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How many different types of carriers do you have?

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and how many of each kind?
Just nosey

I have:
2 ring slings, one padded one unpadded
1 pouch
1 rebozo( OK actually it is a regular ole shawl that I tie like a traditional rebozo)
2 wraps but I only really use one of them

and am ordering a Mei Tai this week

Sooo what's in your your closet???
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:LOL I always laugh when I see how big my list is getting
4 pouches (ordering one more)
2 ring slings
2 podegis
3 wraps (stretchy, guaze, strap) Haven't used these yet
4 Mei tais (2 more on the way )
1 mei hip carrier

Plan to get:
solarveil sling or mei tai

I have found that we are starting to go from mostly using pouches to the mei tais a little more now that he's 4 mos old. Would guess I'll be using the podegis more soon too. I'm surprised at how much we switch carriers depending on what we're doing and the weather-it's great to have so many options now!
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Well I am a relative newbie to this whole baby wearing thing since I am sling impaired and that is all I had when Rhys was little...but I think my collection is starting to look pretty nice LOL!

1 Maya Pouch (still hate it LOL but its a large so no one wants it...ah well)
1 Ergo (we still use this for Rhys when we go hiking and he won't walk anymore!)
1 Kozy Carrier (the red/green/cream stripe pattern)
1 Moby Wrap (love it!)
1 Ellaroo Wrap (love it!)
1 Asian Style Baby Carrier that I made...very pretty put I messed up a bit on the measurements

and of course the standard awful Snuggle Bag that I really should send to another home because I hate it...of course we got it free so at least I didn't spend my money on it

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(2) ring slings- I use this most often, keep one in the car for when I forget to bring my usual
Ergo backpack
Hug-a-bub (Like the ultimate baby wrap)
New native
Just sold my padded ring sling, sally's ride and I do have a baby bijorn that I used very early on...

And the handful of SPOC carriers that I have made based on my fav site- mamatoto.org

I am a sling addict and would buy so many more...going to check out the mei tais and podegis based on previous posts!

Luckily- my mother made my fav ring sling and since I am expecting another babe- she will make me more!!!
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Streetkitty, Yeah my wraps are SPOC too

Your lists are making me drool :LOL
Oh and I did order my mei tai
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My collection is forever changing as I add, trade and sell, but here is what I currently have:

5 Ring slings, (1 padded closed tail,1 unpadded closed tail, 3 open tails (1 batik rayon, 1 flannel, 1 twill))
2 pouches: one twill, one flannel
Gauze wrap
moby wrap
Sachi Mei Tai
Kozy (plus one on order!)
Mei Hip

My next will be a Didymos! I'm savin' up!
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Oh my, a topic close to my heart

we have....

4 ring slings ~ a maya (my favorite ring sling), an ellaroo, a solarveil & a heart to heart
4 pouches ~ 1 KKAFP, 2 homemade fleece, 1 homemade cotton
1 moby (maybe my favorite...)
1 ergo ( LOVE it too, especially for hikes & when I was pregnant for carrying my toddler gal)

I lust over the beautiful, embroidered mei tais. They are gorgeous. I think I'll be making myself a ABC next!
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Wow, I have carrier envy... My meagre collection doesn't even come close to measuring up.

Then again, this is my first child and she's only 6 months. Give me time!
I have:
a Sling-Ezee (padded ring sling, similar to OTSBH)
a Maya Adjustable Pouch
a Koala Kids carrier (Mei Tai style)
and a frame backpack carrier

I am currently salivating over the Celtic fabrics on the Freehand carriers, and I'd love a Kozy. But how many ABC's can one woman own, I ask you?
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I have:

- Maya wrap sling (gift from a friend but I'm giving it back in 6 mos when her new babe comes)

- Maya pouch (currently loaned out to another friend)

- gauze wrap from Purple Penguin

- wrap made by an artist/sewing mama friend - I love this one

- Lovewrap podaegi

- ABC made by same mama friend who made my wrap

Dd's father has:

- pouch made by Patchy Dragon

- Babytrekker
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I have"
-Maya Wrap ring sling, very well-used and loved when my babies were babies
-Hotslings blue paisley stretch twill pouch with leg roll--love it for hip carrying my wisp of a two-year-old
-blue paisley/natural Kozy, love it for back carries (what's with me and blue paisley?)
-embroidered tan microsuede w/ black EBMT, also love it for back carries
-a whole bunch of new stretchy pouches
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I have...:

-solarveil ring sling
-Nojo ring sling (ick)
-Moby Wrap
-Simply Attached Wrap (ick)
-Maya Pouch love it so much I *swoon* just thinking of it
-mei tai
-Bjorn...It is around here somewhere :LOL I haven't used it in a year though

still looking at a couple more too "Hello, my name is Tiffany, and I am a sling addict"
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A ring sling
A Mom and Me Creations pouch
An ABC, direct from Chinatown
A fleece pouch

I really want a Wise Woman Sling. I love my Mom and Me, and nothing else I have tried compares IMO. I use it every day, and I simply do not bother buying another. Although I will get a WW Sling very soon
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Originally Posted by llyra
I am currently salivating over the Celtic fabrics on the Freehand carriers,
Thats what I just ordered, can't wait

Lawschoolmum, yeah we should really have support group around here, cause I sure am gettin the fever :LOL
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Originally Posted by meco

I really want a Wise Woman Sling. I love my Mom and Me, and nothing else I have tried compares IMO. I use it every day, and I simply do not bother buying another. Although I will get a WW Sling very soon
That's how I feel about my Hotslings-can't imagine anything being quite so perfect for me...but I have to admit I've been using my Wise Woman sling more and more these days-actually have it on right now :LOL
I like it better for the Kangoroo carry since there's more room and since DS is 4 mos he likes looking around more. It's a really nice sling and the workwomanship id excellent-you can't resist...

And the Freehands are awesome-I have the Celtic flower print mei tai and I'm just waiting to order an onbuhimo one of these days when DS is a little bigger.

Yes, it is an addiction...
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I have

2 Freehand Mei Tais

2 Cocoon Pouches

1 Kangaroo Korner Solarveil Ring Sling

1 padded OTSBH type of *thing*

1 Wise Woman Sling

1 WAHM made rebozo type wrap.
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Here's what I have:

several Hotslings
Sachi MT
Kolamo MT
2 Kozys
1 Silk/Velveteen Kozy
2 Ergos
Maya Sling
Old School Tan Cord Snugli
Baby Bjorn
Zolo cotton toile sling
Zolo solarveil sling
Boopa Rappa pouch
SlingSet Stretchy Pouch tester

I'm really wanting a MnM PIP, but I'm waiting for a color that calls out to me.

I'm editing this because I just bought a Sunshine MnM PiP pouch.

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I've really trimmed down my stash lately.

I know have 2 Kozys, 2 Zolo slings, a Maya sling, and an Ergo.
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Wow you guys, I am sitting over here just totallly green with envy
Maybe when I tell Dh about my next purchase, I can claim peer pressure
hmm now lets see, how about another sling, or make myself another wrap

Milk4wo, you have such a lovely family!
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I have MANY unpadded ring slings, a padded ring sling, a lightly padded pouch, several mei-tais, and a wrap. Then I also have a Snugli, NoJo, and some other carrier similar to a Snugli, but with an open front that I keep hidden away in the closet to show poeple how much better the other slings & carriers are.
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Waaah! I am soo jealous of everyones collections! I only have a yucky strappy carrier that someone gave me at my baby shower. I don't even know what kind it is! lol And I have a New Native one that is not the right size for my short self! I've been lusting after the Mei Tai on Freehandbaby. They have a Greenman one that looks so yummy! So many Celtic patterns...so many choices!

I am itching to order one!
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