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Well, I'm 14 weeks now and just went to my second midwife appointment. I weighed 223 on their scale (my scale at home says 218! :LOL ). So I gained 8-9 pounds since becoming pregnant. I suppose that isn't too bad at all. I haven't gone on the treadmill this week but it's sitting here in the living room and if I hop on it for 30 minutes as soon as dh gets home I know I'll just feel so much better.
I also have a prenatal yoga dvd on the way and hope it arrives soon. More than anything I want to limber up and get in touch with my body more to prepare myself for labor.
One thing I've noticed about this pregnancy is even though I weigh more at the moment than I did with pregnancy #1 at this stage, I have heeps more energy. I'm just eating much healthier food --- a lot more organic food, grass-fed beef and raw dairy products, more variety of fruits and veggies, and just more variety of healthy foods in general. Hope everyone is feeling good so far.
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I am so tickled to have found this thread!!!!
Thank you for starting it.

I have struggled with weight my entire life.
Without the long story of my up and down weight issues....

My first child I was 230 when I gave birth. My second I was 235 when I gave birth and my third I was almost 240.
I am currently ttc #4 and I currently weight about 200.
Am I overjoyed with my weight????...nope. However it is the reality of who I am. I have to watch every thing that goes into my mouth. I exercise regularly.
What else is a big girl to do....I refuse to "diet" anymore....I just want to be healthy.

I have NEVER lost weight with breastfeeding. Truly the only way I have ever really lost huge amounts of weight is to workout 5-6 times a week for over an hour each day.

With that said...I have been a very healthy pregnant mama with each baby. No complications, etc....
Natural births.....speaking of....being on all fours is way more comfortable than squating for us bigger mama's....I loved pushing out my babies in this position. Also a birthing stool works great for us mama's....

Hope to join you real soon with a positive HPT....

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Hi! I had a really good day today Well, it started out bad, I couldn't find anything to wear this morning. I've gained about 10lbs., but it feels more like 20lbs.!! My boobs have grown two cup sizes bigger and my hips have grown a little so nothing fits comfortably. I got 1 pair of maternity pants that I love, other then that I've been wearing yoga pants all the time. I like to wear long skirts a lot, but since most my tops are too snug I don't have much to wear with them. It was making me sad, so I went shopping!!!

I went to Motherhood, in the mall, and some of there XL stuff fits me. I went to several other stores, but there Maternity "sections" were like 10 items. Then I went to Ross and although their selection wasn't big I found some cute stuff that fit perfect (room to grow)! I don't know if they have Ross in other places, but you should check them out if they do!! I spent under $100 and got a pair of jeans, a cute skirt and 4 pairs of undies (from Motherhood) and also 3 tops (from Ross). I feel much happier when I have clothes that fit!!! Also, My parents are taking me and my husband on a cruise next month and I need some stuff to wear!! Sorry, I'm rambling, but I have a lot of energy today, yay!!! Ok, I'm off to do laundry and cook dinner!!! Hope you mamas all have a good night!

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