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Has anyone seen a doctor or midwife yet?

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I don't plan on seeing a doctor until I'm much further along, like 8 weeks or so. We're in the process of moving to the Seattle area and buying a home so I don't think I'll have time to look for a new practitioner for several weeks. I'd probably worry about that a lot more if this was my first pg, but I'm feeling more relaxed this time around.

What's everyone else doing?
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even 8 wks sounds early to me!!!! but maybe thats just bc im a midwifery student. . . . .i didnt start seeing a mw until 14 weeks or so. i would probably do the same thing this time around.
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I have health problems so I've seen a doc a couple of times already. And I'll go again next week before travelling.
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I will see the MW at 8 weeks. My appt is March 30th I think. I also have a few health problems (weird because I've never been MORE healthy) but I have Crohn's Disease (in remission) I also have a hx of preeclampsia, strep B and herpes (thank you DH! being a "good" girl didn't pay off for me! ) So, I'll be closely monitored.

I also realized that I probably am feeling so good this pregnancy because I am not working, even part time, out of the house. When I was pregnant with Jonathan, I was working full time as a nurse in the evenings, and running a household with 3 little ones during the day. No wonder I was sick. I'm not working now and am not facing needing to at this point, so I'm much more at peace. Hopefully, that peace will carry over to my health!!
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I saw a doctor for my blood work to show positive and am just waiting for my insurance referall. I am in no hurry to go to a doctor. I am pushing to see a midwife and not an OBGYN this time around. I think I may wait until 10 weeks or so, when I can hear the heartbeat.
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We're going to go tour the birthing center this week and see if we like it, but I don't think we'll actually see anyone there until around 10 weeks. Partially because I don't think they see people before then, and partially because I've got to find a way to get insurance straightened out so that it's covered first. That gives me six weeks to work it out, and I'm still expecting we'll have to self-pay for our first visit.
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I plan to wait a while--10 weeks sounds good. I don't feel in a rush to have the pg 'confirmed'--I know I am, and I take care of me, so that's enough for right now.
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I'm have an appointment to see the midwive on March 24th (at 7 and a half weeks). Just because that's when they had an opening. My husband was in to see our family doctor last week and we told her I was pregnant, so we wouldn't be finishing my "infertility" work-up :LOL

Like Feathere- I know I'm pregnant and I take good care of myself, so it doesn't really matter to me when I see someone for the first time- other than developing a relationship, etc. which there is still lots of time for.
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i have an ultrasound planned for next weds. the dr. was worried about the cramps i was having, they are gone now. she wants to make sure i didn't miscarry...although she was very vauge. thankfully, i will have an ob and because my primary dr. does not deliver, b/c i think she is making me more nervous than i need to be. anyway, first visit with the ob will be april 1
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I don't have an appointment until the 25th, but I've spoken to the Dr's office twice today!

Once to call and schedule the appointment, and then again later in the afternoon because I started running a fever around 100 and I couldn't get it to go down. The doctor's office was great, actually, I left a message, and one of the doctors called me at home about 15 minutes later. She said to take some tylenol, drink lots of fluids, and go to bed - so that's what I'm doing. I just took my temp again and it's 99.6, so I'm feeling a lot less anxious!

In hindsight, I probably could have figured the tylenol thing out for myself, but I was really afraid to take any medicine without checking with someone. I'd already tried a tepid shower, light clothing, and cold milkshakes, but it had been about 4 hours and none of those approaches was working.
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Haven't seen or talked to a MW yet. I'm actually toying with the idea of doing a UC but we'll see how things work out. We will be here in SC until May or June so I don't see a reason to see anyone until we move up and settle in Philly. I picked up a holistic guide last time we were up there so I am going to look for a doula and try to make some connections before we actually move. Other than that as long as I feel good, I'll (well actually my husband) be doing my own prenatals: urine tests, fundus measuring, etc, etc. We don't believe ultrasound is a proven safe technology so we won't be hearing a heartbeat until what is it 19 or 20 weeks? I totally believe in letting my body do what it needs to with as little interference as possible. And in order to ensure that my body doesn't have interference I WILL be seeing a chiropractor regularly through my pregnancy. It really makes a difference.
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Well, I wasn't planning on going til about 10wks, but my OBs office os BUSY, so I called to make an appt. for the 10th week. They want me in tomorrow for blood tests to confirm the pg :. They're "a little troubled" that my lmp was in Nov. and that I'm bfing and getting a BFP : Whatever. As I was making the appt., the nurse got on the phone to tell me that the dr. wants me to wean : . I let her know I have NO intention of weaning, I've familiarized w/ the possible risks, have read Adventures in Tandem Nursing, have researched bfing during pg, . She didn't sound happy, all well, .
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I saw mine today! Actually, I'm interviewing still, but I think we will go with her based on what others recommend and her supportiveness of my goals. I am hoping for a homebirth, and I had lots of complications last time (preterm labor, preeclampsia, GBS, you name it I had it) so I want to be more proactive this time. She normally doesn't see people until 10 weeks though. I was glad she met with me and gave me a handout about nutrition ...
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I haven't been in yet. I am still working on getting insurance things cared for so I can get in. I am pretty sure who I will be seeing if she has an opening. There is a good midwife that is not far from us how delivers at a hospital near us that has just opened a great new women's wing. After all the problems with dd and a loss the only way dh would be ok with a midwife is at a hospital with a ob backup. Then again I am not sure there are even any birth centers in Louisiana
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i havn't yet.

i'd really like to have the same midwife that i did at my son's birth. she was only doing prenatal care for me for the last two months because i moved at 8 months. i didnt particularily like the midwives i started out with but right from the beginning with suzie i loved her. she did all home visits and was amazing and wonderful. at elwynns birth she was pretty much hands off unless i needed her. i felt totally respected in everything that i needed and wanted and i had the perfect home birth. so needles to say i want her again. right now im not living in the city where she practices, but im moving there april 1st so ill wait till then to contact her
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Wow. We visited the Birthing Center and just *Loved* it... It's the perfect comprimise for us, since I'm not crunchy enough to be comfortable with a home birth (plus, I want a waterbirth and we living in rental housing owned by a man who is fanatical about his carpets...) but the only hospital I have access to is positively primeaval about how they view birth -- they still take all babies away to the nursery immediately after birth as a part of their standard of care!

Anyway, I was really suprized that both the Birthing Center and the people at my HMO who they want me to see as backup, just in case, both want to see me before 7 weeks! I only half even believe that I'm pregnant yet, and I already have all these doctor's appointments! Honestly, I kind of wish that I could wait until 10 weeks or so to give it some time to sink in...
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I've seen my dr. twice and I'm only 4.5 weeks. :LOL I am having a series of beta's done to make sure my levels are doubling like they should. (I've had 4 m/c's) And, then I have a u/s in 2 weeks. I hope to see a heartbeat then.
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I was going to wait because I thought the HB MW wouldnt want to see me soon, but she says she likes to do the first prenatal early. That's fine, I am excited about planning a HB this time, after a typical hospital/OB delivery last time. The MW said she likes to schedule 2 hours! for the first visit. That's already a far cry from the "pee in a cup, step on the scale, see you next month" feel of last time. So I will be calling her and seeing what I can set up in the next couple of weeks.

I am also trying to decide whether or not to get "dual" care - basically go to a hospital MW/OB practice as well as the HB MW. The insurance will pay for the OB office, so my tests, etc would be covered. But I just dont know what tests I will want. Oh well, I figure I have time for that one. If I go, it will probably be around 10-12 weeks.
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I went to see a nurse for my intake yesterday and to confirm my pregnancy because no matter how many bfp i got i still didn't believe it..lol..on Monday i'm going to go for my check up
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I saw my OB at 5 weeks with this one, which was nice since I had moved since my dd. With #1, I had a midwife, and didn't see her untill 12 week, and that was a little nerve-wracking for me. I wanted someone to tell me not to do all the things I was reading that I wasn't supposed to do, if that makes any sense. Any way, I'm alot less worried this time, but still nice to know the ob and nurse that I will talk to on the phone alot in the next 6 weeks or so...
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