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I need a shoulder to cry on - HAPPY UPDATE (now with pics and birth story)

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Background - I am 40wks2days pregnant today.

I know "due dates" are only arbitrary "expiration dates" and should not be taken to seriously. Besides, only 2 days "late" is no biggy. I have tried going late with ALL my babies and my earliest was 1 week "late". However, the other times it was just a bit frustrating being pregnant 1 - 2 extra weeks - I was feeling great otherwise.

It is different this time. Specially since Saturdat, it has become just unbearable. In the "good" days it feels like I am having the worst menstrual cramps. On the bad days I have such bad labor and lower back pains that I am sure the baby is coming RIGHT THEN. But they are non-productive and labor never starts...

I really don't care so much about the date - all my kids were so alert, chubby and healthy that I am sure they got the best deal by staying in longer than expected.

Still, I don't know how to cope with this any longer. The constant pain, not being able to sleep, walk or do anything is more than I can bear. I can't imagine being able to do this for 2 - 3 more weeks.

I just needed a shoulder to cry on and some other moms to talk to.

Thanks for listening.

Please pray/send good vibes my way
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All my kids baked a couple of extra weeks.

I remember how frustrating it got at this point.

I don't suppose you really feel like going and telling your signifigant other to do his manly duty to help move things along?
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sending the vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dear Polihaupt baby,

Please come out so we can all meet you and you can start your wonderful life with your beautiful family.

See you soon,
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I can't empathize since I have never been pregnant, but big huggies I will think baby having vibes for you.
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I know how frustrating it is. Miss Lauren was 2 weeks a day late, and I was miserable. I'll be sending your lots of labor vibes. Hang in there!
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My last was 3 weeks late. My second was 2 weeks late and my first right on. Does this mean my 4th will be 4 weeks late

My fuse was so short that I had to have dh stay home the last 2 weeks to keep us all sane.

Polihaupt Your almost there. Eat lots of chocolate :LOL and dont answer the phone. And to your baby, come out come out so your family can meet you
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That sounds so hard!
I'm sorry if I've missed any other posts, but...
are you able to take it easy right now, and only worry about yourself?
Can you spend some quality time soaking in warm water?
How about some calcium, or tea made by boiling whole cloves?

Are you getting lots of help with the kids, and outside-world stuff?

DD and I are thinking of you.
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My first was two weeks late, and my second only a week. But I was as uncomfortable with him as you sound to be.

Are you opposed to trying to jumpstart this labor yourself? If not, try DTD. Orgasms and sperm can be really effective. But I swear by castor oil. My DS was born not 10 hours after downing my little "cocktail".
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Thinking open and out thoughts for you. ((((hugs))))
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s Come on out baby!!!! (quickly!)
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When I went late with dev, I spent those hellish weeks bouncing on a birthing ball while watching buffy on DVD.

When her colick would get bad, I'd pop on the soundtrack. She recognized the music from her time in utero.

It's ok to be pissy. Have a friend or relative watch the kids and take a long, warm soak.
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Come out little baby Polihaupt! Everyone is so anxious to SEE you!!!!

Oh gosh! Do I ever empathyze with you, and I never even went more than one day past my due date!! I can remember all that prelabor though, for weeks on end, and it is extremely exhausting and painful. My heart really goes out to you! The sacrifices we moms make!!!!

I wish I could send you a box of chocolate!!! I do send you empathy and prayers for a quick and SOON labor!
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I know how you feel! Neither of my kids were late but those last weeks were awful. My 2nd DS was born in July and it was 95+ that week and a/cs are not standard around here so it was miserable. I sat out on my front porch and cried I couldn't take it anymore. Hang in there momma, its almost over!
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See, you are in labor. All of that stuff is helping to get the baby out. You are going to get up to go potty one night, and the baby is going to fall out onto the floor. :LOL

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Have you talked to your midwife/OB/doula about this? Have you tried babyspinning, to get the beeb in a better position? Painful, non-productive back labor can be a sign that babe is posterior. BTDT, and yuck, didn't like it one bit, even though both of mine came at 39 weeks.
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sending you baby come quickly vibes
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Said a little prayer. Hope you have your new baby soon!
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you've got my shoulder. I've always been late with my babies...have a great labor, sending you vibes to help you find that mama strength
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