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baby noah is here

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Noah was born on Feb 19, 7 pounds, 8 oz. He looks like a little old man, just like his older ds did. He was born three weeks early as my pre-eclampsia started spiralling out of control. Birth was much harder with pitocin than with my first ds even though Noah was much smaller. He was born with considerable breathing difficulties and rushed to the NICU where we spent several tense days ruling out immature lungs and pneumothorax (hole in the lungs). Turned out to be a bad case of pneumonia so it was a week of antibiotics, the c-pac to help him breathe and a feeding tube among other machines. At our worst point they almost had to put him on a ventilator but he managed to avoid that. Late week he developed jaundice and needed to go under the lights which shook me pretty hard, after being able to hold him the day before to not be able to hold him was awful. He shook it in a few days though and we got to bring him home Sat. Big brother is in love, wants to kiss all his owies away.
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: Noah

So glad baby is home and getting strong and healthy!

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What an ordeal the two of you had to go through! So glad he's home now!!
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Congrats MTM!!
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I've been thinking about you and your family now and then, wondering how things were going since you disappeared last week.

Congratulations, and glad to hear that things are turning out well!!
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MTM.... I am so excited for you- I am so thankful we have technology to help little ones like Noah. What a blessing you have been given. I hope that you are able to really hold your little one and snuggle now that you are home!

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Blessings!! I am so happy that everything is working out. Enjoy cuddling with your sweet little one. I love his name.
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Congratulations! I'm so glad to hear that you've come through the dangerous phase!
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Phew! So glad you are both okay and recovering.

Sending prayers and good wishes for continued health your way.

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Yea!!! So glad to hear you and Noah are okay, mtm. We've been thinking about you a lot around here. Sounds a rough end, beginning, but you must be thrilled to be home with your sweet baby boy. Best wishes for relaxing and recovery!!!
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Congratulations. Glad to hear baby Noah is home with you.
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Congrats boy: So glad you finally get to enjoy Noah at home.
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