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XPOST: Please Welcome Davy James! and a birth story ;)

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Davy James was born at home on Thursday, 3/3/05. He was 7lbs and 19.25 inches long. Here's my long birth story:

I woke up at 5:18am with contractions and just laid there hoping to see if they'd continue. At about 5:40ish I poked my head into dh's shower and told him he may want to skip work today. Contractions were regular at between 8 and 10 minutes apart. Anna woke up and I carried her to our room to catch a few more winks. Rick got cleaned and fed and handled Anna when she woke up for the day. I spent the morning in and out of the bathroom emptying my bowels and got a little giddy when I saw some bloody show. Off I went to the phone to call the midwives answering service. Susan returned my call and I was so excited because she was the midwife I originally talked with at the birth center and the one who I had gotten to know the best. She called me back to check on me after she was up, dressed, and fed and by then my contractions were 6 minutes apart. She hurried south and arrived before anyone else in one hour and twenty minutes. My birth assistant and doula arrived next. Once everyone was here I bundled up Anna and then Rick and I took her on a walk around our yard. It was freezing and windy outside. I had a few contractions and then Anna was cold and wanted to go inside. My doula went back out with me and we walked down the street and back. My labor really picked up. When we arrived back at the house it was almost 11am and my father was here to pick up Anna to take her to McDonalds and then to their house for the day. Anna was excited about a trip to McDonalds and grabbed her horsie and left willingly. Rick made lunch for the ladies - chicken soup and pizza for them, pregnancy tea and a bagel for me. My contractions were getting much more intense and we went upstairs a little bit after lunch. The afternoon progressed and I got pretty serious. By 3pm I really wanted to push and the midwife let me do what I felt. I had a little piece of cervix that was still hanging on, so she had me change sides. I was side-lying on the bed at this point. My bag of waters was still intact and it felt like someone was blowing up a balloon inside me with every contraction. I was so uncomfortable and wanted to push so bad. My pushing contractions started soon after and I finally felt my body begin pushing. I helped out and was relieved to have some purpose. Pushing took 20 minutes and at some point my water exploded over the bed and onto Rick. I heard the loud pop it made and immediately wanted to push out the baby. My pushing contractions were short and not very intense, so I decided to push more on my own since I couldn't seem to tell when they were fully over. That, and I was a little ambitious. Davy James arrived at 3:26pm on 3/3/05. He was not suctioned, came out red and kicking, and was placed on my belly. We had decided to clamp soon after for fear of a repeat of Anna's freaky jaundice. I tried to nurse, but he was not interested.

The next stage of labor was nothing I could have imagined. Anna's placenta came so soon after birth that I just assumed Davy's would too. Well, it didn't. It was born about 2.5 hours later after many many attempts to help it along. We waited patiently for a while and then the midwife had me squat on the floor while she gave me a shot of pitocin in the leg to bring on contractions. We also had Davy nursing and me using nipple stimulation on the other side. It was a busy 2.5 hours. The pitocin didn't bring on enough contractions to get rid of the placenta, so a shot of pitocin in the placenta cord was given. That didn't do much either. When the midwife left the room to call the birthcenter for more ideas I decided to squat and push. My pushing rid my bladder of a TON of pee. Tons of it... and good timing too because the midwife walked in the room with a catheter! Thankfully, I avoided that intervention. Susan felt around to see if the placenta was detached and pushed on my fundus. It seemed like it was still attached. More time passed and I was told to try sitting on the toilet. I hung out there a while and my birth assistant brought in some homeopathic pellets and some liquid drops that I took to help the placenta along. Once those were down they had me on the floor with my back against the toilet and feet against the wall. Susan sat between. I pushed and noticed something at my opening... unfortunately, it was my own vaginal wall pushing out. I was so swollen, which could be part of the reason nothing was coming out. My vitals and bleeding were great all along, barely any bleeding. Susan checked inside to see if the placenta had detached. It had. She was thrilled. I pushed hard and she was so excited as we delivered it. It was like pushing out another child. I was so excited to have it out. It had been hours. Davy was quiet with his dad. I was exhaused and had narrowly avoided the midwife have to do a manual retrieval or a hospital transfer. Everyone was relieved and she informed the birthcenter and the other midwives who she had consulted that it was OUT! My doula brought me some dinner and the midwife did some repairs to my perineum. Everyone left the house by 8:30pm that evening. Anna came home before the baby's first exam at 7:30pm with my parents. She crashed hard in her bed and slept all night. We were exhaused too, but my afterbirth pains were too intense to sleep. That's the story of Davy's birth - my first homebirth. I'm happy with the outcome and love that he was born in this bed.

Pictures at www.hallihan.us
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Happy birthday mama and baby!Wonderful story and my placenta's always take forever coming out and this time we tried Angelica tincture and it slid out 5 minutes after taking it.I will so remember it for next time!

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Congratulations! That is a great birth story! Being a first timer in all this I love to read the birth stories, Just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Enjoy that little boy! Your pictures are adorable.
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: Davy

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Congrats and welcome baby Davy
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: Davy!

It sounds like such a lovely birth! Sorry that placenta was so stubborn!

Thank you for sharing.
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Yeah! Happy Birthday Davy!

I wished I'd avoided a catheter. It was greta at the time, after getting up to pee every 15 minutes, but I still haven't recovered from it over a week later!
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Congratulations! And thank you for taking the time to write you story. Your babies are beautiful!
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Congratulations and welcome to your little one.
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Congratulations, mama!

I had a lot of bleeding and a manual removal of the placenta last time, so, well done to your body for controlling bleeding, and well done to your midwives for being so patient!
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Great story, thank you for sharing.

Welcome, little Davy!!

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