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LOST -March 2 (last NEW eppisode till mid-April)

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Anyone exited for tonight's eppisode??

I bet it'll be a Hellova' Cliffhanger concidering that it'll be taking a 6 week break. Anyone speculating on tonights events??

It's "Hurley's" eppisode.
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I have my vcr primed and ready to tape...i cannot wait to hear hurleys story he is a big sweet teddybear...so they are taking a 6 week break...grr..must be nice.. well i guess this will free up wednesday nights for grocery shopping or the gym??LOL!! :LOL
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I can't wait!!

But the 6 weeks are going to kill me -- especially if tonight's episode ends with a cliffhanger.
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east coaster here..so I will not say to much,....but oh boy oh boy that was a good one!!! eheheheheh...btw on a side note..hurley looks much better with his hair pulled back....need some scrunchies on that island.. :LOL
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SIX WEEKS??!!!! WTF? Not okay with me...not okay at all. So they come back in mid-April and run until when? When is the season over?? I won't have a TV after May 15th!!! ACK! No fair.
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WOW! Lots of information in that episode. I say they are all connected w/ the numbers - not just Hurley. And did you catch that Hurley owned stock in a box company? Locke was a supervisor for a box company, remember?

Funny that Charlie thought Hurley was joking at the end. :LOL

Personally, I don't mind the reruns. I find that I miss a lot the first time around so it's good to get a chance to catch what I miss. I'm really hoping the network will release the first season on dvd this summer.
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very very interesting show.
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JJ leaves us hanging again. Very, very interesting.
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I vote it is aliens.

I can't believe I have to wait.....:
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Anxiously awaiting...
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What was the last image they showed......with the same numbers?? Was it plane fuselage???
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It was the Un-openable "Hatch" that Locke & Boone found. Ohhhhhhh..... The secret lies within'.............

Same numbers there on the hatch door. Yep.

couple things I do know.....

1.) EVERYONE somehow is connected.

2.) They are all supposed to be there, though different situations brought them, it was the same 'force'.

3.) They all seem to be 'getting something' from the island/force. (physicly/mentally/spiritually, ect.) that they needed to improve upon themselves.

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The image at the end of the show was that door or whatever it was in the ground that Boone and Locke were trying to open.

So, last night's episode made it pretty darn clear that everyone's "real" lives were not something that any of thm were REALLY looking forward to returning to. (Well, the regulars, at least.) They all have things they have to deal with before they can move on in their lives.
Here is my own little rundown, hope I am remembering right:
1)Jack- father just died, he probably feels it is his fault because he turned him in
2)Kate- robbed a bank and killed a man, just caught by a US marshall
3)Sawyer- killed a man he really didn't mean to because he was unintentionally doing someone else's bidding
4)Charley- heroin addict who has fallen from the public eye and has no money and no decent relationships
5)Claire- her relationship just ended, she's having a baby and can't decide if she wants to keep it, and some psychic is telling her she has to raise her kid no matter what
6)Boone- loves his scheming step-sister, has been used by her, and just slept w/ her, realizing he has been used once again
7)Jin- ashamed of his family, doing things for his FIL he doesn't want to do, lost touch with his relationship with his wife
8)Sun- lied to her husband, has lost touch with him
9)Sayiid- was responsible for the woman he loved being killed
10)Walt- does not want to keep moving, doesn't know the man he is going to be living with
11)Locke- doesn't want to return to his life of being paralyzed
12)Michael- he is the only one I have trouble fitting into this- he is FINALLY getting his son, which would seem to be a positive given the backstory. But, his son doesn't want to go with him. Michael trusts no one.
13) Shannon- a perpetual user of people, especially her brother, has only non-meaningful relationships.
14)Hurely- poor Hurley, the last one who seemed not to have some terrible haunting past. Was institutionalized, lived with his mother, then won the lottery using the cursed numbers. Everything in his life starts going down hill from there. He doesn't want to continue with things the way they were.

Did I forget any of the main characters?

Anyway, I LOVED last nights episode. I REALLY like the Hurley character. He seems to be the only one who really cares about the *happiness* of the other people. I thought it was great when her handed the guys the battery and said, "She says, 'Hey.'" :

I didn't catch the box company tie-in with Locke- I had forgotten that he worked for one, but I did wonder why the advisor made such a big deal about it. Should have figured it out then.

I can't tolerate waiting six weeks. And something like four more for Desparate Housewives- ABC is SO on my list.

And Ms. Doula, if you're out there- I looked for an eye close-up last night and didn't see one. What gives?
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yeah ok so... last night didnt open with an eye..... :

BUT that doesnt mean it isn't an important factor somewhere. :nana:

I think that those who's Episodes opened with an eye, are somehow chosen or 'marked' LOL :LOL

Maybe Hurley's 'safe'. :LOL
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13) Shannon- a perpetual user of people, especially her brother, has only non-meaningful relationships.
I think there is a lot more to know about Shannon. When they did Sun & Jin's story the first time it was more from Sun's perspective - the second time was from Jin's. When we saw Boone & Shannon's backstory it was more from Boone's perspective than Shannon's. I think they will - or at least they should do another backstory on these two but from Shannon's side. There has to be a reason why she's such a b*tch. She seems really pissed off at the world and I think it has more to do than just not getting her daddy's inheritance. This may be an easy guess but I think her daddy may have molested her.

Re: the cable coming out from the ocean - dh says that looks like a communication cable once used by the Russians. They would use it to communicate to one another w/o being heard by others (as opposed to radio waves) until the US accidentally stumbled upon one and tapped it. hee hee

Anyway, so it seems that whoever was transmitting the numbers was using that cable for communication as well. But to whom? Now I know there is a radio tower on the island that the numbers were being transmitted from and that's what Danielle's group responded to but WHAT was being communicated through the cable? You can't pick up communication from that cable w/o tapping it. And WHO was using it?

Also, you would think that when Hurley handed them the battery he would have said, "Oh and btw, there's a radio tower on the island. It's on the black rock." but he didn't. Hmmmm. Makes you wonder. I mean that's BIG NEWS! Why would Hurley be motivated to get off the island? He's not. He has nothing but a cursed life to return to. So do you think he'll let the others know about the radio tower?

I mean, eventually they have to make their way to the Black Rock because why else would the writers put it in the story?


Does anyone else lay awake on Weds night and wonder what's going on?
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Originally Posted by rainsmom
What was the last image they showed......with the same numbers?? Was it plane fuselage???
I thought it was the hatch that Locke and Boone had been trying to get open (that they somehow seem to have given up on?)
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Hey, Pukka

I think the "cable" is just for locating ones way around from deep in the jungle - to the beach & back. Yanno like a trail.
I dont think its a transmitter cable. Siiad would have known that if it was, since he's a communication expert.

But the radio tower.... now that was what was tranmitting the # message/signal.

Curious to see if/how/when Hurley mentions the tower & the 'Black Rock'. & more importantly, who's all willing to go check it out...

And when the hell is Claire havin that baby!!?? Im due now too... But I feel overdue! I wanna see my baby! But I wanna see claire's too!!

(Anyone else think that her baby was injected or tested on while she was gone for those 2 weeks?!?)

OK Im done obsessing on it all...... :LOL
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I enjoyed last nights episode.

I realize I must have missed an episode, because I never saw a back story on Boone and Shannon. I didn't realize they were stepsiblings.
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I haven't watched last night's episode yet, but I can't wait to!
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Whatever that cable is for, what does it lead to once it hits the ocean?

Hurley may have told them about the tower and rock on their walk back from the French lady.
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