oh yeah, mama - you go tandem! I must say, Pam, that you are really doing a LOT LOT LOT for your girls. Really!!!

Az - I'm on the FSOT list - which has a lot of the babywearers on it. I was looking for more wool soakers : and found some on this list. YAHOO - I am STILL waiting for the majority of the ones I've already purchased to come in. I found one that is rainbow stripes, and another with airplanes and another with helicopters (didn't get that one - had to make some cuts but oh my! are mamas out there ever clever and imaginative!). The only ones that have arrived are too big for Ori - the legs are too big so it leaks when it shouldn't. It's meant from 13 lbs up and the little dude is about 10 now. sigh.

Paq - his acne is starting to get better on his face, but it's still ugly on his little chin/neck. I think your pics will be fine! can you post the link so we can see too? everyone will be so impressed you got to the photo place, they won't even notice! What a nice thing to do for your family. Our house is hard to keep from being too dry too. It's also hard to keep warm (sorry HI gals -I know that you live in the hot/humid, but we're drying ourselves into cold little raisins over here!). Ori has 2 humidifiers on all night in his room. during the day I move one downstairs and keep the other in his room for his naps. It helps in his room, but not really much downstairs. I use the dryer, because I can't IMAGINE line drying all our stuff inside...we haven't got a room (or rooms) big enough to do that :LOL I'm sure it helps a little, and sometimes that's all you can do.

SPM - is megan off her monitors now? Can you use a front pack if she doesn't like the sling? Or a wrap? I hate to think of the wee little thing so unhappy ...she's been through so much! I guess that's dangerous thinking, as it will eventually lead to spoiling, but it's only dangerous for you!

Just wondering how many of us are swaddling...

Ori was so bright eyed at school today, and everyone oohed and aahed over him. I love the community there so much, 'cept for the occasional the mamas are so down to earth and easy going. I think I'm over my paranoia about the baby acne, anyway!

Ok, my boobs are feeling really full, so I'd better go get the laundry done before Ori peeps. Caio mamas!!! Andy
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Hey mamas! It's nice to be back after 3 whole days... not that I kept track or anything...

Not much seems to be new for us, really. Brynn's still a pretty snoozy chica, but we are getting to see lots of her gorgeous smiles when she's awake (um, and a few scowls of disapproval tossed in, too... it's not all merry sunshine & roses, lol!) She's got a bit of dry skin this week too. Hmmm... must be a 6-7 week old thing? I've been rubbing her with almond oil and that seems to be helping.

We don't swaddle here. Neither of our girls seemed to be keen on it; not one bit! They definitely like their arms free, our gals. Luckily (and ALL fingers crossed here!!!) we haven't seen much need for it so far.

Pam, loads of coming your way! As a Mama with a 2 1/2 year old stinker , I can relate to the moments with less patience than I'd like. One day at a time... one hour at a time... and take it easy on yourself, too! I have no doubts that you are doing much better than you think you are. We are always our own toughest critics, no? Can DH lend a bit of extra support in the evenings when he is home, either tending to Geneva so that you can spend some 1:1 time with Abigail, or else doing something extra-pecial with Abigail? My guy has been taking care of bedtime for Tess this week, reading LOTS of stories to make it fun, and it has been the breather that I need at the end of the day. She has fun, he enjoys the time with her, and I am given a break. It is a real help.

Just wanted to share a tip I got from a girlfriend that has been great for ALL of our nightime sleep ~ setting the radio to an "off" station for white noise. It lulls us all into dream-filled bliss and keeps those *little* noises from disturbing/waking both girls for the most part. No need to spend $$ on those relaxation sound machines after all!
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No baby yet for my sister. The March 05 was actually March 2005. I think one of her due dates was March 6. I had hoped she would have the baby on Tuesday, since that was my birthday.

Not much new here. I can relate, Pam, I struggle daily with my toddler and my baby. Sometimes I even feel a bit resentful toward the baby for making me take time from ds. I know that sounds crazy, because other times I get so frusterated with him for just being himself.

I still have a sleeper. She loves her sleep and lets you know when she is not getting it Today she cried off and on from 4-6pm. I changed her numerous times, tried nursing, slinging, bouncing, swaddling. Nothing worked. I called ds around 6pm to talk to another adult and get sympathy. He asked the ultimate dumb guy question, "Why is she so upset and crying." Ummm, thanks, if I knew I would try to fix the problem :

Alas, now both are sleeping and I have been trying to run around the house to clean. We have tons of laundry to do. The beds needed to be made with clean sheets. The bathrooms still have to be cleaned. Sigh......

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Swaddling - I try it with Aine, but she prefers her hands/arms to be free. She likes to have her legs tucked though...
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Hi everyone -

I missed you all so much, lol! We have been so busy around here the past few days! Went to LLL today, and the leader asked me if I'd want to consider leading. That was exciting. I'm thinking about it, we only have one group for the entire island and its CRAZY!!!

Hugs all around to all the moms with toddlers and non sleepers. It gets better, it really does. I think whoever said from about 4-6 weeks is really tough was right. that seems to be one of the more challenging ages for some reason. Violet is a big time swaddle baby. As long as she's in her sling and I don't eat any chocolate, she's good. I struggle alot with my 2yo as well. Sometimes all I can do is take a deep breath and tell myself that he's really just a baby too. It doesn't seem like it, but once he's older and I look back I'll say - garsh two is young! (I say this only from the experience of having an older kid )

Violet is 10 weeks as of today, and life is slowly beginning to take on a path of normalcy. We are getting more sleep now, getting into a semi routine and just kind of adjusting to life with three bambinos in general. Its totally chaotic, but I love it.

Anyways, I have SO much knitting to do. I shouldn't even be on the computer. Andy, would you like to have a little pair of knitted pants, or do you prefer a soaker?

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No swaddling here, she loves her arms free.

Yes Megan is off the monitors !! telling ya such a relief. I tried slinging her but she didn't like it at all, the first time I put her in it she puked all over it, lol. I'll keep trying though cuz it would make things so much easier. I have no problem spoiling her She had a better day yesterday, not quite as fussy. My cousin came over to watch the kiddos so I could clean. Ah a clean kitchen and bathroom its a great feeling I have Kaitlyn's 2nd bday party this Saturday, ah where has the time gone.
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Pam, I hear ya on the not wanting to yet wanting to yet not yet being overwhelmed. If you feel EC is important, go right on and do it casually. Catch what you can when you can and let the rest go. It's not about having a dry baby, it's about the connection you have with that baby, wet or dry.

Slings - ooooh I FINALLY got Lauren in the maya in a comfortable way. I felt like she was just lost in there when I tried it a few weeks ago, and that the rings were in the way. Well I put her in upright and pulled it tight around her shoulders, and as long as she's awake she has more than enough head control to stay there, and when she finally falls asleep she just kind of slides over toward my left arm and I can semi hold on to her and still get things done, and I was mostly comfortable. Woohoo, got to keep working on that one! I tried to slide her around to my back but HAHAHAHA that just wasn't a good idea.

Swaddle - Lauren hates having her hands in, but once we get her swaddled and dh puts her in a football hold and walks, she goes right to sleep and sleeps longer and more soundly, so some nights when I really need sleep we do that. Totally backfired on me yesterday though, she kept waking up once I got her to sleep.

Went to LLL last night, nobody came, it was at my friend's house, so it was her, some random girl, 2 leaders and me. Nice and quiet and small. They have a glider and OH it was so nice to sit in and rock. We have the adult equiv. of bouncy seats from IKEA and it's HARD WORK to get them bouncing enough to rock Lauren. I'm considering going to the *evil empire* (Wal-Mart) to get one, they are only $88, and although I dread the idea of shopping in the empire, it might be worth it.

And last night was by far the best night yet. She napped at the LLL meeting for almost 2 hrs. and then we went to bed at 11 but she was calm from napping, and nursed right to sleep, slept until 5. Aaah the 4 hrs I got in there were heaven. Actually she was still sleeping at 5 but wiggling all over and I was feeling a little busty bursting, so I changed her (she was dry!) and nursed her back to sleep. She's still sleeping, hopefully that'll last another hour so I can shower and eat.

And they are closing a mall near us this month, so everything is on sale. Not closing, but they are kicking everyone out, ripping it down, and building a BIG BOX only mall. There is a jacket I want at babygap (ugh, another monster) and I think if I get it in 12 mos. it'll be perfect for next fall.

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Elizabeth loves to be swaddled with her hands free. thats how she sleeps, swaddled up in a t-shirt.

Well I woke up sick in the middle of the night. i'd been feeling a bit off but I felt yuck when i woke up to pee. i felt even worse when i woke up this am i feel all achy and feverish. i took some tylenol and i feel a little bit better. I think Elizabeth may be getting it now though. Oh yeah, we've got thrush too

sweetpeasmom maybe you could try another type of carrier. Elizabeth doesn't care much for the sling, but loves the mei tai. She calms right down as soon as I start to pull the straps tight. She likes being upright.

Well baby is getting fussy.
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Hi Mamas! Ooooh, I did something TERRIBLE to my neck/shoulder last night or yesterday...could be the 2 hrs. I slung the little fella during the day or maybe just slept funny, but I'm all cockeyed this morning. ugh. I think it's time to call my doula and get her over here asap!

Ann - I think little shorts would be awesome if they'll fit him through the summer (he does have weeny skinny legs, but his waist is normal). If theyr'e smaller, like for 0-3mos, either way is fine. But how can you do this with all this other stuff going on!? Rhetorical, but I just don't get it. It makes me feel really lazy...

Sometimes I hear crying and there isn't any...am I going nuts!?

Lisa - GO FOR THE COAT! Sales at BG are so worth every penny. I stock up there when they have sales - nothing like getting what you want and NOT giving the evil conglomerate (as opposed to the empire) what they want! HA! Big fat raspberry! I am so with you on the sleeping thing.

Yesterday Ori had an AWESOME sleep day - napped really well and then slept 5hrs/4hrs/2hrs/3hrs through the night. Since he doesn't get changed and we don't do more than roll over to nurse, it's ok, but that 5 hr. stretch was so great - unfortunately it was from 5:30 - 10:30, but it was nice to have some QT with dd and dh and also get online and also finish laundry and also do some cleaning up around here. It's difficult with these babes to actually get anything really CLEAN!

Ori SEEMS to hate the swaddle, but he really sleeps a LOT better in it (or maybe I should say he falls asleep more quickly in it. I will try to raido white noise next. I've used the radio, but tuned in and turned low. I will try the white noise station, maybe that's better.

Ok, the Gypsymama site had directions for the mama-and-me poncho, and I have convinced a friend to help me with it (and darn is she EVER - I am SO stupid with this stuff). For someone in the know, it looks pretty simple. If you are clever with this kind of thing and have a moment, could you look at the site


and tell me how to 1) do something with the arms so the cold wind doesn't blow in underneath and FREEZE us both and 2) make the hoods? And is it possible to make a hood detachable for baby, so that if I wear facing front the hood can go on facing front and if I wear back I can turn it around??? Should I look at a cowl-ey thing? Ugh.

Also on the site they have directions for the ABC and I was thinkin gof doing something along that line with some of the silk. I think it's basically the same as a Kanga but maybe a little more comfortable to put on and keep on, but I'm not sure I can make the whole thing out of silk or not...any thoughts handy mamas?

Ok, Ori is sleeping and the kitchen is a horrible mess, so that's my attack plan today. Caio caio! Andy
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Oh bummer Az - I hope it goes quickly! My mom just had some evil flu thing...I am going right NOW and take Vit. C and ech. and plead with the gods and goddesses for no sickness for two more weeks (in-laws coming in exactly a week and we WANT to be healthy and play with them. They are flying in from Vancouver!). :

Feel better soon!!!
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