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Pictures of Charlotte

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Here's our little cutie! Pictures

Thanks so much for all the congrats and well wishes!
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awwwwww. She's beautiful. What a happy looking family. Thanks for sharing.
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I love the pictures! The diapers are adorable as well.

(looks like I'm going past my due date - today)
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OMG!! What a cute chubby gal she is
Charlotte is a PERFECT name for her
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She is just too cute!!!

I love her dipes I am a total diaper geek- except I like my prefolds! But those are really cute dipes!
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She's beautiful! Definitely looks like a Charlotte And the dipes Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks so much for the pics... she's a beauty!

And I loved the snow family!!!
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What a sweet lil baby and happy looking family
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Awwwwww She's adorable! What a great looking,happy family

Many blessings!
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Gorgeous love the cheeks!
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She looks good enough to eat (don't worry, I'll stay away :LOL)! I love your family picture and your birthing snowpeople, too. Thanks for sharing them.
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She is beautiful!!!
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