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breastmilk flavor change

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well, over the past 36 hours or so my bm must have dramatically changed taste because ds is now crying and refusing to nurse after about 5 minutes. at this rate he is going to wean really quickly...

at about 4-5 months most people start to produce colostrum. maybe i am just a little ahead of that curve and he doesnt like the flavor. it is supposed to taste more like older toddler milk and he is just 16 months...

he just looks at me and shakes his head and wimpers. its quite sad.

edited to add i am 13 weeks pg.
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I am not quite 7 weeks, and my toddler has been telling me the milk tastes different. I hope your little one adjusts!
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i get this bizarre phenomenon that when I get pregnant, my toddler LOVES the change and suddenly increases their nursings as much as I will allow. This happened with Grace when I got pregnant with Lily, and it is happening with Lily while pregnant with this baby.

I will pray for you and for your nursling, send positive vibes your way, that this transition goes smoothly. Some would love to have this problem I have, but when your nips are sore and you really want your space, it is difficult to continually refuse your begging nursling "liddle ning, Mama? Tid bit?"
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My DD stopped nursing at 8 weeks. She started making faces while she was nursing, like it tasted really bad, then she just refused it all together. I guess it can change flavors really quickly.
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