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Opinions on this name

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I am freak. I never thought I would post something like this just because... oh I don't know.

Anyhow, DD is Gwendolyn Marie S. and now we are having a boy.

Robert will be the middle name no matter what. Not using it as a first because I don't like the nicknames with it (Rob, Bob, Robbie, Bobbie..).

So, a friend was saying her friend had just named their kiddo Truman. LOL I like it! And I love the idea of Tru as a nick name. Tru and Gwen. Gwen and Tru.

Truman Robert S.....

Thoughts? Does it just totally suck? Do you think too much of Harry Truman? Is Tru a bad nick for a boy (thinking Tru short of Trudy, but I don't think Trudy is very popular these days...).

Emily - wondering if there is something horrible and obvious I am missing

PS We were SET on Ethan Robert S. until I found out is the number one freaking boy's name. Now, I just can't do it. I know the pain of Emily. LOL
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I like it!

And I think The Truman Show helped make the name more versatile, and not just a president's name.

And I think the two names work well together, too.
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I really like it, too! Cute! I do think a little of Harry Truman...but I don't think your son's friends will have that problem for a while! If you don't like Tru as a nickname, you could always call him by his initials.
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Love it!

I have heard of kids named Truth, so Tru as a nickname does not sound strange to me.
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I agre, it is cute. The older generations might think Harry Truman... but not the younger, baby having generation.

We might name this baby Archie if its a boy. My parents are horrified, because the only thing that comes to mind for them is Archie Bunker, a loudmouthed, sorta of abusive father figure on All In the Family back in the 70s.

I never watched it, and Archie makes me think of the popular redheaded guy from the comic strip who was constantly being fought over by Betty and Veronica.

So there ya go.
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I think it's a great name.
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I love it.Or at least i really like Tru.Those names sound cute together.

I had a friend named Archie growing up.I always loved his name!
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Oh, I like Archie! I refuse "a" first names since was have "s' for a last initial. LOL Archie for us would be "ars". LOL With DD I almost went with Anne and then realized her initials would be "gas".

Well, anyhow. I like VERY traditional names but not common. Gwendolyn was my maternal grandmother's name and I always wanted to name my daughter that. I took a lot of flack from people over it (inlaws HATED it) but never cared a bit since that was going to be it. For this baby I want Robert after my paternal grandfather. DH's beloved grandfather's name was Raymond Lamar and no matter how hard I try, I cannot find a way to work with that. LOL Especially since he went by Lamar.

I like Ethan because my name is Emily and DH is Nathan (E-Than) and because I think of it as a traditional name (Ethan Frome... that kinda thing) so I was more than shocked to see it so back in vogue.

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I love the name. I know what you mean though, about the popular names... My name is Jennifer, and I always had at least 3 Jennifer's in every class. DH and I have chosen Katelynn if we have a girl not realizing how popular it is. We were going to change it, but decided that we just like it too much. Dh is Jason so he had a really popular name growing up too, I guess we'll just be the popular name family...
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I like it, very nice
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I like it and the NN very much.

Tru is a great nn for either sex.

Trudy is SO not popular these days, no worries there. And, even if it were, i've never heard of a Trudy going by Tru.
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I really like both Truman and Tru!
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I like Truman, too. "True" was on our list for a while.

Can't say the same for Archie though -- I think it's too limiting (I assume you're not going to name him Archibald, and call him Archie for short!).
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I am so glad I am not the only one who likes this name. The more I think about it the more I love it. I wish I could say I thought of it, but it is blatent name theivery.....

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it's a great name. My son's name is Torin and so far he's the only one....Original names are the best. He'll always be remembered, like that kid named stony I went to high school with. Great name though!
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I agree ... it's a terrific name!
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I love it. I also know a little boy named Truan.
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love it!!

I totally really do love it! I think it is a great name in every aspect!! Good job thinking it up!
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I like Tru, it is on my list too But I dont know if I love Truman- it reminds me of some old man smoking a pipe- but then again that is just me- and who am I?? When we named our DD Rainey we got a ton of crap from family- now everyone loves it.... Names just grow on kids- so no matter what it will fit just right!

I like Troin and knew a Troin- but when I first heard it I thought of a torn piece of paper... But then I really started to love it...
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