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Superstition? WDYT?

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Did I spell that right? Superstition? Well I am not a supersititous person IMO, but a little thing has been niggling at me and I know better by now to not dismiss those niggles!

When I was 16 or so, my mum went to a psychic and that woman told her that I would get married to a dark haired foreigner, a student, probably an American and move overseas. The same pyschic said I would have two children and that I wouldn't share with her because i'd be possessive of my children or something like that. It was weird. The same psychic said stuff about my brothers too which havent come true.

BUT I did marry an american and when I met him he was a highschool student in the last months of school. I did move here to the USA but im going home soon yay! I don't thhink i am any more possessive than any other mother and the only reason my mum didnt get to share in the joys of my child as a grandmother is because of the distance. But I'll be home soon!

I am pregnant with my second child and wondering if something bad will happen that will make me not have more children. I WANT more than two children and so does my DH.

: Am I just being silly? Of course I may decide i only want two children after caring for two but I view that as extremely unlikely and the only likely thing I can think of is something causes me to not be able to have more children!
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C'mon guys, what do you think? I'm considering asking my mum about this to see if she remembers and what she thinks.

I just hope this wondering I have over this is not a sign that I have hidden fears of something going wrong with this coming birth - something so horribly wrong that I can't have more children.

I am sure I dont have any fears of birth or this planned UC and I'm wondering if there are any that I am not aware of.
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Did she specifically say that you would *only* have two children? Or did she only mention two children?
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My personal experience has been that if you can not find a way to get past the fear, it will find a way to mnaifest...or more to the point, you will subconsciously manifest. I found "birthing From Within" to be an excellent starting point when evaluating, and reevaluating my fears about birth. You might try affirmations, or visualiztion, to help reprogram yourself, but you really need to see yourslef as having HAD a positive birth, and a positive outcome. Don't try to envision the process leading up to it. The key apparently, is to leave room for your body to GET you to that positive outcome- it will know what it needs to do, and it might not be what you expect.

I hope you have a fantastic, peaceful birth!
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I don't have any answers, but I figured I'd share my story. I had a psychic tell me once, when I was in a very bad place in my life and not even thinking of relationships, etc, that I would have 4 kids. 2 girls and 2 boys. He said that I'd be married and pregnant within the year. I told him he was crazy and there was no chance of any of that happening. I was done having kids (I already had 2 girls) and was not about to get into another relationship, no less get married and pregnant! Well, that was June. By August I was in another relationship, pregnant by the end of December, and married in March. I was going to have my tubes tied after that pregnancy but was talked out of it by my OBGYN. I had a boy, btw. 5 years later I had another ds. There we go, 2 boys and 2 girls. All of his predictions were correct. After my 4th I knew that I'd want at least 1 more and kept thinking "what if...". Well, here I am, 31 weeks pregnant with my 5th child, a boy. I have been having PTL and freaking out thinking "what if something happens??" I'm trying to ease my mind by saying to myself "even if something happens, I will always be a mom to 5. I will always say that I had 5 kids, 3 boys, 2 girls so he must have been wrong!"

So, I guess what I'm getting at is that if that psychic, who had gotten SO many things right with me, was wrong about the number of children I'd have, your mother's probably was too. And like someone told me (here I think) psychics can only predict what they see at the time and you are always in control of the final outcome.
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I agree with Wendi.. seems to me everything I've ever heard about any psychic thing was that what they said turned out to be right... but what they didn't say was totally up in the air. So if she said you'd have two children, good chance you will, but if she didn't say you'd have ONLY two children, or if she didn't say you would never have more children, (and frankly IMHO, even if she did say that...) I doubt there's anything to be worried about.

Add to that the psychic should have been more tuned in to your mother's concerns, which would have been swirling around her potential fears of not being as well connected with grandchildren as she wanted to be, and like you said, that's all about the physical distance you have now, not the emotional distance you have generally, everything the psychic said was also probably related to the two children you're having so far away, not the ones you'll hopefully be having back home!

Feel like I'm talking in circles. Anyway, throw some pg hormones into the mix (wait a minute, you are pg, aren't you? ) and a voice in your head murmuring about something you heard in your teens and BAM... you're wondering what it all means, and should you be concerned?

Anyway, I hope you have some peace now about it all!

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:LOL Thanks for helping me put things in perspective : )

I talked to my mum last night and she said she didn't like the lady very much! She was like "Oh her!" when I asked about it, and apparantly she is positive the woman said at least 4 children for me. I got the figure 2 because she said one of my brothers would have 2 children.

Btw I also gave birth in Australia with DD and Mum was there. I didn't leave Australia til DD was 8 months and I will be back before this baby is due in August... FOR GOOD! My mum is more connected to her granddaughter than DH's mother is and DH's mother has had more opportunity/time to see DD (but hasnt really). My DD loves my mother very much and they definitely have something there.

There is no way DH can drag me away again, it was a mistake for both of us to leave

Mum was puzzled. She said it was not like me to worry about a silly thing like this and she is right. I have no idea why this idea popped into my head and I think it may be due to doubts that I will be able to have an UC as simply and easily as I think I will.

I think that other people are factoring into this doubt as well because even if something happens that my instinct guides me to seek outside help - I would not see it as a failure but others would and therefore they would make it harder when I had the next UC/next child. The whole point of my desire to UC is to be FREE to follow my instincts and feelings of what is right.

I am confident for me, not so confident for other people. I think I am worried about other people just as I was for my first planned hb (with a m/w). Either I should tell no one I am in labour, or I should have more talks with the people that MIGHT be around when I am in labour (DH, Mum etc) and if they are not free of fear before the time comes, it will have to be just me for my own good ya know?
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Oh yeah! Another thing that makes sense too about the fear about "only being able to have 2 kids because a psychic said so" is basically a fear about something outside my control.

I'll have to think about that one too.
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Which is why I don't go to psychics!
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