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I was doing all right until today. I've gotten everything done that I 'have' to get done, and the utter lack of sleep is really catching up with me. I'm waking up anywhere from four to eight times a night - and I'm not typically in bed much longer than eight hours, mind. I had to go to the grocery store today and was just about dead by the time I finished. There weren't that many things on my list (plus they didn't have one of them, which meant my plans for lunch went out the window! )

That's the other thing, someone mentioned - feeling sick. I don't feel sick, per se, but I feel definitely off my feed. Nothing sounds good except really light stuff, and most of that of course doesn't have many calories, so it's not good for energy... yergh. It doesn't help matters that I'm a picky eater to start with, I'm sure.

I can't remember anything, either. I have a long list of stuff to do each day. Very simple stuff. , but I'm just so forgetful!

Dh seems to think that 'doing the dishes' means emptying the dishwasher and putting the dirty dishwasher-able dishes in the dishwasher, and that's it. Urgh. So there are pots & pans from spaghetti still sitting in the sink. I'll end up having to wash them, too, but by now they stink!

My breasts only started to leak in the last week, which was kind of weird - with dd, they started leaking around 26 weeks! I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that she's still nursing, albeit infrequently.

I've been feeling crampy tonight, different than other nights. I wish this was indicating something coming soon!
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Wow, talk about withdrawal!

Healthy vibes to all of us still waiting for our little ones.

Congrats to the new babies! Christine, I'm glad you asked those questions, especially about how to stay out of the pee line of fire! I'm sure I'll get hosed.

DD is March 13th for me. So far, I've felt a few slight twinges of menstrual cramps, and since last night have been a little mucousy down there. No plug, but definitely stuff that wasn't there before. Baby is moving nicely.

I feel pretty good, though I too am waking up four to six times a night. That sucks. It also keeps my partner up, and she still has to go to work. I've been cooking like a fiend, freezing up stuff for after the baby. Cleaning too, but it seems like it needs to be redone constantly, or there's always something else to tidy up. There are days when I have lots of energy, and other days when all I want to do is curl up on the couch and watch cooking shows. I think I get tired when I have to run errands or go to appointments; it's very cold here, there's still lots of snow and ice, and getting around is fairly laborious. I'm avoiding the car, because I find it so uncomfortable to get in and out of it, let alone try to twist around to parallel park.

Guess I'd better get to bed now...

Nice to check in with all of you. Looking forward to more birth stories and photos of little ones!
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I personally am enjoying having neighbors ask my due date and getting to reply cheerfully, "2 days ago!" I've had a cold since Sunday, though, which has made me rather weary with pregnancy. The combination of waking up every hour to pee, waking up every hour needing to blow my nose, and having to find the perfect position where I can both breathe around the baby and breathe through my nose...and then having dd pick that moment to wake up really fidgety and want to nurse...is not fun. I know I should want to get better and rested before giving birth, but I really just feel like any time now would be good!
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I just wrote an update in Birth and Beyond but can't type the same again. I am just too tired and frustrated right now Here it is:

Sorry for the bad mood
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Congratulations, rad!

polihaupt. I'm only getting a taste of what you're describing, and I'm a week from my due date, so I can only imagine how frustrating and exhausting that is.

I've been trying to do a lot of yoga and meditation, visualising this baby getting it's "finishing touches" (as Dh put it) in there, and trusting that she or he knows when it's time for him/her to emerge. I'm trying to also to remember it's a "due month" rather than "due date".

The new moon was definitely up to something last night; I was up for a while yet again with mild contractions, eased by yoga. Woke up this morning feeling wierd, then threw up my breakfast, and went back to bed with mild contractions and feeling like someone drugged me. Finally got a bit of sleep and now it's all over. Urgh!

I too am totally sick of the questions. Like, "Still got that baby in your belly?", as if I'm doing something wrong somehow. And my mum who insists on naming random dates and telling me that's when it will come. She's a control freak. Whenever the baby comes she is bound to say, " I knew it would come on that day..." :

Originally Posted by cholderby
Now that all of the birth hoopla has died down, I am slowly adjusting to time at home. Its actually harder than I thought (not the work, or taking care of the baby, more just being the only adult in a very quiet house). I never, ever thought I would miss the office.
That is a really really good thing that you can acknowledge and admit that. It took me a while to admit to myself how lonely and often boring it was being at home with a new baby, especially after all the excitement has died down and you're no longer the focus of so much attention. The most helpful thing for me was to get out to places where there were other mamas in the same situation, with similar parenting philosophies; for me it was a LLL group. I'd also go for lots of walks or go sit in a cafe and nurse my baby and read a book, just to make sure I was out of the house and around other adults some of the day. I think the isolation of a new SAHM can set up PPD very easily if not taken care of. Something I've been trying to keep in mind in preparing for this 2nd time around.
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DH woke up this morning, after a solid TEN HOURS of sleep, complianing to me about "how exhasuted" he is Yeah. I bet that sleeping soundly is a real $@%#! At least I have something to offer up now :LOL

When, oh when, will my cloth diapers fit ds? I really wanted to use them when we got home from the hospital (I'm ashamed to say I wanted to use them more because it was a new toy than for any health/enviro reason). All of them are way too big. The fitteds and AIOs go over the umb. stump, so that's not healthy. And the prefolds (which I bought in the smaller size) have to be folded down so much that baby looks more like oragmi than anything else.

It's countertop day! Two more days until we have running water in our kitchen!

Someone has got to go into labor today. I can feel it.
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I'm still here!!

I would have posted yesterday but I am *so* tired and I had sick kiddos yesterday. One of my complaints abou thaving to send my stepson to public school, he brings back all the nasty germs the other kids spread around.

Speaking of tired, this can not be natural! I have never in my life expereinced such fatigue, well except the first tri of this pregnancy. And forgetfullness, holy crap! My brain, which was already mush, has completly oozed out of my head. There is seriously no grey mater left in my noggin lol

I almost thought the 3rd quarter moon was going to work its magic on me this weekend. Saturday night I had some definete early labor, not the typical prodromal ctrx I normally have, these were real radiating from my back all the way around. But after a few hours they fizzled out. Shoulda known I would go thru this! I have had ctrx since then, some strong some weak but nothing like that night.

Now I am just a cranky ball of tired forgetfulness. I mean really cranky. My poor kids and DH :LOL
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Speaking of tired, this can not be natural! I have never in my life expereinced such fatigue
No joke- 2 times this week I have closed DDs play room door and layed on the bed in there with her and slept as she played.... Such a bad mama- I have never ever in my life done something like that. How can I be so tired and then in the next breath be cleaning like a fool!

My breast are getting ready Thank god! The are looking perky again, and I can feel my milk ducts filling I guess there are good thing my body is doing....

Now about these cx that keep coming and going- I mean really- is that really needed? Not only does it kinda hurt but it has been going on for a week- and then they just stop.... Just start already! My date was the 9th and that has come and gone (not my EDD that is the 13th, but the date I had thought the baby would be born) So my sweet DH tells me today that it will happen on the 31st (DDs bday) What the heck??? Does he really understand that that is like FOREVER away????

I have been cranky too- DH wants me to make calls for the business, and I dont want to, and they called me in for a meeting yesterday at our office- what the heck? I cant even get in my car! Well I can, but is it really safe?

Okay- off to have more cramping with no baby! So wonderful!
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After talking to the naturopath-midwife at my appointment yesterday, we've decided that I didn't have the flu this weekend, but rather something food-related. Yuck. But at least that's not contagious and goes away faster than the flu. But yuck.

I was a little surprised when I asked her about alternatives to taking antibioticcs during labor for GBS and she didn't have a ready answer....something about "well, a woman I saw a few years ago did SOMEthing, but I can't remember what it was....let me call you" I'm happy that she's going to look some things up for us and call, but I thought that this would have come up more often. I know that this team has treated plenty of women who test GBS+ and decline the antibiotics...I'm just so concerned about TAKING them or NOT TAKING them. Anyone else struggling with this decision?
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About the GBS...

When we had dd I decided not to be tested, but if (x...x....x...x..) factors happened then we would take the medication. My DH feels that pelvic exams are very invasive (sp) So, anyway, all our "X" happened... sigh... So I got a round at the hospital and because I was a transfer and was there only 1 hour before DD was born they gave DD another round. And she got a very bad rash from it. Looking back, I would not ever do that again- I mean I gave my brand new born antibiotics for something I didnt even know she had- "just in case"? I am very upset at myself for doing that- my DD has never had a drug in her life and there I go pummping her up. I would learn the early signs and then watch for them. Also, many women test positive and during labor are negitive- it is a crappy test that give bad information.
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Ang I have taken a lot of naps while letting the kids play or watch tv :/ Normally my youngest will snuggle up with me and sleep too while the boys play on the computer. I feel bad having to lay down 3-4 times a day but ugh I can't function anymore.

Prodromal labor sucks. Is it necessary, well yes and no. Its doing something, be it ripening, effacing and or dilating your cervix. Toning your uterus or preparing baby for the full blown labor. It just sucks for mama having to deal with it. Ive done it thru 2 pg's and expected to have it this time. I was just hoping I wouldnt have to :LOL

Now if I could get my oldest thru his spelling lesson I could go lay down for a nap *yawn*
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ITA about just knowing the early signs of GBS. The only two babies I've heard of having problems with Group B Strep had mothers that had the full round(s) of antibiotics recommended by the CDC! Incidentially, both of them were induced labors - one was induced by her doctor for being 'post-dates,' the other was 39.5 weeks and self-induced with the cohoshes and castor oil. Coincidence? Maybe, but my skeptical self doesn't think so.

I 'had' to be tested with dd, as part of that group's protocol, and came out negative. This time we're skipping the test (as I would have with dd if I felt like I could have). Generally, my midwife doesn't have many clients opt for the test, so she gives out a handout on the early warning signs and so on.

The one thing I don't want to hear at present? Stories of second babies that were days, weeks later than the first baby. I don't mean where someone had their baby early the first time, of course! But I don't need to hear someone's story about how their first was born at 39 weeks, and the second at 41 weeks, or something. Eeek. Do I have permission to shoot someone who 'helpfully' shares their story like that??
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Soooo.... I was up all night last night with contractions 2 minutes apart. I was so sure they would get stronger & this was it!! ALL NIGHT.... Then, they stopped. Not what I had in mind. I am tired & cranky, so dh took dd to his office (on his day off) so I can sleep.... But, my mom is here & she took dd & I to lunch yesterday to eat eggplant parmesan to get this kid out... She has food poisoning. She was up all night & is unable to move today. She is miserable & there is nothing I can do to help her. (Thank God she didn't share!!!)

I have always thought March 10th was my day for having this baby. I feel like I shouldn't though until mom is ok... (Like I have anything to say about it) I am ready for this baby to be in my arms!! I NEED to know if this is a boy or girl now!! I am ready! And sick of all the calls to see why I haven't had the baby yet & when I will consider inducing. I am due tomorrow.

No mucous plug, but lots of mucous.

And there are two other people due who are using my midwife. One was due Saturday & one is due the 15th. I am concerned. I am afraid we will all have our babies on the same day & we have only two midwives!! And I think the backup midwife is patchfire's... & I think she is ready too!! (Aren't you, Patchfire?)

I am just looking for reasons to stress at this point. I am good at it! Sorry.

And my dh has decided it is funny to ask me if I had the baby yet every time he calls from the office or gets up in the morning. Then tells me it will be another week or two.... I have told him he isn't funny & to stop. He can't seem to help it. He should. He might wake up with a pillow over his head...
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Why.... The house is a mess! How does this happen? I cleand DDs play room last night so I could vacuum it and before I could get the vacuum in there she had toys all over- today she found a bag of fritos and didnt eat any, but decided to dump them on the carpet in her play room. My office is a mess, my room is messy and my bathroom! I know they were clean yesterday! I am so tired today and very bitchy- the last thing I want to do is clean. Everytime I start moving I get cx- but then when I sit they stop- so why in the world would I want to even move when it is painful without a baby as an out come!

mommyto2- I asked DH last night "do you even have a clue what labor feels like?" so he says "do you have a clue what it feels like to get kicked in the balls?" WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN??? like it has anything to do with another!!!! My god..... He keeps telling me how long over my EDD I will go- I think mine may find a pillow of his head too! I have just about had it with him telling me I am going to go so far over. I was not hurting at all with my DD and even though I went 2 weeks over, I still felt pretty good those last 2 weeks. This time I have had it! I want to be done- the days better fly by- I know it all knows what it is doing, and the baby is still baking- but in the baking process it is frying my brain and making me very pissy!

Okay- my vent is over for this hour. I WILL GO CLEAN.... I WILL GO CLEAN!
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Originally Posted by mommyto2
And there are two other people due who are using my midwife. One was due Saturday & one is due the 15th. I am concerned. I am afraid we will all have our babies on the same day & we have only two midwives!! And I think the backup midwife is patchfire's... & I think she is ready too!! (Aren't you, Patchfire?)
So I probably shouldn't mention that I'm one of three my midwife has ready? Someone due the 17th, someone due the 19th, and then me on the 21st... eep! Of course, one of them (or both) could have had their babies since Tuesday, but still.

My mom is the one that I want to throw a pillow at/over. She keeps saying "you know, I think this baby could be born on the 25th." Granted, it's not that far past my EDD... but considering I didn't even go to my EDD with dd, that is not what I want to hear. Especially when I've already reached that crying, so-done stage.
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Still pregnant here also!

My Dh also calls several times a day "Have you had the baby yet?" Yeah, I'm realy gonna labor at home with two wild boys (ages 3 & 5) running around and not call him to come home. He also for some reason was convinced I would have the baby this week, so he made sure his work calendar was clear; whereas next week he has several important things scheduled. I don't know why he thought I would have the baby this week. My EDD was either March 3 (using my dates) or March 8 (using the ultrsound prediction), but both DSs were 8 days late - so I was assuming I would either have the baby on the 11th or 14th. I even put the 14th down on the calendar that hangs on our refrigerator.

My ob did an ultrasound yesterday to check for anmiotic fluid levels and did a NST. Everything looked great. If I haven't had the baby by the 15th, she will do another NST. By the 17th or 18th, if I haven't had the baby, she becomes worried about the increased fetal mortality rates and would want me to discuss scheduling an induction. Hopefully this won't be an issue!

I have been sleeping really well at night. What a drastic change from when I was this pregnant with #1 or #2. I think it's due to my inability to get a nap in during the day - by the time I go to bed I am exhausted! I sometimes try to nap during the day, but I an awakened every few minutes by the boys or the noises they make.

I keep trying to make sure my house is clean before I go to bed every night in case I go into labor and my MIL comes to care for the boys. I am getting really sick of cleaning the kitchen floor every day. I wish the house could stay clean for 2 or 3 days, instead of a mere 2 or 3 hours.

I've got some new cloth diapers ready to go. I want to order more, but I am waiting to learn the gender. Boy, the diapers I've ordered off the internet sure are nicer than those I purchased at Babies-R-Us to diaper DS#1. I can't wait to try them out.

I've been eating a ton of sugary foods. I've been pretty good about eating decent foods also, but it is the doughnuts and candy and cookies I crave. I have sweets hidden throughout the house so I can eat them without the boys seeing me (Don't want to spoil their supper, you know!). I've only gained about 25 pounds, so I'm not too worried about losing the weight.

I am predicting this baby will weigh 10 pounds even (my boys were 9'1 and 9'9).

Hoping to be posting a birth story soon!
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Okay- I am feeling a bit better now- At least I got the house clean, except Raineys playroom is already a mess again, but the floors are vacuumed! The market is having a huge sale So as soon as DH gets home I am off to shop!!!

I feel so drained and tired today. I have not been having much pain today- I am just so tired. But good news on the baby front! I have started geting mucous- not bloody yet, but more than normal- so maybe the moon will be me??? I realized that DDs 2nd birthday is 3 weeks away! I really need to figure out what we are doing and what we are getting her.

The baby has been ultra quiet today- a few taps here and there, but very few movments today. maybe he/she is tired and getting ready too

Okay... Sending labor vibes to all mamas that are READY! We really cant be pregnant forever! I mean really!
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mommyto2 and Ang-- : at the pillows over DH head. Mto2 I don't think he would wake up lol

My only cleaning complaint right now is the laundry and DDs room. Usually she is very neat and will clean her room without having to be told. But the last few days her room as been super trashed and she refuses to clean it up Now she is pouting at me for telling her no tv until her room is clean, the stinker.

Laundry should be solved tonight since Survivor is on and I can usually get DH to help fold and put away while he is watching that

Ang I am glad to see you are feeling a bit better. I took a real short nap this afternoon and it must have hit the spot b/c now I feel great and even did a science lesson with my 2 older boys. One is in public school but I found out they don't teach science in 2nd grade so he is going to do that in the evenings with my oldest. Now I am just kind of sitting around with nothing to do.

Sure I could go scrub the bathrooms or the walls or sweep & mop but I don't wanna so I'm not ha!

And now that you mentioned it, my babe has been very quiet today. I have felt a few stretches but nothing like this kid normally does to me. I am not worried since I have felt movement but I am going to drink this cup of coffee and...well nevermind I just got a good roll across the ribs :LOL still its a very soft roll, not her normal take my breath away and make me wince in pain type rolls/kicks. Wonder what she is up to in there....
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to all of the mamas who are getting really impatient! Both of mine were born past their EDD and I know how hard it is to be waiting and waiting. Your babies will come when they are ready! (I know it doesn't help much to hear that.)

I'm still not quite ready yet myself. I've got to wash my floors still and have DH scrub the bathtub. It's just about impossible to get him to do any housework, and I haven't been able to reach it to scrub it for about a month now. The tub is seriously grungy! :

But, if this babe really wanted to come now, we could finish the cleaning afterwards! All supplies are ready!

Sending everyone good birth vibes!
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Anyone else getting superstitious? Like, maybe the baby is a girl and she isn't coming because we haven't decided on a name yet. Maybe my body will keep the baby from coming until I stop feeling so crappy. Maybe my feeling so crappy means that the baby is coming. Maybe the baby will come now because Nicole is going out of town. Maybe the baby won't come while Nicole is out of town. Maybe if we do the dishes... Maybe the one night we *don't* do the dishes...
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