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Fish Oils for Aspergers/ADHD???

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Hi everyone, I am popping in w/a quick question...does anyone know about Fish Oil vitamins for children with special needs such as Aspergers/ADHD/Autism? I believe it is the Omega/DHA vitamins in particular. I saw some at Whole Foods and have heard they are good for children with certain disorders. I have a 3 1/2 year old son who is tentatively classified Aspergers, so I would like as much info on these before using them. Also, are there any negative side effects? Thanks so much in advance!
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my dd is speech delayed and the omega supplements are supposed to help with that too. i asked her pediatrician about it and she said it can't hurt. i started her recently on 800 mg daily of ProEfa Omega 3 supplements by Nordic Naturals. This was one combination that was used in a research study.
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I know lots of people who use them (including myself and DD although she isn't ADD or Asperger's). If you do a google search on ADD and Omega 3, you'll find a ton of information.

I use Carlson's - they are very concentrated and have a pleasant lemon flavor.

Good luck, I'm sure they will help.
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The only true research that I know of was done on using Omega 3s for the treatment of bipolar disorder and was found to be very effective. I know that it has also been used to treat depression in pregnant and nursing women as it is a natural food product. I agree that at least it can't hurt. I often recommend it to parents of kids with ADD or depression/anxiety. I believe that our society has something going on that is leading to neurological issues of which autism is certainly one disease on the rise. It is hard to balance all the people who want to sell you something that will "fix" your kid, herbs, supplements, diets, pills. I doubt that any one thing is going to "fix" a neurological disorder, but there are some things that seem to help brain development and Omega 3s seem like a pretty good bet.
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My family (myself, ds and dh) recently started taking EFA's just for the health benefits. Even if they don't help with your ds's ADHD they are really good for you anyway! A brand I found to be good is called Coromega. It comes in single dose packages and has been made into a pudding like consistentsy with a creamy orange flavor (no fish aftertaste). HTH!
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My teenager has ADD tendencies, although I am not about to label her ADD, she does have trouble focusing. She has been taking fish oil for a few weeks now and she has noticed a real improvement in her moods and focusing ability at school.

If you are going to try the fish oils, I highly recommend you combine it with High Vitamin Butter Oil, a substance that Weston A Price named Activator - X The butter oil is very expensive, but it has been shown to substantially enhance the benefits of cod liver oil. My younger two have been taking it in conjunction with their CLO, they are not special needs kids but I can't believe how glowing and healthy they look.

More on raw butter, although this isn't what you asked it does relate to the High Vitamin Butter oil. These testamonials are from Organic Pastures an organic raw dairy in CA. We only eat raw butter at home.

S. Lewis, Seattle, WA January 2003
"My nine-year old son Christopher is eating about four tablespoons a day of raw butter, and absolutely loves it. He's always craved fat, and he can't seem to get enough of it! His body is very lean and muscular, and his skin is smooth and incredibly healthy. Something I have noticed since he started eating raw butter is how much clearer and sharper he is. His heightened awareness of other people's needs and perspectives has improved his ability to interact successfully in challenging social situations. He is able to tolerate and digest food much better, and he views the raw butter as a treat, because he likes the taste so much. After eating a tablespoon of raw butter, he always says, "I LOVE RAW BUTTER!" Thank you for creating such a great tasting and healing product!"
Donna Gates, Georgia November 2002
"Raw dairy products, especially raw butter, are an important part of my body ecology diet for Autistic children. There are elements in raw organic butter that cannot be found anywhere else. It is so important to healing the leaky gut and rebuilding the inner ecosystem. The changes I am seeing in Autistic children after raw butter and the other cultured foods have been introduced to their diet are dramatic."
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Originally Posted by Willowrose
does anyone know about Fish Oil vitamins for children with special needs such as Aspergers/ADHD/Autism?
How overwhelmed do you want to be?

I have a child with Asperger's/ADHD, here is some info. I've come across during my research...

"The A.D.D. Nutrition Solution: A Drug-Free 30 Day Plan" by Marcia Zimmerman.
The author recommends (these doses are for a child):
Omega-3's such as:

Liquid form of Omega-3s: "Think EFA" by Spectrum (1/2 tsp. twice per day) http://www.spectrumorganics.com/index.php?id=61#j14

Nature's Way Attention Focus for Children (1st 12 weeks 4 capules twice per day, then 2 capsules twice per day). http://www.naturesway.com/products%5Fcatalog/

Coromega (one packet twice per day) http://www.coromega.com/index3.html

Tons of links about Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids:

Happy reading!
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We tried this with my son. We didn't notice any difference. But, the oils are very healthy in their own right, and we all take a supplement now.

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Thank you so much for all the wonderful information, mommas! I am eager to sit down and go through all of it. I did purchase some of the vitamins, as I don't think it would be anything but an additonal nutrient to his diet which might lend some help especially with speech delay.
Thank you again!
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