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Large family poll

Poll Results: What is your main reason for having a large family?

  • 4% (3)
  • 71% (49)
    like the idea of having a large family
  • 2% (2)
    just not bothering with birth control
  • 11% (8)
    think it's better for the children to have many sibs
  • 4% (3)
    we can afford it so why not?
  • 5% (4)
    trying for that boy/girl we don't have yet
69 Total Votes  
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Going off the other thread, what is your main reason for having a large family?
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Well, so far we only have one, but we want to have many more.
The reason ... well, we just love children.
We have enough love to take care of many children. I can't imagine how I would feel if I knew that out baby would be our last. We would be devastated and would feel a great sense of loss. I would hate to think that I would never again have the anticipation and hope of pregnancy and the joy of giving birth.

There is something inside of me that "yearns" for another baby. Especially at LLL meetings, when I see all the mothers with their teeny , tiny newborns, and I just feel that "pang" for another babe.

I love being a mother, in a sense I feel that my being a mother is a fullfillment of my vocation. I think that women are biologically programmed to be mothers and to want more babies.

It always strikes me as funny when I am someplace and a women comes in with a new baby and someone invariable says "Don't get too close, you will start to want one yourself"

BTW, I grew up in a family with 5 kids, and I my aunt and uncle had 9 children (both families are a mixture of biological and adopted children) and I love getting together with both my family and my cousins.

I have a special bond with my siblings, they are the only ones after all who know what it was like to grow up the way we grew up and the only ones I could really talk to about how "weird" our parents were LOL.

Well, just my thoughts. Sorry so long.

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What do you consider to be a "large" family? I didn't answer because I am fairly sure you mean more than three, but many people I know consider anything over 1 or 2 to be insanely large!
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We want at least four, maybe more. Our reason, we love kids and two or three just doesn't sound like enough!!!
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When I say a large family, I mean at least 4 children, hopefully more like 6 or 7.

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I consider 3 or more a large family . . .

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3 & counting ... not yet "large," in my view ...

We love babies. Love kids. And since DH & I are older (I'm 40, he's 50) we've been-there-done-that with just about everything child-free people might do (and I do mean everything ) so this is where we're at in life.

Though I have to admit to feeling very mortal in the last year, and having these terrible fears of my children growing up without me, G-d forbid ... which makes me hesitant about having more ... hope this feeling goes away ...

- Amy
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i would like to have a "large" family. Meaning 3 kids....
I used to think that 2 was big. now I have 2 and think 4 is big. Perhaps when I have 3 I will think 5 is big lol
I would like to have one more because I feel our family is not complete yet. I really enjoy being a mom and cannot imagine not having small people in my life.
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We have three children and when I read the question on the small family poll, I realized we'd fit into the large family category. I wish we'd started earlier (I'm 40 and I found my last pregnancy hard) and then maybe we'd have had more. My husband would have preferred to have just 2 children, but he's away a lot with work, so when he comes home he is a bit overwhelmed by all the activity.
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We have five children, four here with us and one very loved spirit child. We would have loved to have had more. I have never thought of us as a "large" family. Large to me is 7-6.

I have never really thought of "why" before.

I just feel more and more blessings with each one. They are amazing people(18,15,13,9 our spirit child would be 11 now ) and I feel they will share the love we have shown them to the world.
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We want a large family because we believe this world needs all the wonderful, caring, compassionate and aware people it can get.

As Martha Sears once said "The world needs MY children!"

editted to add....
I think it's funny that 3 children is now considered a large family... to me large starts at 6+ children. I guess it's all in perspective isn't it?
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That is a beautiful quote from Martha Sears!!

That is just how I feel!
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I have always wanted a large family, and luckily my husband does too! We only have 3 now (6, 2, & 1), but I feel the same way serenetabby does. Our family is just not complete yet. Every once in a while I even get the feeling that there's someone missing when we're all in the same room!! Wierd, huh...
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Originally posted by naturemama
Our family is just not complete yet. Every once in a while I even get the feeling that there's someone missing when we're all in the same room!! Wierd, huh...
I've felt this !!! Once I called everyone to the table... all 3 girls & Dh were sitting there and I brought in supper and asked "Where's......" but of course had no name for the 4th child. Very freaky! I was sure someone was missing!
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since when is four a large family? I know you have to buy a few extra chairs for the table, but geez. We're planning on 4 and then if we decide there's another one missing, we'll have more. I don't think I want more than 6. To me that's starting to get large. I don't hit the wow factor untill you get close to 20 though. Now that would be a large family
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How neat to read the replies! I think we are starting late; dh is 32, I am 31 and dd is 15 mos, but I would like another two. Dh has only signed on for one more at this point, when I suggest a third he turns kind of pale and stutters. I don't know if he thought he would turn out to be the wonderful father he is, but now it seems to me a shame not to exploit that! I keep telling him we can't have the third if we don't have the second!

I love being a mom! It really is my dream job
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Being a Mom is very much my dream job, too. We have 5 now, ages 15, 13, 10, 8 and 2. I lost two babies, one before the 10 year old and one before the 2 year old. We've never really used birth control, for lots of different reasons and we still don't. When our (then) youngest turned 5 and I turned 40 we thought the baby days were over...and then I had a miscarriage (didn't know I was pg...should have, LOL) and we knew there was one more baby for us and sure enough a few months later we were pg again. We'd actually like another and I have a friend who swears that I'll be having change of life twins, she's been telling me that for 17 years. I rather hope she's right!
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I'm so happy to find all you kindred spirits here!!!

We have 7 children, one grandchild and one on the way. We always wanted a large family but thought that ment 4 or 5. After #5 we lost a child to miscarriage, and never took our fertility for granted after that. After #7 I had 2 miscarriages in a row. Both perfect little boys! I would still love to have another baby and dh is really hoping there will be another, but I think my childbearing years are behind me now.

I love our family. We still have 4 children under 18 at home, and our adult children and their spouses still spend a lot of time with us and each other. They really are wonderful people, and I can't imagine my world without them! I'm looking forward to all the grandchildren, whom I know will also be raised gently and with much love.

I want to encourage all of you to follow your hearts. The world needs more loving gentle people!

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I've always been of the mind that, when my husband and I are gone, our children will have each other!!! Also, I know the feeling you get when you see a beautiful newborn. I almost always get a little "leaky" around the eyes when I see one. Everytime I hold one, I think it's a wonderful treat! I'm so glad I popped into this thread b-cause we have four and I have been wanting more....How, though, to afford more? I know some who say God will provide. However, sometimes I feel as though I'd be doing my children a disservice if I didn't put them through college, like my parents did for me!!!:
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I always love to hear from others who have or want a larger/ish family. I think it's fantastic that many people want just 1 or 2, but I want many. I have 4 now, 3 that will be adopted soon and 1 who is a foster child. I very much want a 6-8 year old boy next. then perhaps more after that. I've had 6 babies (foster) in 3 years and am tired. No more babies for awhile!! With the whole assumption though that more children is too hard I'm having a hard time getting the child I want (the brother of 2 of my children). Everyone thinks that because they have a hard time with 1 or 2 that it's hard for everyone, sigh. I have no trouble at all handling all my children. I have 3 in diapers. I'm just very good at gentle, effective discipline. I can handle kids with all kinds of behaviors, etc. Today I had 6 kids, my 4, a friend's foster son (age 7) and my 5 year old's birth sister (age 13). It felt great. I had such a nice day playing out in the backyard practicing assembling our 10 person tent.

It makes me so frustrated to hear how people can't believe I can do it and think that I'm adopting all these kids just to be a martyr or something. I love a large family. We have so much fun. It's certainly a lot of work, but no matter what I was doing I'd be doing a lot of work. I don't like sitting around (except online after the kids are sleeping).

I wish I could convince people that I'm not doing this foster/adoption thing out of the goodness of my heart or because I have some savior complex, I just really, really enjoy the kids and have a talent with them.

On a side note, I'm drooling over that new 8 seat Toyota Sienna. It can fit so many people and stuff so comfortably! I'm going to start saving my money!
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