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i ended up with a stomach virus yesterday! i got to see k find a couple eggs, but then was out for most of the afternoon. she did love egg hunting, though. my parents hid plastic eggs all over their house and filled some of the them with cheerios or annie's natural whole wheat bunnies and k loved finding them, shaking them and eating her favorite snacks!
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Sounds like everyone had a good Easter. Not being Christian, we didn't really celebrate, but we did sacrifice a young pig (ham) to celebrate spring! :LOL

I took both kids into the doctor today for "well" kid visits only to find out that they both have ear infections! : Katie had a really rough night last night, and by the time we got to the doctor was sporting a 101 fever. She's napping on me now. Emily had seemed totally fine (other than some congestion). She was a little cranky this morning, but I wouldn't have even thought anything was wrong unless I had had her in. So, they're both on antibiotics.

Oh, and I have a couple of consultations on Friday and Saturday with midwives!!! It looks like I might find someone to do a HBAC for me after all! I've been turned away by a bunch of providers, though, because of that. It is such an unfriendly environment to have VBAC, even if it is a second one. : So, I hope one of these ladies makes a good fit with me.

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OH! I forgot to tell you! I was posting on the November 2005 due date club, and it looks like Gossamer is pregnant again and due on the 18th of November! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her that all goes well!

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tell gossamer congrats and that we said hello!
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Oh what wonderful news! I really really really pray that everything goes well for Gossamer! That poor woman has been through so much in the last couple of years! Super sticky baby vibes going out to her!

I would post my Easter weekend story, but it will take forever and is a total downer. If you are interested, you can read about it here And I left out the worst part - I'll have to remind myself to write about the 4 wheeling trip - it's a doozy of a story :

OK ladies, I want a promise - you have to keep the chatter to a minimum next week - I am leaving Friday afternoon (so we have to remember to start a new thread before I leave so I can subscribe) and will be gone until the 10th. Don't let me get too far behind, I'll never catch up!!! Like I tell the girls, it's almost quiet time - <--- that's about the same reaction I get from them :LOL

Off to attempt to get some sleep. Have a nice night everyone!
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i PM'd gossamer. hope she sails through this pg.

i checked out your easter story, sherri. sounds like you could have had a worse time i guess maybe if something caught on fire or something...

our easter visit was pretty good, but the car trip was miserable! dd1 got all upset on the way down 'cause she forgot a little plastic pink bunny she wanted and then dd2 was miserable on the way home 'cause she had been confined long enough and needed to be free and to poop! poor little thing was as miserable as i've ever seen her in the car. i squeezed btwn the carseats in the golf (a very tight fit) and that helped a little, but not much.

good luck with the midwives, bec! keep us posted on your pg. don't just go off an join up on the new nov board and forget about us...some of us need to live through you vicariously! :LOL
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i tried posting earlier and I guess MDC went down or something...

Sherri~your weekend sounded terrible! take your own advice and only go visit for the day from now on! Where are you going on Friday??? Not back to the IL's I hope!!!!!

and if anyone shops at walmart, grab a cart from the parking lot and then go in to the store...every person who brings in a cart from outside will get registered to win a $25 gift card!
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I finally wrote how our 4 wheeling trip went - it's almost comical to read it now, but I was SOOO mad at the time! If interested, you can read about it here

Friday we are leaving for AZ - going to visit my mom. I used to live there so I've got lots of friends/family we will be visiting. We haven't been there in a year so there's lots of catching up to do. I thought I was going to be able to meet some mdc mamas there at the diaper party, but my mom is having a family get together that day so it just isn't going to work out - too bad, I really wanted to meet them!

Other than being busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest - today hasn't been that bad. I'm still trying to get everything cleaned from our weekend, get clothes washed, house cleaned, etc. then I need to start packing. I have to make sure all my orders are shipped before I go - which reminds me, I need to make a note on the website that I'll be away {mental note to self, don't forget again!} I've got such a swiss cheese memory lately, it's rediculous! Seriously, I've got notes to myself all over this house!

mini monkey wants a boobooboo :
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Originally Posted by 3 Little Monkeys
I've got such a swiss cheese memory lately, it's rediculous! Seriously, I've got notes to myself all over this house!
you're not pg are you?

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I really wish I could say yes (shh, don't tell dh :LOL ) but sadly no, I'm just ditzy :
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just a quick note because jasper is napping on my lap at the moment... but the dear boy, who's rarely *ever* let me sleep a 4-hour stretch since he's been on the scene... slept a solid 6-hour stretch last night, and a 7-hour stretch the night before!!! the previous 2 night sucked the big left, uh, something -- but i'll forget about those and hope this is a new trend that's going to make for *much* easier nights going forward. i don't mind nursing him back down, but much prefer doing so only once or twice, rather than 5-6 times a night!

hopefully i didn't just jinx it!
::: lori
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yay Jasper! and yay mom!

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Ugh! I am soooooo jealous! But great for you, you need the extra sleep.

So I just told my parents that I'm pregnant. My mom's reaction was to give a big hug and ask me what was I thinking?! : I took a step away from her and told her to start over. When someone says that they are pregnant, the only correct reaction is...? She got it on the second try, but still : .

Well, at least it's over with. I hate announcing pregnancies.

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bec ... ugh. I really want to start trying this summer (I'm back to that mentality now {sigh}) but dh keeps looking at me like I've lost my mind. He's probably right. :L

Lori ... yay for you and yay for Jasper! I hope it keeps up!! And if it does, send those vibes our way (or to just about everyone else around here).

Christy ... I hadn't quite thought about the whole dh/MIL thing that way, but you make a lot of sense. She's just insecure in her own parenting and her own choices. It'll be a lot of fun driving her batty bfing ds until he's ready to wean, especially if that involves bfing while pg and/or tandem nursing.

Sherri ... ugh. What is it with the ILs? BTW, where are you going again?

We went to a farm yesterday to pick up our cow. We joined ranks with 3 other families and all purchased an almost-organic (not yet certified) steer. I now have about 230 lbs. of beef in my chest freezer. We'll be eating a lot of beef for the next few months. :LOL But it was cheap -- about $2.15/lb (and that includes everything from bones to ground beef to porterhouse steaks the size of Montana), and I like meeting the farmer and knowing where my meat comes from. Henry had a blast mooing at the cows and baaing at the sheep and lambs. My friend's older 3 ds's got to bottle feed some orphaned lambs, which was great. I also found out that they may be interested in selling some of the wool, so I have to talk to my SIL who is learning to spin to see if she wants some. It was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to doing it again in the fall.

Anyway ... nothing else new in our neck of the woods. It finally seems to be warming up a little, although it's muddy as heck so no outdoor play quite yet. Hopefully in a few weeks, though.

Have a great day everyone!
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bec~~well, If i could hug ya, I would! Seriously, It's awesome that you're PG, and I am so JEALOUS! hey, at least no one reacted like my dad did when I told him..."you're what?!" <silence> "I'm too young to be a grandpa! why are you doin this to me?!"

Amy~~wow that's awesome about the beef! I'd love to be around your house on the 4th of July!! ribs on the grill!!
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So much to respond to!!! Geeze! :LOL

We are talking about TTC this summer too. I'm eager to start NOW, but I know that we need to wait until this summer. I think the greater the age difference the better- I don't want to end his babyhood too soon.

Gotta go- the wild man was up until 11pm last night, and I had a breakfast meeting this morning. .

Have a good day!

More later when I have time to catch up.
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Amy~ I'm going to Arizona to visit my mommy I wish we lived near her, and not the IL's

guess what my darling husband has taught Jessica to do - every time I kiss her, she pulls back and squishes up her nose and says "eeewwww" then tosses her head back and laughs : Darn him!!! That's the same face she makes when she comes to tell me she has a dirty diaper - I don't want my kisses to be in the same league as dirty diapers! :LOL Now I need to teach her something to get back at him - way to use our daughter huh

I sure wish monkey girl would sleep! We've been up every few hours every night for months now! I am praying that once all these freakin molars and eye teeth come in, she'll start sleeping normally again.

Is anyone else, whose babe is not allergic to milk, not able to get the little imp to drink milk? I've been trying, but Jesi just will not take more than a sip. I was sort of hoping she would drink more cow milk and a little less mommy so maybe the nightwaking/nursing would deminish. I don't mind nursing but dang it, I need some sleep before I go

well, off to run my zillion errands - getting ready for vacation is a real pain, thankfully it's worth it.
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milk is one thing that jasper does drink. i wish he drank less of it -- it's giving me a bit of a complex, because before my supply went bust, he'd almost never have any when offered. now, it's nurse and then whine for his milkies in the bottle or have some wcm, and then nurse for just a minute or two afterwards. hmm.

we're actually wondering if he has a milk allergy -- he's been fighting the most awful diaper rashes and had several yeast infections the past few months since his milk consumption has picked up greatly... never had these problems before and we're a bit baffled because the dipes, wash routine, all that kind of stuff hasn't changed. i *hope* it's not a milk allergy, but mil finally saw fit to mention to dh last week on the phone "oh yeah, you and all your sisters couldn't tolerate milk till you were old enough to drink it out of a cup." you think maybe she could have mentioned this sooner -- like when i was pregnant the first time and we were asking about allergies in the family? it might have been a good idea for me to lay off the milk then, and certainly wait or try alternatives once jasper did start drinking it so much. argh, i'm just annoyed with her for dropping this on us at this late date. but anyway, not drinking it isn't a problem around here, if anything we're having the opposite problem right now.

my mil keeps harping on her suspicion that jasper is anemic (because he's not gaining weight). it is possible, given the high milk consumption (which can interfere with iron absorption) and his great love for meat when it's offered (maybe his body sense he needs it? dunno). his favorite foods aren't really big iron sources, either. but you've said your piece now let it rest and trust that we're looking into it and making sure our little guy is getting s'more iron-rich foods, jic. jeez. we don't need to hear about it every single time we talk on the phone. i can just imagine what it will be like when we visit. ugh, family!

oh bec, your mom pulled something like my mom did the first time. except it was about my weight... she got all "the doctor is going to ride you about your weight, you're going to have to lose weight, you want a healthy baby, blahblahblah." even before a hug or anything, if i recall correctly. talk about knocking wind outta sails... in retrospect i should have told her it was the worst possible time to go on a diet (and any doc who told me i should would be nuts) and heavier women tend to have big healthy babes anyway, so long as they're not living on *complete* junk (which i wasn't anymore, the extra weight was mostly due to having an apartment a block away from a yummy mexican restaurant several years earlier ). but at the time i was just so stunned by her reaction and stupidity in bringing up my weight like that. i know she was just concerned, but -duh- woman! :

oh gosh, come to think of it, this time she said something equally dumb. but after all the squealing and excitement, lucky for her, or i might have lost it. this time it was "was this planned?" bloody heck, she does have a way of ruining moments, doesn't she? i just about launched into a very snotty version of telling her everything in great detail (gee mom, we planned on having sex, we want babes close in age, we just thought it would take a few more months to actually hit the jackpot, so to speak). but i bit my tongue... she obviously is just dense when it comes to pregnancy announcements, she never made any of her own so i'll give her the benefit of the doubt (my brother and i are both adopted).

wow, it felt good to get that off my chest! gotta run, just found out i have a conference call in 15 minutes and i'm on the agenda to talk about several things. eeek!

::: lori
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well, we went to WIC today, and it wasnt good. we got on WIC, but they are all concerned about sage's height/weight, that she isnt drinking much cow milk, and her iron was low...(should be at 10, but was at 9.2). they almost made me stay there until they could find a ped to write us a prescipt for iron drops!!! I told them I didnt have time to sit there all day, and couldnt I just give her some iron-rich foods...the girl said no, its better that she gets the prescription!! She gave me a list of foods to eat anyway and is going to call me tomorrow to try and schedule something for us to get some iron drops from someone. we have to go back friday to see the nutritionist. This girl also said that flintstones vitamins would be fine, but would be too hard for her to chew... Um, I'm her mom, I know what she can and can't chew!!! idiot!

So DH did some research for me and found a bunch of stuff about iron and cow's milk, (which if she is iron-deficient, she needs to cut back on her milk anyway)...and we know sage is in a growth spurt right now b/c she grew 1/2 an inch in 15 days!! some of the stuff I read says that iron defficiency is NORMAL and common during a growth spurt...so I'm not sure if I should go along with this girl and fill the script and not use it, or tell her to bug off....I dont want a CPS call or anything, ykwim? Plus, the only playgroup in the area is at the WIC office, and we're going to go friday before the nutritionist appt.


sage's measurements were:
height= 27 and 3/4 inches tall (off the chart)
weight= 17 and 1/2 pounds (off the chart)
head circumference= 18 and 1/2 inches around (85th %ile)
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