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Sounds like we're all kinda getting hassled right now! At least we love each other

Christy - I'm sorry to hear about your WIC problems. Sage has always been a tall, lean girl, though, hasn't she?

Lori - We've gotten a bunch of "was this planned?" My mom asked that too this morning. She had a bunch of dooseys. I told her what my husband has been telling people, "I'm not going to answer that, and if you think about it for a moment, you will know why." And just let them ponder that for a while. Is it too much to ask for people around me to just be happy, without any reservations? Does it really matter if I was micromanaging every moment of conception, or if we just let things go? I mean, give me the credit after two kids to at least know when my body is fertile or not. And, hello? I'm 31 years old, with two kids. I'm obviously capable of taking responsibility for the decisions on what to do when my body is fertile! : I told her this evening that her reaction hurt my feelings and she apologized, but it's a little too late.

Sorry, I didn't mean to go on a big rant there, it's just been bugging me all day today!

I had a good day with Emily, though. Katie was away with Grandma and Poppy (Katie's word for Grandpa), so I had Emily all to myself. I took her to the chiropracter to get adjusted. She has an ear infection, and has been congested, so I wanted her to get looked at again (she was there last week). Apparently, it finally worked, because we came home, she took a long nap, and woke up a totally different kid! Yay, for chiropracters! :LOL

Oh, and I watched Napolean Dynamite tonight. It's really stupid on the surface, but afterwards, talking about it, it just got funnier and funnier! : I don't know what that says about my sense of humor, but it was totally worth the time and energy to see it.

We had a thunderstorm today, around sunset. It was 76 all day and beautiful, until it started raining. We had planned to BBQ, but were rained out. The silver lining here, was that we saw a gorgeous, full, double rainbow! It was amazing and was around for like 30 minutes!

Well, I've enough for now. I'm off to bed!

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yeah, sage has always been lean w/ a big noggin! :LOL DH is freaked out that they will call CPS or something. ugh.
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I am so envious of the expecting mommas! I would LOVE to be pregnant again! I shall live vicariously through you, if you don't mind.

Christy, can you just tell them you know of a good iron supliment at the health food store? Whether you get it or not is non of their concern... Iris tested a bit low at her 1 year appt., but the Dr. said it was fine to give her iron rich foods, or get her a suppliment at the HFS.
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well, she hasnt called yet, so i have no idea what's going on, or if they just plan to ambush me at the dietician appt tomorrow.

something interesting tho, is that sage had a very black, yucky poop today, consistent w/ having too much iron in her system, and she was ill lastnight, (101 fever), and I've read that sometimes when kids are sick, their iron will be low.

so i dunno . I definately will tell them that I got something for her already. I gave her 1/2 a flintstones vitamin this morning, and she ate some raisins and cream of wheat for b'fast. also a banana, which has iron in it. maybe i will have them test her again tomorrow to see what it is.
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Bec - sorry about the reactions you're getting. I've been there. With Carter my husband and I planned a big dinner and invited the whole family (both sides). I gave each grandparent a gift to open, with a baby "something " inside. My parents almost came unglued they were so excited. My il's stared stupidly at us for at least 15 min. and then changed the subject. This time I just casually mentioned when we were all together again (my parents already knew) and all she said was "I guess this was an accident"! The nerve. I said " no it wasn't and don't ever refer to baby like that again!" We had more words about this same topic a few weeks later. I think she gets the point now that I won't tolerate those comments.

Those of you having trouble with the babies sleeping through the night - I totally understand. However Carter has had 2 very good night in a row and this is ecoming more of the trend than not. We moved his dinner up so he eats his big meal about 3 hours before bed this made a huge difference. (as opposed to eating right before bed) We also found that he was having ear infections we didn't know about. (no visible drainage) and since we found out about them and have got them under control he is doing much better.
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OK everyone, I'm leaving here in about an hour but wanted to say goodbye first I'm going to start the April thread so I can subscribe before I leave - otherwise I may never find it, of course we all so much that I'm sure it would bump to the top so I could see it :LOL I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Wish me luck, driving 12 hours with 3 girls in the car - what was I thinking???
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