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That's all the shove I needed! Calling my RE right now for a beta! Trying to keep myself from going into running around screaming my head off mode!!
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: : : : :

Yippee!! Call and make that appt ASAP!!

And go ahead and run around! You deserve it!!
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My first beta is scheduled for tomorrow - another for Monday!!!

Thanks so much for all of your support ladies!! I hope I have some more good news tomorrow and Monday!!!
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cd 8

Ana & Waiting4
As Adina says, "Holy Crap" :LOL

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W4B, great news!!! Congrats!!!! and I think running around screaming is indeed the appropriate response

Korin, your's hasn't arrived yet, this was one ST made for her, also extremely cute but I didn't know it was coming so at first I was a little confused.

Velvet, yes, commands are taught in most KPT classes, they just aren't taught or enforced with any compulsion, everything is just for fun and socialization.
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Not sure if you remember me, but I was around for a while in the fall...

I need to delurk to say WOOHOOO!!! for W4B!!!! I'm super excited for you!!! I've been peaking in periodically hoping to see this news!


Grow Baby Grow!!!
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W4B: : : : : That is so exciting!!

Lots of : : for you!!!!

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I finally have enough to delurk and say Hi. It seems like everything has been crazy busy lately. Hopefully things are finally slowing down enough that I can hang around for a while.

W4B WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! that is super news.

I am so excited to see so many BFP's arround here, even though many of them are still tenative. I just wanted to spread lots of for everyone.

Well as for me Af finally found me. I am now on cd3. Aparently the vitex I have been taking for almost 6 months had started messing with my cycle. I didn't take it Tuseday night, and AF showed Wednesday. So last cycle was 40 days. I am interested to see how my next cycle goes. I now wonder if part of the reason I have been unsuccessful at getting pregnant is the vitex.
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w4b - Oh my gosh!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Please update as soon as you know something more. Isn't it amazing how one can be so excited and so terrified at the same time??

Ana - Congratulations! wishing you a one.

i tested again this am - same type of test - and it was darker, although still somewhat faint. 13 dpo. if i still haven't bled by Monday, i'll have a quant done. i'm so worried.... on my previous chemical preg, i started spotting/AF on 14 dpo. i want to be excited, but i'm trying to remain grounded b/c the disappoint of another chemical preg. would definitely test my sanity. thank you all for you sticky vibes and kind words.
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to everyone with those positives.
it is so uplifting seeing those positives

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Still here, still lurking.

L'Nayim & Ana! Congrats, girls! I'm SO excited for you! : : :

Might be with my husband next month. Keep your fingers crossed.
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W4B!!! HOLY CRAP IS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
I am so so very excited for you!!!!

Squeak! This one's a keeper, I know it!!!!!
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Thanks everyone!!! Dh and I can hear the collective breath-holding from everyone here on this thread - I'm hope, hope, hoping tomorrow's news (and Monday's news) are good!!! I really want to see a light at the end of the tunnel . . . it's been a long, long wait! Thank you for all your support Adina, Alexis, Velvet, Korin, Johanna, Mamaharsh, Squeaker, Iris, Ellie'smom, Tara, Shannon, Polka, Mimid . . . you are an AMAZING group of women!!!

Squeaker - Yes, happy and terrified at the same time is right!! I :LOL had a dental appointment today and had to tell them about the bfp so I wouldn't get x-rays. Everyone was so happy for me, so it was hard to be subdued . . . I had to remind everyone that we had been TTC for a long time and have had our share of disappointments, so we are being cautiously optimistic.

Mamaharsh - Yes, I remember you! You gave me great advice about progesterone testing and were very supportive when I was feeling especially frustrated. Thanks so much for the well-wishes!!!

Iris - Vitex messed with my cycles a bit too, so I stopped using it. I understand it works for some women, but it doesn't work for others. A 40 day cycle - ugh!! Sorry you are rebooting, but hope this cycle is more predictable.

Ana & Squeaker - Yay, yay, yay!!
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OMG w4B; that must have felt so good to SAY IT OUT LOUD at the dentists!!
I am having a hard time being cautiously optimistic for you, I want to run around screaming for you!
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Congratulations w4b and good luck with the appointments today and Monday!!
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w4b...YAY! Sending you lots of .

Please keep us posted with the results.

Today is cd2 for me. I was in denial about the spotting yesterday and today is full-blown . Looks like this was a chemical pregnancy . At least I know dh's swimmers are ok. I've got an appointment with my RE so we can figure out what's going on.

I'm going to eat lots of chocolate now.

Take care everyone.

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L'Naiym!!! I'm so so so so Happy for you!!! waiting for blood test results now!

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W4B, that rocks! I am so very excited for you! Sticky vibes for all our +++++++++s

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ana, sorry sweetie, happened to me fairly recently as well : Hopefully next cycle, right? Sorry

w4b, oh, I can't wait to hear more definite news
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We've been back from the lab for a few hours. I've been curled up in a sunny spot on the couch since then. The beta test turned out negative. The nurses at my RE's office didn't know what to think about the positive hpt - they thought maybe it was hcg left in my system from my shot over two weeks ago. But dh and I both saw it, and it's still on the test today.

I feel like I've been the victim of an awful, cruel trick. I was prepared for a negative hpt, but not a positive one. I'm feeling so hollow.
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