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So I got in the shower....

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cause my back pressure was becoming back pain and I have been so curious lately a to what my cevix is doing (spurred by the many cervix questions/posts). Before I got pregnant I was trying the cervical position way of charting things but never got the hang of it. So I decided to check things out. (Possible TMI now) My quesiton is since I was able to fit (snugly) two fingers in the opening of it am I possibly starting to dilate? I know this early (30 weeks) and being my first baby this could on for weeks but does that mean things are starting?

Either way I'm excited. Never have I been able to do that before! Scared the hell out of me though! :LOL
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Two fingers snugly fit is almost 2 cm.
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Woo hoo!!! That is so awesome to know what that is like!!! I always wondered what that would be like and now I know. I'm excited to say the least!
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When I talked to my midwife about the same issue, she said that I had just a dimple in my cervix. It feels like I have dialated, but the cervix is still closed. She said it happens more to second time moms or more. But you shouldn't be actually dialating this early as it could be very bad for baby to come out any time soon. My MW said that if I felt like my BH were doing their job a little too effectively I should jsut take it easy.

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Yeah, what june'smom said. You shouldn't be dilating that much this early. Could it be that you were not really feeling what you thought, since you are not used to it?

I did cp for ttc charting last summer. A few weeks ago, I decided to check my cervix again--wanted to see if I could, that maybe I'd be able to during labor if I decided to stay home for most or all of it. But, it is so high and posterior that I couldn't reach it! I tried all kinds of different positions in the shower. I didn't try lying down. But I have "heard" people say on different birth lists I'm on that the only way some women can really feel their own cervix when their belly gets so big, is by lying down and bringing their knees back up toward their head.
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slightly crunchy - I tried to feel my cervix the other day and couldn't find it either! I was a tad confused at first, but then figured that I just need to not be messing with it.
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I doubt it means anything. I was told by a few people (but who is to say they are right) that early stuff like this is harmless if it doesn't progress. Once it starts progressing then you have a problem.

I'm pretty sure about what I felt. Only because when I was doing CP I was always so confused about it being high or low or soft or hard. There is no denying what it is now! :LOL Thanks for all the replies ladies!
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I couldn't find mine either! :LOL
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I can't reach mine either. it is too high!
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