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I have a solution. Go online and find a concert or play that you'd really like to see in your area tomorrow night. Buy the most expensive seats they have left. You'll be in labor shortly before you'd have to leave to attend.

Come, join us, Baby Polihaupt! We're fun people, you will find lots of love here.
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I hope that the baby comes soon. Why not take two Tylenol PM and get some sleep. I had 4 days of prodromal labor before DS was born and my mw told me to take it. It took the edge off the contrax just enough so I could catch a few ZZZZs. Just try to rest and stay hydrated, your baby will be here soon.
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((hugs)) Your baby will be in your arms soon.
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I'm moving this to Birth and Beyond because I'll bet some mamas there will be able to give you tips to mentally cope with this.

I had prodromal labor endlessly for weeks and I know how frustrating it is to not know when the baby will finally come.
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Originally Posted by USAmma
I had prodromal labor endlessly for weeks and I know how frustrating it is to not know when the baby will finally come.
me too.

s to Polihaupt.

take heart! your body is working! after all i went through ~ i ended up only being in "real" labour 2.5 hrs. so ~ the more time your body spends getting ready, the easier the final stages will be!

things that helped me:
* warm baths
* walking
* gentle yoga
* sitting cross-legged & rocking back and forth slowly
* visualizing birth & picturing my littlest one
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Oh, I second the chocolate and Tylenol PM (or Unisom). Yes, yes, yes. Warm bath, some meds to help you sleep and nighty night.

Your baby is so wise! There are always good reasons why they don't come when we expect them to. Heck, isn't that what the biggest lesson of parenting is? That we are not in control?

Your little one has his/her own journey to go through. This is part of it.

Be open the love you're being sent. Have you thought about doing a bellymask? Getting a professional pedicure? A massage? A chiropractic adjustment?

You deserve to be surrounded with nurturing.
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Thank you all soooooo much I really needed this

I am happy to inform I feel like a new person right now.

DH has been wonderful and he has basically taken over of all my housework for me. He told me to stay in the bath, go straight to bed and not to get out while he cleaned the house and played with the kids :LOL

I had 2 long warm baths today, ate a bunch of chocolates and took a nice long nap in the afternoon!!! OMG - what a difference!! The lack of sleep must have really taken its toll on my body and mental health. After the long 3 hour nap (snuggled with my 23 month old) I am feeling MUCH better. I even dare say that the thought of 2 more weeks of pregnancy does not seem as scary and overwhelming as it did earlier today.

Having said that, I did have TONS of contractions and A LOT of intestinal discomfort and lower back pain since I wrote. However, being rested and in better spirits does make all the difference in the world and I have been able to cope through all the pain relatively easily actually.

The baby keeps turning around. He was with his butt on my left side, he turned posterior in the afternoon and now he has the butt on my right Come one baby - pick a spot already :LOL

I will make sure to get some "homework" done with DH later tonight to see if that helps things moving along

Oh, and I called the hairdresser and decided to get a haircut tomorrow (it's been over 1 years since my last cut) Maybe that will help too.

Thank you all so much for your positive thoughts. If they don't help getting the baby to come out, they have sure already have helped me get into better spirits

P.S. The idea about the show tickets made me laugh, but it is soooo true. I have heard stories of this happening to a couple of my friends actually. DH is going to be preaching this Sunday, and those 2 hours - from 11am to 1pm - is the only time I hope the baby does NOT decide to come. Still, I can't stop thinking that it would be funny if I went into real labor while DH was giving his sermon and he had to leave the altar in his robe and all :LOL
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I'm glad you got a decent nap!
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I can totally relate, my earliest was 13 days late. Don't be afraid to have a good cry. Thats actually what kicked my labor into gear with #5 at 15 days late. Wish I had given in and done it sooner.

Glad you had some sleep, some hot water and some chocolate.

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You are awesome and are going to do great.

What a super dear husband
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yes that is a pain. I woke up every day for a month wondering "will today be the day.. God let today be the day" My baby was two weeks and 1 day overdue and that was from my NFP calculation.

I went and walked in the swimming pool a lot and found that helped so much. Sometimes just the water supporting my belly made me feel so much better.
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You are doing a great job mama!!!
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Are you kidding me????


Come on! Is this a joke or what?

Tuesday I had my membranes stripped + was told I was 80% effaced.

Wednesday, I spent THE WHOLE day with stabbing pains, mentrual cramps and a feeling I had to go but couldn't. I chose not to get excited about these signs though.

Then after I came home from the supermarket, I began having contractions I could not time at around 7 pm and bloody mucous began coming out - BTW, I had never seen bloody show before but I know it was a sign things were moving along.

At 11:00 the contractions began coming with a vengance. The real thing - those you cannot smile or talk through and need to medidate while having them in order to bear the pain! I began timing them and they wre 10 minutes apart. A lot of bloody mucous still coming.

By 1:30 am they began coming 7 minutes apart and and stronger! I was so happy - looking forward to calling the MW when they began coming closer.

Well, by 3am they had become weaker and then STOPPED!!!!!!!!!! What in the world?????? I could not believe it! I just sat on my bed in absolute frustration and disappointment. The bloody stuff keeps coming, but no contractions at all.

Ok, I know I had began feeling positive about all of this, but not now! I am so sad and angry. I have prayed so much and really tried to keep positive, but after last night I feel like giving up...

Today I have to start going for NSTs and I am so afraid the hospital will purposefully find a problem just so they can induce me... It happened to my cousin. The baby was just napping and they said he was not responsive. Hello - why did they not tell her to eat something or used the little buzzer to wake the baby??

Having to be induced will be like running a long marathon just to have someone giving you a ride in the last mile. I was induced last time and was hoping so much to go on my own this time. I just can't have all those drugs injected in me again. My last baby was sleepy for a whole week - it was pretty scary actually.

I will go take a shower now.

Thanks for listening...
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I wish I had something helpful to say!

You're in my prayers.
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Hugs hun, I am so in your shoes, except my EDD is Sunday- but I have called my MWs 3 times telling them "it may be today- having some good pains " Then the danm pains stop. I feel like I will be pregnant forever! DH love to tease me that this baby will be born on DDs birthday MARCH 31st!!!! What the hell is he thinking? That is really really not funny..... And why do we have to get pains that we even go as far as to time and we are like- YEAH looks good! Then they just stop??? I hate this, with my DD I just started with mentural cramps and then went into labor, with this one these pains have been going on for a week.... I am giving up- the towle has been give back- I am never going to have this baby- my pelvis will feel like it split in two for the rest of my life and I am doomed to just sit pregnant. And then to top it off my grandma tells me yesterday how sorry she is that I have not had this baby- and then she says "you look so skiny, I have not seen you so skiny for years, like from high school"..... Aggghhhhhhhh.......... I am not suposted to look skiny- I should be a big fat whale! I feel like it!

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Your body is working, even if it doesn't seem like it in.
You will be holding your baby soon!
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That sounds so frustrating and worrying!!! Praying that you are in labor before you make it to the NST...
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Awww, big 's mama. Remember just a couple of weeks ago how worried you were about being induced early? Now you're near the end and have done a wonderful job of growing that baby. Good luck w/your NST's.

Baby Polihaupt: Now that you're nice and big and cooked, why don't you give your mama a break? Come on out easily, smoothly, quickly and meet your mama. She's a great lady and can't wait to see you. Your papa and siblings can't wait to meet you either and love on you. (Besides - all your MDC aunties want to see you in pictures!)
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Just wanted to send positive vibes. I'm still ten days before my EDD and I'm trying really hard to be a good sport, but I'm kind of cranky too. I was induced last time too and it was miserable so I know where you're coming from.

Kudos to your DH for taking over and giving you a break and hopefully things will move along in the labor department soon.
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