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Nursing Lamby

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My dd has started 'nursing' her lamby and sometimes wants me to give lamby a top off at the 'real milkie' (mine) and she watches intently to make sure I really put him up to my nipple. It's so cute. My dh told his mom about it and he said he could tell she was grossed out but he thought it was funny. Ha! I think it's adorable. Anybody else 'nursing' a stuffed animal or dc doing so?
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OMG!!! This is SO funny!!! :
I was coming here to post the EXACT smae thing...
my (almost) 26mo wants me to nurse her toys on almost a daily basis...
she's just brought me a Groovy Girl & said "a have a milkies, pwease!"
Then she watches to make sure that I've given the milk to the toy. Nice to see her wanting to share...tandem nursing would work for her!!! :LOL
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Yes, I have nursed far more toys in my time than I'd ever have dreamed possible. Sweet, isn't it?
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Yes, Claudia just started doing this with her babydolls. I've noticed that she has been feeding her baby with toy spoons and tucking them into their cradle. After I got done nursing her not too long ago, she hopped down and proceeded to walk around with baby at her breast for the next 5min.
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My favourite quote from "Mothering your nursing toddler" is "You're not a real woman til you've nursed a tricerotops"!
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Can I add DS's matchbox cars to the list? Talk about premium fuel!
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Before each daytime nursing session Fern brings me Doll, and I have to nurse her first, she will actually climb into my lap to nurse sometimes, then remember Doll and call/look for her, and refuse to nurse til Doll has had her sip If Doll isn't around, I have nursed teddies, a powerpuff girl :LOL , a ball ... all sorts of things. Here I am nursing dd and Doll
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Ds will occasionally hand me his doll and want me to nurse it. I'll bring it up to my chest, at which point he starts looking very worried and pushes it away. Then *he* wants to nurse. He just can't quite get comfortable with the idea of sharing his "sides," but he does feel like the doll should get to nurse, too. I give him credit for trying!

mom to Isaac 9/1/03
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Ok - just a few minutes ago my SIL who just found out she's pregnant and is already talking about formula : (the family is very anti-bf) - anyways she was over here visiting and my dd decided she wanted ME to nurse FROM her so she's lifting HER shirt right in front of sil to get me to latch (never done this before) and throws a tantrum because I can't figure out what she wanted at first. It was hilarious. SIL didn't really react at all - she's gone now. Now she's sitting on my lap and is trying to nurse a set of keys at my boob.

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DD has had me nurse her dolls for a while, but the other day was one of the best. She was spending the night with her grandma. My mom said DD was talking to her babydoll and asking her if she wanted to nurse. She told her doll that her one side was "empty" (what I tell her when I can't take it anymore) but she could nurse on the other side of her. My mom was dying laughing and she bottle-fed me.
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