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It's a Charlotte!

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After 32 hours of labor, Charlotte Fern came into the world at 8:04pm March 1st. Weighing a dainty 10 pounds and 21 inches long. :-D We had planned to name her Joselyn but took one look at her and she clearly is not a Joselyn. LOL She looks so perfectly like a Charlotte so Charlotte it is. Just got home and am beyond exhausted. I'm off to enjoy our precious little treasure.

God Bless!
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Hooray! Congratulations & Welcome Charlotte!!
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Congrats and welcome Charlotte! Dainty? :LOL
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Yeah!!! Our first March baby actually born in March!!! Congrats
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Wow! Congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing your dainty 10 lber!! Good job!!!!
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Congratulations! That's wonderful news...

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Congrats!!! Welcome Charlotte Fern!
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Congrats on your baby girl!!!!! Cant wait to hear her birth story!!!

DH says that is why we are not talking about name- kids just kinda pick their own name

ETA: DH just was reading over my shoulder and he said "whatever, you are talking!" :
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: Yea! Our first March baby AND our biggest. Way to go mama! I love the name. Enjoy your little girl.
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The first baby in March! Congratulations! : to Charlotte.

Charlotte is in the running for us too if we have a girl.
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Welcome, Charlotte! Congrats, Eva & family! I love her name. You must be exhausted! Can't wait to see pictures!

Feel free to post your birth story here when you find time.
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Congrats Mama!! Welcome "dainty" Charlotte :LOL
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Congratulations, and welcome baby Charlotte!! :
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Congratulations!! What a big girl (coming from a woman who tends to have small babies)! Sounds like there are some Charlotte's Web fans at your house - isn't Fern the name of Wilbur's savior (the first one?). :LOL

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{From another Charlotte's mama}
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Congratulations Eva and family.
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Congratulations on birthing that "dainty" little girl! I love how you describe how she is just a Charlotte. I love the idea of naming the little one after they arrive, allowing for them to help determine their name. We had and have our names picked out and it took a while for my ds to "fit" his name. He is more gentle than his name suggests.

Welcome to the world, Charlotte!
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: Charlotte!!

Way to go Mama!!!
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