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Hello, i am a sahm of 3 beautiful blessings...however born via c/s :
I am studying the following: 1-to become a birth and postpartum doula, and 2-to have my 4th child. I am not pregnant yet, but hopefully will be one day. I am so mad because I cannot find a mw in my area (VT) that will take on a VBA3C. they all are afraid to lose their licenses. Are there any other suggestions? how do i go about finding a mw that will let me do this? i want this so bad, i hope someone can help! I am also on an ICAN list too, and they are very helpful.I just want some more insight and collect as much info as I possibly can from everyone I can find. I dont know what else to do, i cant travel except for an hour or 2 away, (financial difficulties)and everyone i speak to says no they wont assist me. Any other suggestions besides an UB? thanks! :

Barbara, proud mama to 3 breastfed children :
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Have you thought about seeing if there's a doctor who would take you? I know you'd rather have a mw (me too!) but it's possible you might find a decent OB who would let you try for a VBAC in the hospital. Other than that and UC, I don't really know. Good luck though!
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VBA3C are totally possible. The key (IMO) is to know you are capable, find a supportive HCP, have your DH/DP on board and truly supportive... I would call EVERY MW around and ask them if they will accept you as a client... If they say no, ask for a referral to someone they think may take you on...

I remember rather fondly a woman on another email list who had her 4th baby at home after 3 c/s... I don't remember the reason for the first c/s but the 2nd was an ERCS, the 3rd a transfer after a HB attempt and her 4th was born gloriously at home in their hot tub! She was one of the inspirations for my own HBAC.
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Were all 3 babes born with the same doctor?
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Yes, they all were. Unfortunately LOL. But i shouldnt be mad---he was doing what he was trained to do--perform c/s's, not catch babies. He thought he was in the business of catching babies, but he is a surgeon too. I should have known better LOL. That doctor is now 4 hours away from me, and i wont go back. There are NO doctors in Bennington or Brattleboro(an hour away)that will either take me, or that I am willing to go to. I dont trust them anymore. I am working prenatally with a midwife so at least i have some support. Im not as worried as I was, but i am still reading and researching UR every single day. I am well equipped to handle UC so in the event that i have no one (well my husband and doulas will be there) i will be prepared on what to do. I am confident i can do this and i will I cry almost every night because i want this so badly. I envision numerous ways that i will give birth at home and i know ill be a bundle of tears and emotions, so i cry because I really really want to do this. From the bottom of myheart.
This is our last child, 4 is a perfect number for us
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What about finding an UNlicensed midwife? Surely there are some in VT...it may take some searching, though.
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I live on the VT/ NH line and I am going for a VBAC this time. Have you contacted Dartmouth? You would think they would be conservative, but they are doing this big study trying to show that VBACs are not dangerous. I know a couple people who had a VBAC after 2 sections there.
That being said, I am going to a smaller place up in Woodsville, NH that is about 15 minutes from Bradford, VT. Pretty far for you. Dartmouth isn't too far though. Check it out. I have a family physician who is super pro VBAC. he absolutley no qualms in doing them. None. I never thought I would go with a doc, I am a midwife type of girl. But.... there are some cool docs out there. When I met mine, I was floored. It was humbling for me, because I am an acupucnturist and sometimes I unfortunatley categorize MDs " bad" and holistic practitioners "good". This has all been a learning experiecne for me. Also, get a doula if you can. I got one who has been to many VBACs .
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Do you have any friends in Mass who would let you birth at their house? I recently had someone HBA2 or 3C at my place in North Central MA. No HB regs in MA, and some nicwe hotels.
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I have one friend in MA but she doesnt believe in natural childbirth LOL. i actually dont talk to her much and wouldnt feel comfortable. I am still researching lay midwives, but havent found any, or rather, any resources where i can find one. I do have a good midwife working with me prenatally now and doing meditations and hypobirthing things. I do have 2 doulas assisting me for my birth which is awesome Dartmouth wont take me on, they said not after 3 c/s. im still searching though! thanks!
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Wow i never posted this!

I dont know if ive ever posted this! I have had my HBA3C last November! SHeesh, its been almost a year and i dont think ive ever come here to finish my story! Here is my story. www.freewebs.com/doulajewla click on our homebirth story link on the left. This birth has changed me forever thanks for all the support well over a year ago lol!
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I thought that was you...was very surprised to see you asking about a VBA3C, when I knew you'd had one! The date definitely cleared things up!
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I am so happy for you! This is wonderful!
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You did it!!! Awesome!!!!!

It IS a life-changing experience for sure!
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I love your story! Reaffirms that I am doing the right thing having this baby at home after 2 cesareans!

Thanks for sharing!
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