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Wow! I feel so behind some of you. No dresser, no room for a dresser (need to clean out the older kids room to make room!LOL! we have small home!) Lets see, no bed for baby (other than ours, I really want a side car!) I have 2 cloth diapers, 2 onsies, 2 caps, 2 shoes, 1 blanket. That is it!!!
But really, I am not worried. I will get it together by May, I am sure. I do have friends holding stuff for me. DH still needs to clean the garage & find the small amount of stuff I kept from the first round. I know the outfit she will wear when she makes her debut! Just have to find it!

I am 28 weeks today, I think. Baby girl is moving & groving & getting so much bigger. I am a bit stressed about my boobs though. I need growing boob vibes, ladies. I do not have much growth, not much veining (I am taking monthly pictures, so I know). I am working on my visulizations. I will start goats rue at 32 weeks. I need to get that ordered. Please pray, send vibes that my boobs grow milk trees!!!!!

I was stressing about my decision to homebirth, until I saw the view today. Yep, I have made the best decision to have this baby at home. I will not be violated in a hospital again! When I doubt myself, I will flash to that scene where the stirrups were pulled out! YIKES!

Really busy with the upcoming LLL conference, whoms committee I am on. Conference is 5/27-29, I am due 5/25, should be interesting. Actually, I would not mind delivering there. Perhaps, Fliess or Gordon or Sears could do the newborn exam! JK LOL! I am looking for a jewlery vendor for crunchy/earthy, Breastfeeding/doula/midwife jewelry. Anyone know of one??? Also may need like a natural organic soap/lotion/salts type person too. (Sorry if this is not appropriate here. Let me know I will remove it.)

I guess that is about it, except I am having major digestion issues. Anyone else? This is TMI, but I am anywhere from being constipated to diarreah in a matter of 24 hours. Seems my tummy gurgles all the time. I don't feel bad, just wierd. Does not matter what I eat, from Banannas to a sandwich. Go figure? Anyone else???

Have a great day ladies!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Debstmomy
I guess that is about it, except I am having major digestion issues. Anyone else? This is TMI, but I am anywhere from being constipated to diarreah in a matter of 24 hours. Seems my tummy gurgles all the time. I don't feel bad, just wierd. Does not matter what I eat, from Banannas to a sandwich. Go figure? Anyone else???
I seem to just have lots of stomach pains (gas I think) -- everything still comes out just fine () Everything is so squished in there.

You sound soooooo busy with the conference - rest when you need to but have a great time!
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I just have heart burn. I've never had it before but OMG this is nuts! I feel like a fir is eternally burning in my throat! :
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Hi Ladies!

Wow, it's already March?!?!?!

I can't believe how quickly the time is flying by. My mom came into town this past weekend and we hit all the baby resale shops in town. Well, not all of them because I got too tired and wanted to stop walking around... but most of them anyway. We got a whole bunch of cute little clothes. She also came armed with a brand new diaper bag filled with new clothes and blankets from some of her co-workers. It was so sweet, even though my mom is flying me down for a baby shower that she's throwing for me in April and they'll all be there. They told her they just wanted me to have something now since I didn't have anything at all yet. So I've got 2 drawers filled with clothes so far, and that's it. I'm really hoping to register on-line for cloth diapers and I hope that's what everyone buys me at my shower... we'll see.

I was really excited because DH actually enjoyed looking at baby stuff. Up until now, he always got so annoyed when I would look at baby stuff. When I mentioned my suprise that he wasn't complaining he said that it was time to start looking since it's getting so close and that before he just feltl like it was still too far away. Our friends just had a baby 2 weeks ago, and the daddy brought baby Eva in to visit DH at work the other day. He had her in a Maya Wrap sling and DH thought that the sling was so cool (woo hoo)!! He even went so far as to pick out the color he likes best. He said he would much prefer to sling the babe then push it in some chunky stroller. Wow, that shocked me, but no complaints on my end

Anyway, I've been feeling pretty good lately. I've been getting more and more tired. My ankles are always swollen, and I've been getting heart burn. But other than that, I'm just enjoying all the movements inside my womb.

11 weeks left...
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I can't decide about Hep B, though.
Mistyped.... meant GBS.
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Big OOPS! Sorry Mama Bee for not reading all the replies before I opened my big mouth!

Originally Posted by Mama Bee
I can't decide about Hep B, though. We'll see... still have a few weeks to decide.
I did with DD who was born at 32 weeks and I am convinced (after some of the reading I have done) that it is one of the reasons that she had such a hard time with her jaundice. Her bilirubin numbers got dangerously high and had to be under lights for almost 2 weeks.

The Hep B shot is not neccessary this early.... babies are NOT at risk The shot is metabolized in the liver... and a newborn liver already has a lot to do, why make it work harder than it has to?

Just my personal opinion of course
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Prepare??? Whats that??? We don't have a car seat, a crib, a dresser (for any of the kids), no clothes....in general nothing except diapers and blankets. I am not buying clothes for this baby yet since we have no clue what we are having yet. I don't plan on buying a crib for this one until later....a dresser or a nice changing table with storage would be nice though. I still have DSs bassinet that he never slept in in case i need it. I have a few newborn boy outfits and a couple newborn girl outfits ready and waiting....just enough to get through a few days.

I got my car "paid off" today. I traded my laptop for the payout on the car. So we can now go look to trade it in on a van that we need. There is no way to fit 3 car seats in my car. DH is wanting to get something very close to new. Which would mean more debt and a longer payoff. I want to get something a couple years newer than what we have and only owe $2000-$3000 on it. Really i just wish i could keep my car. I like my car. But...i seriously doubt we could come up with a good downpayment before the baby gets here. It is all a moot point right now anyway because i refuse to even go looking for another vehicle until we are doing a little better off and not struggling so bad. The car is totally in my name so he really has no say so in it at all. (if i want to be a stubborn mule about it)

I haven't been sleeping. I mean...not sleeping at all. For a while i was sleeping very sporadically. 2 or 3 hours here and there. The past few nights though have been a nightmare for me. I am VERY tired and sleepy and i go lay down. As soon as i lay down my mind starts reeling. Going 100 miles per hour. If i manage to drift off at all i go into this hyper dream state. I dream very hyper sped up exhausting dreams. I wake up out of breath. I toss and turn constantly. My heart races. I just can't sleep and get any rest.

I have also been having a good deal of depression. Anger issues, lack of motivation, totaly loss of appetite. I called my midwife the other day. We talked for over an hour...more like two friends than patient and midwife. She told me of the depression she has faced and listened to me so closely. I really FELT her listening to me. She is mailing me out some sample meds to see if they help me. I haven't got them yet...but she only mailed them Monday. I live over 4 hours away so it wasn't feesible for me to run over to her office and pick anything up. She said she felt horrible for not picking up on the little signs the last time she saw me. She said thinking back she should have noticed it. I my midwife. In a way i think it is good she didn't notice. If (and i didn't at the time)i didn't think i had a problem then i would just get defensive and not cooperate. It is best to let me figure things out on my own i guess.

Good news...The baby is doing great. Kicking and punching and generally making me miserable :LOL I am supposed to go see the midwife on March 7th but i am going to have to reschedule because DH won't be back in town yet then. We are working on getting him through the house for a couple days sometime around the 18th. That will be a month away from home for him. After this visit (at the midwife) we will be going every 2 weeks. I am thinking about asking her if we can just do one more one month visit and then go 2 weeks. I think she will agree to that considering how far i have to travel, our money situation and the fact that it is hard to get DH home so often. Not to mention so far this has been a text book picture perfect pregnancy. I would LOVE to go up to see her more often. I love going there. I think that is a very good thing. I am VERY comfortable at the birth center. I go in and it feels more like a close friends home than a clinic to me. I am always very relaxed there. I always end up sticking around for about 2-3 hours everytime i go...just chatting and sitting around.
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I also can't believe how time has flown this pregnancy. Perhaps its just chasing my 1 yr old around..who knows.

I'm doing pretty good. I've still been having BH Contractions..sometimes I have a lot, sometimes I don't. Today I've been feeling really Blah, but part of the reason I think is because its been really hot here at work.

I'm semi-prepared for this baby. A few weeks ago I went and bought some cute little girly outfits. My mom had bought some too. And I've gone through all of Elijah's old stuff and pulled all the outfits that are "okay" for a girl to wear...lots of onsies and such. I'm going to go to a "momswap" thing at a local church, and see what else I can dig up! (hopeful for maybe some gently used CD's...but not holding my breath). We don't have another dresser or anything. I think I'm going to clean out half of Elijah's and use half for him and half for Azalyah. And the crib...that has NEVER been slept in that currently houses the dozens of blankets we got for Elijah (apparently the "perfect" shower gift or something)...its being turned into a co-sleeper and moved into our bedroom, that way we have enough room for Elijah AND Azalyah.

Circ - Elijah's circ'ed. We have religious beliefs about it though...which was our basis, and was circ'ed by a Jewish Dr..(which can actually make a difference as far as the "pain" goes...not that it takes it away.)

The eye drops...what are they for?? I've been thinking about this a lot. I can't even remember if Elijah got them or not, but I've been wondering why they give them.

I've got to get my birthing center papers filled out. Then I'm all ready to go. I have to make it to 37 weeks before I can deliever there...so here's hoping she sticks in there long enough! lol. I'm excited about having a water birth this time...and really hope it doesn't make me sick again.

Who was it talking about sugar and PPD. I've never heard that....do you have a website or something I can read about it? I was shocked about my PPD last time. I knew it existed, but didn't realize how BAD it could be. Now that I hear about sugar..it kind of makes sense. I have a major sweet tooth!!

Sorry for the lack of personals. I was more than half done reading the posts before I realized that I should have been taking notes or something.
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Originally Posted by MomAnita4Jesus
The eye drops...what are they for?? I've been thinking about this a lot. I can't even remember if Elijah got them or not, but I've been wondering why they give them.
To prevent infections in babies whose moms have STDs. Some states/hospitals seem to be really insistent (based on other threads I've read here) on forcing people to have them even when the mom has been tested and has no STDs. Often times, you can waive them by signing a form or something. I don't know if my dd got them either. She was a premie and taken to the NICU right away. But, when I saw her an hour later and then later that night, her eyes looked fine so I think maybe they did not give them to her. I plan to do everything I can to skip them this time.

I also want to figure out how to delay the PKU until the one-week checkup. They had to redo my dd's test because they did it too early and premie's often have skewed results. It wouldn't have been so bad except that we had a completely inept lab tech at first and dd was screaming as he squeased her poor little foot. He never did get enough blood. So then a female tech came in who obviously had been a tech for a lot longer than the guy and she used a glass tube and got more than enough blood without so much as a peep out of dd.
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I was going through clothes last night since I have two boxes of them. I have so many onsies!!!!! I could fill a million drawers with them!

It kind of sucks though, I have so many cute clothes but they are for all seasons. I have a lot for the actualy season the baby will be born in but then I have things like an outfit 0-3 months but it's for winter! It's a baby's first chrsitmas dress thingy. Very cute but very bad season to wear it in!

Anyone else feel like their stomach is going to split down the side? I know I have ten more weeks to grow and my stomach can and probably will stretch more but right now my sides feel so tight I'm not sure there is room to grow!!
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I'm so glad i thought to come to this thread early in the month this time. Like a few others, i end up getting intimidated by the length of the monthly threads and not posting. Its so good to hear that ya'll are having a lot of the same thoughts/symptoms that i am. Sometimes i feel much more than 6.5 months pregnant.

I'm feeling pretty good except that i really don't like how big i am. I was a size 6 before my first pregnancy and now i feel like a blimp and know that i'm only gonna get bigger. I know this is petty but i hate that even some of my maternity clothes don't fit. I'm definetely gaining more weight than i hoped but i certainly haven't done much to avoid it. I have the wickedest sweet tooth and no willpower whatsoever. I eat ice cream and/or cookies almost every day and get fast food for breakfast once a week. I have been pretty good about walking whenever its not too cold. I can't wait til winter is over and I can go for more regular outside walks without freezing my face off. I'm proud of myself today for going on my exercise machine since its bitter cold outside. I keep forgetting i have it. I'm hoping that excercise will ease my sciatica in my right leg.

Anyone else feel hungry all the time? I feel like I can't eat enough. I think i'm a little hungry every night before bed and definetely have tummy growling by morning. The crappy thing is that food isn't that appealing most of the time (unless its chocolate or ice cream of course). I think i'm eating enough but am trying to eat more by eating lots of little snacks between meals.

Nesting has definetley started here. I took out all my baby things that i never got to use last year and set them up in the beautiful little changer/dresser that my mom bought for me. I already had everything i need for a newborn and probably for the first few months but i had to go shopping anyway. Dh and I went to Babies r us and bought 4 adorable little girl outfits. All our other clothes are gender neutral since we didn't know what we were having last time. I've got plenty of onesies, short and long sleeved and legged, some with feet, some without, plus some pants and booties and hats and 2 sweatshirts. I have 2 dz newborn size and 2 dz small cloth dipes and 8 different covers (fuzzi bunz, biobottoms, weebees, aristocrats) and more receiving blankets than i will ever need.

Dh has nesting syndrome too :LOL . Right now all the baby stuff is in the same room with the guest bed, the exercise machine and the study and we were gonna leave it that way but now dh is really anxious to have a real nursery and get the crip set up (not that we're gonna use it). He's fixing up the attic to move the two desks and the filing cabinet into so we'll have room for a crib and perhaps a glider that he wants to buy for me. I really wish there was room in my bedroom to sidecar the crib but it's definetely not gonna happen.

For those of you debating circ with dh - i know there are some very graphic and compelling videos out there that skeptical men might be willing to watch before they were willing to read anything. Dh isn't circ'd so its not an issue at all for us but i watched a video in a birthing class and all of the men were cringing and were totally sold by the end. SOrry i don't know the name of the video.

FInally, i'm still debating where to have my birth. Dh wants to go to the hospital but says he'll back whatever decision i make. I can't decide if i want to stay home or go to my midwife's house which is closer to a better hospital in case of emergency transfer. Hmmmm . . .

Wow, sorry for the book. Hope everyone is feeling good and taking care of themselves.

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yes - the intimidation by the length of the monthly threads is what had kept me away from posting. I'll stry to read and catch up this month, though, and post my own entry soon.
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Hi everyone,

Glad to see everyone is still here and doing well. The board had gotten mighty slow for a while.

I am 30.5 weeks. I feel fairly comfortable with my plan of MW and hospital birth. But something keeps drawing me to UC. The main thing that concerns me is it would be a UBAC. I think I will plan to labor at home as long as I can, and if I am still feeling drawn to UC I will get some basic supplies in the next few weeks. I guess one thing that is holding me back is I am just plain tired already of reading about birth and VBAC and all of that.

Baby is hanging out on my right side pretty much all the time. I thought he was head down the last few weeks, but sometimes I feel like he must be transverse. When I check the heartbeat it is always on the lower right side.

I have pretty much everything I need for the baby, but we have some major room organizing to do. Not planning a separate room for baby yet, but need to move some furniture and stuff to make room for a dresser and changing space. We also need to paint the bedrooms and I know it will never get done after the baby comes. Mainly this involves stuff that only DH can do, so I am waiting for him to make some time for it.

Whoever was talking about the crib. I felt like I had to have one, too with ds#1. Never used it at all. But now, I am glad we have one as we still have a family bed about half the time, and we are going to side car the crib for safety for the baby. With ds1 we put mattresses on the floor and shoved them up against the wall. But in the past year, we finally got a nice bedframe and it is just too big and heavy to move around and can't be against the wall.

I go from being so excited and want time to fly and baby to be here already, to wanting it to drag out. Ds is almost 3 and it has gone way too fast. I feel very protective of this last bit of time with just him. Too bad I am so freakin tired half the time that I don't do as much with him as I'd like! But I am trying very hard. I know the tiredness will only be worse after May, before it gets better.
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Wow, that was a lot to read through! I meant to jump in when the thread first started, but it got away from me.

Things are going well here. We don't have a car seat, but will get one soon. I'm feeling better about the baby's size. My sugars are kinda high in the mornings again. Hopefully I won't need to be put on insulin. I have tons of clothes from dd, I just need to go through them. Before I do that I want to organise the house a bit more. I am horribly unorganised. Poor, ds's room is also a storage room. But it needs to be cleaned out. I'm going to put the changing table in there. We just bought him a dresser and will put some of the baby's clothes in it and some on the changing table. Dd, also has a HUGE closet if we need any more room.

I'm hoping to move ds out of the crib (he only spends part of the night in it) into a toddler bed so I have the crib available for the baby. I would really like to co-sleep, but dh and I are not small people, ds sleeps with us everynight, and dd most nights. I have a cradle she can sleep in for quite awhile. I'm in such a quandry as to what to actually do though, so I haven't even tried. I'm just not sure if ds is ready for a big bed. He lays down in the crib fine, no fussing, nothing. I don't think he would do the same in a bed.

Depression. I have depression. I have been on zoloft for weeks. I was when pregnant with ds, too. I have like ppd, while pregnant. I don't know why. After ds was born I didn't have any more problems. I even quit my meds within the first few weeks and no problems. I hope to have the same result this time.

Hep B, I don't think we will do. I'm so uncertain about vaxing in general, but we do. Anyone have any good sites I can look at?

I don't want to be tested for GBS, but only because I'm afraid of the results. I had it with both dd and ds. I had to have anti-biotics while in labor. I know, not really a big deal, but if I don't have it, then no heplock, which would be nice. I talked to my midwife about it with ds and she feels it's important to treat. She used to be head nurse in a nursery and saw too many babies die from it before they knew what it was. I trust her. I just hate the heplock. I hate needles of any kind.

I saw the nutritionist yesterday. She wasn't happy because my midwife changed my diet a bit because my morning sugars were so high. She doesn't think I'm getting enough calories. And I lost 5 lbs in two weeks (although was weighed on 2 different scales) and she thinks that's proof I'm not eating enough. IT doens't matter that I'm eating healthier and exercising more. My midwife, on the other hand is exstatic that I've lost. When you're as overweight as I am it's ok to lose.

Ds is sick, not sure if it's a cold or allergies, but his eyes have been so nasty goopy lately. I'm worried about pink eye, but it doens't turn pink until the 4th day, today was the second so we have to wait a few more. I might go ahead and take him in tot he dr tomorrow since it's a friday. If it is pink eye I want to get it treated since it's so highly contagious. Maybe I should go research some natural remedies.

And dd has started peeing the bed all the time. I have her go pee right before nap time and 2-3 hours later she has peed. Same thing at night, only a bit longer. I don't get it. My friend thinks it's because we are having a baby, but I really don't agree. She is beyond excited and there is practically NO attention given to the accidents. We change her, cahnge the sheets, and that's it. I just don't know. Any advice?
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28 weeks along...

Jumping in late here. I feel like I am a lot more than 28 weeks! I am very uncomfortable. Anyone else having bad varicosities? I have them all over the back of my right leg and the right side of my vulva. I have to wear support hose, ugh.

I am also having heart palpitations and had to have a cardiologic workup yesterday. Have to have an u/s of my heart Mon. and wear a monitor for 4 weeks. Still dr. thinks it is not serious, this is all just to rule things out.

Baby is kicking and moving a lot. She is a girl and every bit as active as her brother was! Her name will be Helena Ann.

We have just about everything we need. I don't have DS' old carseat but a friend is loaning us her infant seat to use until we want to buy a bigger one or convertible. I have tons of cloth diapers and covers for infants. We have a load of 0-3 girl clothes that were given to us by a friend! It has everything from onesies to dresses to pjs to bibs. So I don't need to buy a thing for awhile. Of course she can wear some of DS' things that i have saved.

Her room is not ready yet. She will not be sleeping in it for some time, but I like to have a space prepared to have everything organized. Like Lizabethan, I like to have a crib...a safe place to set the baby down for a moment esp. while dressing or changing DS' diaper. And actually, DS began sleeping in his crib for long stretches at 6 weeks. Most unexpected as I plannned to cosleep. He did not sleep well with us probably due to his reflux but slept very well in his crib which we elevated. Go figure...anyway, I like to have one for various options.

My son has not transitioned out of his crib yet, so right now the crib is most decidedly unavailable anyway!

I have a ton of new nursing bras but have to get some pads. There are lots of things I still need to do....cook and freeze some meals, stock up on essentials, etc. but plenty of time for that later. Also want to buy some little gifts for DS so he can have them while I am at the hospital...

I am just hoping to get through to the end without any problems and that this heart thing is normal and won't affect my ability to have a normal childbirth. Trying not to worry about how DS will adapt....but mostly excited about a new little girl arriving in beautiful warm spring weather!

Good luck mamas and keep those posts coming!
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Wow!! We may have to change this to a weekly thread the way it is going now

I am excited because I am starting spring break. This will give a last chance opportunity to get things ready. I am going to have my BIL paint the back room where all the baby stuff is. DH despises painting and generally is very helpful to his brothers in other way when they need it, so painting for us is not such a big deal. Not to mention the room is very tiny so it won't take long. I have a changing table which was donated by a friend. My parents bought us a nice glider and ottoman and I just love sitting in it.

I want to get a sling but I do not know what is best to buy. I really want something that will not put too much strain on my back. Does anyone have any idea?
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Tish, as far as slings go, I have four. Or will have four. You have to try them out to see. I have a New Native, which I love, but which I don't think will be useful with a tiny newborn. I have a NOJO, which was my first sling and was adequate, but not until DS was 6 months old. I have a Mai Tei carrier, which is really for toddlers. And I'm having another ring sling made for me (like a Zolo) that is going to be gorgeous and should work right away as it will be able to be tightened completely around me and babe. I'd start with a ring sling of some sort, but one without padding so that you can tighten it completely around a newborn sitting upright on your chest. You may want to check out an Ultimate Baby Carrier of some sort (a wrap sling) to see if that would do it, they distribute the weight evenly, but then you have to learn how to use them, which can be complicated. Most folks around here seem to prefer the Maya Wrap, to be honest, which is a ring sling like I mentioned. Go check out the Babywearing forum.
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I'm a sling junkie. I just bought a gorgeous adjustable pouch sling from Wise Woman Slings because of course I need a new sling with a new baby! It is really lovely. Keep in mind that I've only used it with my 3 year old but these are the things I like about it:
1) because it's a pouch it has lots of room in it for DS. It is cold here so he pulls his arms inside the sling and snuggles in tight when we're outside or he just needs some snuggle time. My other sling (maya, which I also like a lot) doesn't seem to have eough room inside his little pocket when it is tight enough for me to be comfortable. With the WWS, I can get DS tight enough for me but he still has room to tuck-in if he wants (he wears CD, too, it has plenty of room for diaper butt!).
2) it's adjustable. I've never owned a pouch before but the thing I love about my Maya is that I can adjust the top rail and bottom rail independently to get a good fit in many positions. I can do this, too, with the WWS.
3) it's GORGEOUS! I picked the stretch twill in a blue paisley print and it is the prettiest sling I've seen in a long time.
The only draw-back I think I might have is that I'm a plus-sized Mama and the regular size may be a tad too small for me. I have to keep reminding myself that I am pregnant with pregnant boobs so the fit will be somewhat different PP but it's something to keep in mind if you're looking at it.
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Originally Posted by Debstmomy
Wow! I feel so behind some of you. No dresser, no room for a dresser (need to clean out the older kids room to make room!LOL! we have small home!) Lets see, no bed for baby (other than ours, I really want a side car!) know). I am working on my visulizations. I will start goats rue at 32 weeks. I need to get that ordered. Please pray, send vibes that my boobs grow milk trees!!!!!
Debstmommy! We have the same due date!!!

Glad you aren't feeling stressed about getting ready. I am kinda the same way. I have a bureau in our room that I am storing clothes in for myself. I just started cleaning it out this a.m. to use for the new baby. I was going to buy one but then I figured, most of the stuff needs to be goodwilled or given away to someone else anyway. Then I can sort through the baby girl clothes I've been given and store them there. Once DH gets his office stuff cleared out of the extra bedroom we'll get everything in there organized. I really need to get the infant diapers set up. I have a ton of them and there are great shelves in the closet that will work wonderfully.

I sat down to make a list of what to buy last night, and all I could come up with is a changing pad and cover for it! I have a used changing table (really a desk) that my dad found at a tag sale for nothing, and it's going to be perfect for a changing table. It 's a bit beat up but it's going to have a pad and cover on it anyway..and it has open shelves underneath and a big drawer!

The only thing we really need to buy are some things for our son so we can move things, like the big glider rocker to the baby's room and get him a big bean bag chair or something. Likewise we're going to try to transition him out of his crib next month so we'll buy a twin bed with guardrail and see how that goes.

Other than that it is just a matter of organiziation.

Good luck with the breast issue. Is it necessarily true that just because your breasts are not enlarging much it means there is any sort of problem? Maybe they are just made that way but will kick right into gear after delivery?

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Rainbowbird
Good luck with the breast issue. Is it necessarily true that just because your breasts are not enlarging much it means there is any sort of problem?
No! She's just being paranoid!!!
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