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If you found out you were pregnant with multiples again...

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Would you cry or be happy?

I'm just curious (not pregnant!) Sometimes I wonder if it will happen to me again, and I don't know how I'll feel, now that I know some of the bad as well as the good.
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I would be so happy!!! Maybe then I'd get the identical girls I had prayed for initially... LOL
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I'd cry. For a really long time.

And when they were born I'd get my tubes tied.

Five kids under four would send me into the abyss of extreme depression.
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I'd be happy. However my pregnancy with my twins was horrible compared to my singletons. I'd prefer them to come one at a time from now on.

My 4 year old wants me to have triplets next time. She even has names picked out. :LOL
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Honestly, I'd cry. The twins are wonderful but so much work. I just can't imagine having two babies again and doing everything I need to do. I can hardly do that now. Oh, and ya, after their birth, tubes tied! (or at least dh would be getting a vas!).
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I've thought about this a lot. Mostly because I've toyed with the idea of having another baby & I think I'm really fertile. I couldn't assume I'd just have one baby if I got pregnant again.

I think I'd cry and be happy at the same time--just like I did the first time I found out I was having twins.

My twins were my first children, and I often think that if I had another set of twins (NOT triplets or more! I can't even think of that as a possibility!) that I could handle it. Although, we're going through a stage right now where they need me ALL the time and it's really rough. I'm so tired. I don't remember it being this hard since the newborn period. But overall, I think I could do it again. Twins only though.

It's a good thing I believe in birth control. :LOL
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Well, first of all I'd be really shocked!!!! Since my twins are mz & mz twins aren't hereditary, the odds of 2 sets of mz twins are extremely rare (& I don't have a family history of dz twins so no reason to suspect we'd have those either).

While I certainly wouldn't *choose* another set of twins, I think I'd feel calmer about it this time around than I was when I found out about the 1st set. I know how it's done, I know it's survivable, and in many ways I think it would be *easier* with older kids to help hand a toy to one baby while I'm feeding the other or whatever.
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I just had a dream I was pregnant with identical boys (I have a singleton girl and identical girls) and after I found out (in the dream) I was sobbing so hard I couldn't catch my breath to tell my husband.

In real life, I think I'd feel about the same. I just don't want to do all that again. It was soooo hard!

Holding my breath...
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Originally Posted by hotmamacita
Mamacita, are you praying yes to twins again, or no? lol
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I'd cry. When I found out I was expecting my youngest, about three hours after the shock of being pregnant started sinking in, it started to hit me that it could be twins again. I was extremely worried about that happening. Of course, there was just one of him but the previous 4 years flashed before my eyes and I couldn't imagine going through it again.
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I'd be happy. And I used to want to punch people in the face that said things like "Oh, I always wanted twins!!". But I would definitely put ds back in ps.

My twins are 28mo now, and they are easier as twins than they would be as a singleton most days.
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Well.... I AM pregnant with my 2nd set...

Both sets are b/g, both sets are completely spontaneous and both times I did not "realize" I was pg until about 6 weeks along. I had the "stomach flu" that just wouldn't go away???? :LOL :

I'll tell you that when I found out -- well, I took a pg test on a thurs night and Friday morning called my ob and INSISTED on an u/s. Thankfully I got one that day. But, I guess deep down I sort of "knew"??? kwim??? It was still a shock to see those two little black circles again though.

I couldn't speak about it through the weekend. I didn't cry... but I felt every emotion you possibly could. I was scared, angry, overwhelmed, thrilled, depressed and elated all at the same time.

My first set are 3 1/2 years old. They were born 7/14 and my due date is 7/12. Hows THAT for timing???

I would say it took me until at least 17 weeks along to not be feeling all of those emotions at the same time, every day, all day long. Oh, and the severe m/s and fatigue did nothing to put me in a better mood.

But, seeing them at my 20 week u/s and now that I'm feeling them kick every day, all day... I'm beginning to get excited you know??

We still don't know how we're going to "do it". But, we didn't the first time either and everything worked out perfectly. I have faith that it will this time too. So, in some respects, I stress LESS about things that are out of my control than I did last time.

One thing for sure: DH is getting fixed as soon as these babies are born. No questions asked. Last time I was pg, even after, people would say, "oh you've got a boy and a girl... you MUST be done, right?". Well, I knew I wasn't done... but I figured ONE baby next time, if I ever did get pg again. We weren't trying, but not preventing either... but I don't have regular periods at all. So, "charting" isn't an option for me.

Now, I know, without a doubt, that this is the last time I will ever be pg -- and I'm totally fine with it, lol.

mama to Emily and Nathan 7/14/01
edd 7/12/05 with b/g twins
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I would LOVE to have another set of twins. I am a fraternal twin, I had twins but lost one during my 2nd pregnancy, then had b/g twins with my 4th pregnancy, then conceived triplets with my 5th pregnancy but lost the identical twins and ended up with just my son. SO.....my dh and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have another set of twins or triplets some day, and with my personal history, the odds are in my favor to at least conceive multiples. I'd just really like to be able to carry both (or all) babies to delivery.
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OMG we went through this when TTC for dc#3 (4 weeks old ). I would have bawled my eyes out if he had been twins. Just being honest. But we finally figured what the hey, we'll only get what we're meant to have anyway and whether twins or singleton, we'll make it through, kwim?
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Another thing I just thought of is I think I would have handled it much better this past pregnany, having only known twins, than I would if I get pregnant again, having now experienced a normal singleton full term pregnancy and the unbelievable, incomparable EASE of mothering one baby compared to two. I think if dh and I decide to try for #4 at some point, I may have to use sonogram or something during O to make sure I only have one ripening follicle before TTC. One is just too blissful compared to two babies, it would be really really hard for me to have twins now.
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I'd do both - cry AND be happy. I often feel as though I'll get preg with twins again. I know chances are SUPPOSE to be slim as I had MZ twins. But after the surprise of my life finding out I was preg with 2...I am not ruling out anything!! I'll tell you that my dh is certainly scared! :LOL

I try not to worry about it too much as it's out of my hands anyway. I think 2 little twins boys this time around would be awesome. Then I think that I'm a few steps away from the looney bin as it is and what in the heck am I thinking. I think having only one more right now would make us coo coo. Although I've always wanted a big family. I think my family and friends are freaked out about it too. Not so much twins but just me having another baby. Having 3 babies within 1 1/2 years has made an impression. Anytime I'm about to tell a friend or family member something, they say "Oh my god are you pregnant again!".

I do want 4 kids though. So I go back and forth with the idea of getting pregnant again soon...or waiting till later. Do I want all 4 of my little ones close in age? Or do I want that 4th bambino to arrive a bit later when my others are at least out of diapers or older? Or what if I do decide to have the 4th one sooner rather than later and it ends up being the 4th AND THE 5th!!!!

Well not to worry now I suppose. Cycles haven't come back and we don't have ANY time for sex anyway! :LOL
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I'd cry - 5 kids just seems like too much My twins have been easier than my singleton was but I still don't want another set. I *really* want another baby but the thought of having another set of twins is stopping me cold. I would love to have 4 kids but not 5 and yeah, I'd like to experience having a singleton after a high needs colicky first born and then twins.
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I don't know how I'd feel. With my last two pregnancies I have been both relieved and disappointed that they were singletons.

Another baby at all is pretty much out of the question, 4 kids is dh's limit so he has had the snip.

But if it were to happen, I wouldn't mind a set of boys!
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I would cry and laugh, and then cry and laugh...
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