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Nellie's Knickers

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Okay, I ordered two soakers from Lisa (MDC: GoodWIllHunter), some soap and a custom sling.

THe soakers are AWESOME. THey were a custom order. I got 2 natural wool soakers for my twins for really, really cheap. AND they were delivered promptly and are beautiful.

What I really, really, really, love about them is that my twins love them and they work GREAT! I want to get more of these soakers.
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I just got a beautiful pair of soker shorts from "nellie's knickers". They are such a cute colorway, and I only paid $15 for them I got them off of ebay, and I wouldn't mind getting another pair some day.

Very good deal for cheapos like me
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I just had to come post a review.. I got a pair of instock longies from nelliesknickers recently and I LOVE them! Super soft merino wool and the most beautiful colorway. Ocean blue and white. Remind me of crashing waves. Anyway, there are just beautiful! The knitting is impecable and the price was amazing. Hand knit hand dyed longies for 45 dollars. These are anything but ordinary. I was looking for something with a little extra and found it at nellies knickers. longies
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I bought a beautiful pair of merino wool longies from "nellies knickers" on ebay, and they are wonderful. They are beautifully knit, the hand-dyed colors are gorgeous, and the wool is very soft. They are a wonderful pair of longies and worth much more than the $45 I paid for them. Great product at a great price.
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I bought a merino soaker, and it is gorgeous! The colors are awesome (autumn bonfire) and it is soooo soft. The knitting is perfect. It is so soft and light that I was worried it wouldn't hold up to my super soaker, but we have had NO leaks.
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