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unplug your "energy vampires"

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Anything that still has a light on when you unplug it (including things that have digital clocks--coffee makers, VCRs, etc.) are called "energy vampires" because they still use energy to power those lights. (Even my new toaster has a light that stays on when it is plugged in but not in use!)

According to the latest Mother Jones mag, energy vampires consume 5% of the nation's energy! (United States). So, unplug those suckers when they're not in use!
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Thanks for the headsup.
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It's also called Ghost Power and can make a decent impact on your electric bill.

We keep most of our ghost power on switched power bars. Off when not needed.

Oh and I think you meant "turned off" not "unplugged."
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There is a thread about this in the frugality subforum with some good links I found when researching this. Not only things that have lights do this- pretty much any plug that has a little black box that goes into the outlet, any plug that feels warm, and more do this. I certainly didn't know that tvs that turn on with remote are never really off. If you want more info, check out the best energy saving tips in frugality.
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That's funny...we call them Phantom Loads...we are off the grid and have a battery based electrical system so some of our switches in the house turn off the wall plugs too. This way we do not lose power because of tiny LED lights on all of the small appliances and TV stuff. We got the idea from a Home Power magazine.
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chickie--OTG &
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I think she did mean unplugged.

I own alot of things that are still lit even when they are "off".
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I meant turned off but not unplugged. But for some reason I'm having difficulty with the "edit" function so I can't change my original post right now. Interesting that other things sap power, too, beyond the ones with the lights.
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Interesting topic!

So if you unplug something like a VCR, then you'd have to reset the clock each time right? That is the only clock in our living room.

I'm trying to figure out if there are things I could unplug without too much trouble every day, vs those that would be too much of a hassle.
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