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Scott had his 2 week WBC today. He's still a little jaundiced so we had to get blood taken. That was traumatic, but the lab techs were awesome and let me nurse him while they did 3 heel sticks to get enough. I was almost in tears by the time they finished. The doctor also tried to retract his foreskin, but I yelled at her and slapped her hands away before she did any damage and he looks fine. No more diaper access from here on out.

So Scott is now an even 10 lbs!!!!!! He's so wonderful...I love him so much and everyone who sees him says he's the cutest boy around...I have to agree.

Well I'm going to try and take a nap with Scott. I really should clean...the house is trashed, but I'm waiting until Monday to restart my cleaning regimen. Oh, DH and I will be married for five years tomorrow...I can't believe our anniversary is already here. I'm going to make an extra nice dinner...but no nookie.
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Good grief! Glad you were on that woman about the retraction. It can happen so fast before you know it. Way to watch out for him. What did the doc say? I always wonder what is going through their minds.

Happy Anniversary! Ours is the 27th, it will be 6 years. Crazy how time flies. Hope the jaundice clears soon.
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Heve, I'm thinking of you and your sweet boy. Congratulations.

Happy Birthday Lesley!!
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Another March anniversary mama! OUrs will be 5 years on the 18th Time sure flies by!

Sadkitty, I'm glad you posted about still bleeding. I'm 5 weeks pp, and still bleeding bright red at times b/c I just can't seem tot ake it easy enough w/ a 2 year old! Hope yours (and mine) go away soon!

Well, our nursing pics are now up on the photographers site


password is baby

Laina is 3 weeks in the pics
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Aprilynne just emailed and she had her baby on March 4 at a birthing center and all went well. congratulations aprilynne and welcome Brennan Duane-Douglas! I've added you and him to our list! Hope to see a photo or a birth story soon.


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LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!!! Such a sweet little family.
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Free Thinker...I love the pics. I'm so jealous...now I have to get pictures done! I really like #25...your daughter has this mischievious look on her face...it's so cute. Congrats on being married five years too. Sometimes it feels like we've been married for ages and other times it feels like yesterday that we were getting married. I looked at our wedding pictures the other day and was so shocked at how young we both looked. Oy I'm getting old.

earthmama - the doctor mumbled something about circing and I told her that he was born perfect the way he was and kissed his cute little forehead. She tried saying something about infection and I cut her off and said that I'd done tons of research and everything I'd found stated that there was no proof for that statement. She dropped it.

Scott has breastfeeding jaundice. The doctor called back this afternoon and said that his bili levels are normal and to continue breastfeeding. Surprisingly she said that the benefits of breastfeeding far outweigh any negative effects of the jaundice. My friend's son has the same thing and they told her to switch to formula for a few days. Maybe the doctor figured from the CD, no circ, and anti vax stance I have that I wouldn't give my son formula. :LOL I already have her trained
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Originally Posted by shyly
Maybe the doctor figured from the CD, no circ, and anti vax stance I have that I wouldn't give my son formula. :LOL I already have her trained
I LOVE it ! Good thing you told her. Glad your boy is better.
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morning everyone -

bella'smamma posted that she had a girl on march 1 at home --congrats cecily and welcome ava juliet!!

freethinker - those pics are beautiful! your kids are absolutely gorgeous.

monica - good for you w/the doc -- it seems so weird to me that some of these docs are still so poorly informed.

kitty - mia has the same nipple thing. after 5 hrs, i would happily give her a paci!!! i am touched out at that point.

so, mia's constant nursing thing seems to be a supply issue maybe. i had supply probs w/james so it's not a surprise but i'm still pretty depressed about it. what is the point of having huge breasts if they don't do what they are supposed to!!! :

well, off to enjoy my last day of freedom. back to work monday.

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Samuel nurses constantly as well. It's driving me a little crazy. It's very hard to get anything done around here. I know that sounds awful but I get so stressed when the house is trashed and I can't do anything about it.

I stopped bleeding while I was being waited on but now that I'm back to full time mommy I'm bleeding again too. Taking it easy isn't really an option at this point. Hoping to take a herbal bath and get some rest this weekend while dh is around.
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Dominic nurses a lot too....
I have a question for ya'll who've btdt... i have to go back to work May 3. Sometime before then I need to get comfortable with the breast pump (its a medela) and get Dominic used to eating from a bottle from daddy (i'm thinking we'll do one bottle a day to get him used to the concept).
Here's the questions...
how do i know (short of weighing him before and after feedings, but i don't have a scale) how much he SHOULD be eating per feeding?
Since he nurses on demand, how do I know how many bottles I SHOULD prepare for him to eat during days when I'm gone all day?

i have to admit the pump both depresses and intimidates me.

and oh yeah - still bleeding here.
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FreeThinker: WOW!! Those pictures are stunning! I have the itch to call a professional photographer for my babies too, but they are so pricey! I may just do it anyway because they are only little for just a little while sigh

Joy: When I pumped once in a blue moon for Hunter I would pump as much as I could and store 3-4 oz in each bottle. When DH gave him a bottle (which was very rare since he hated plastic nipples) he would usually suck down the whole thing. If you have enough bottles to give him 3-4 oz every couple of hours you should be fine. My recommendation is to start stock piling your supply now and freezing it so you won't have to stress about never having enough. Will it be possible for daddy to bring Dominic to work to see you during your lunch so you can BF him.

About the PP bleeding...I'm still bleeding too, but it's very light at this point. Some days it's nothing and then I'll try and clean the whole house and it starts up again.

What I would like to know is how did the women do it in the "old days" Their men had to go off to work and they were left with the kids and the chores...they didn't have time to lay in bed for days at a time. I think we are supposed to bleed for a while because we have things to do.
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FreeThinker - OMG those photos are gorgeous!!!

Shyly - He had breastfeeding jaundice too. He needed bili blanket for 2 days but other than that it wasn't a problem. His color is back to normal now at 1 month.

Joy - Re: bottles. I bottle-fed my twins EBM for a while. Here's my BTDT advice. Think of it just like breastfeeding. When he's hungry, feed him. Don't worry about measuring ounces. Don't make him "finish the bottle". If he finishes the bottle and wants more, get it, even if you think he'll just want a few more sips. And when you start pumping, at first divvy your milk into 2-oz. portions and use the breastmilk storage/freezer bags to store your milk. (Eventually you might go to 3 oz. or 4 oz. portions.) That way you (or caregiver) can quickly warm the milk while the baby is being burped, and won't be throwing 6 oz. of liquid gold away... at the most 1/2 oz. or so if he doesn't finish his bottle. You will very quickly determine then when he wants to eat and how much he takes at each feeding. From there, adjust accordingly. But I do not recommend EVER preparing a huge bottle unless you are 100% certain he will finish it all (or nearly all) because pumped milk is so precious. It will only take 1-2 weeks for you to figure out how much your baby wants - I think at 3 months my twins ate around 2-5 oz. every 2-4 hours, depending on their hunger. I also recommend starting to stockpile your milk now, because it's not unusual for there to be a slight dip in supply (though not always). Things to watch out for: baby finishes bottle = baby is "done" (you should look to your baby to see if baby is done, not the # of ounces he has taken)... making baby finish the bottle when he only wants 2 oz. and then falls asleep or no longer seems interested... moving away from demand feeding to a feeding schedule (should feed baby as often and as much as he wants). Also, a word about bottle preference (aka nipple confusion). Holding the bottle horizontal so milk isn't rushing out of the nipple goes a long way toward helping avoid bottle preference. Stop the feeding every minute or so for a few moments so the baby isn't guzzling the bottle down. 1 oz. every few minutes (give or take) should be the fastest the bottle is drained. e.g.., a 5 oz. bottle shouldn't be downed in less than 15 min. HTH!!!
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Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, it was great! A very low key day. I had dim sum for lunch and sushi for dinner, and finished knitting my very first soaker! I'll post pics when I can. I got a gift certificate to the yarn store, a fat check from my parents, and a Tempurpedic pillow and mattress pad from dh. It was a nice day.

Joy, I have to agree with everything Peri says above. Also, the general rule of thumb is about 1/2 ounce of milk per pound of body weight of the baby. So if the baby weighs around 8 pounds, 2 ounces is a good start. But if you have a larger baby (I don't remember how big Dominic is) he might take more than that. Definately have dh introduce the bottle, btw, because Dominic is not going to want to take it from you, when he knows that you've got the good stuff! I was intimidated too, but I was back at work when Melanie was 7 weeks old and she went between breast and bottle very well, and is nursing still!

Hazel is getting better at nursing, although, tbh, she still gets a lot of bottles of EBM. I know I shouldn't feel as horrible and guilty as I do, but I feel awful. I hat giving her a bottle, and I feel like people are staring at me and judging me when I do in public. I look about 10 years younger than my age, so I know people think I'm a young mom of 2 who doesn't know what she's doing. It is really a struggle. The good news is that she weighed in at 8 pounds 10 ounces at the doctor's office yesterday! She has a double chin! I think she smiled on purpose the other day, although it is still hard to tell. Should be soon though, she's 4.5 weeks adjusted age now.
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I wish I could remember what they were called, but there was this ice cube tray with a lid that was made for EBM. I think it was 2 oz per cube. If any of you know where you can get them let me know because I'm pumping just to build up a supply because I'm paranoid that something will happen to me and that way DH can feed Scott.

I'm still bleeding lightly, but only in the evenings and at night. I notice I'll get a gush when I sit up to feed Scott at night. Other than that I don't even notice that I'm bleeding. Thankfully it's very light and I'm down to my liners now.
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Joy, Molly eats roughly 3 oz every 3 hrs or so, when shes eating every hour or two she only takes 2 oz and her middle of the night feed she generally takes 4. Like the others have said, just do it the same as breast feeding, Molly isn't on a schedule, when she starts cuing me that she's hungry, I feed her--of course she's all about instant gratification and expects that bottle to be warm and in her mouth within seconds of the first time she stuffs her fist in her mouth :LOL
Lesley, wow on Hazel's weight!!! on monday Molly was 8lbs 8oz. We're still fighting with formula though, she was still spitting up a TON on the soy based so the ped suggested trying the hypoallergenic Nutramigin, but for some reason that made her big time worse! She was spitting it up, had diarhea and horrible gas pains--so now today we're slowly moving her back to the Good Start, it's the only one she never puked on, it just made her constipated but the ped is hoping that now that she's been on probiotics for a month it'll work out better on her bowels-so keep your fingers crossed everyone!
I had a client get Molly one of those play mats, she's got one but has no interest in it, I'd never seen this one my client bought but she loves it!! It's got mirrors, toys that squeek and a bunch of others, plus parts of the mat crinkle and have different textures. She's been staring at the mirror that's hanging on it for almost an hour, every once in a while she kicks it and then starts making a bunch of noise.
When do they start to smile on purpose anyway?? She'll be 7 weeks on Monday, should she not be smiling by now??
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HI everybody! You know what I am SICK of...I am 22 and still too fat for my wedding ring so I am lugging around a 20 month old and a newborn. So everybody stares at me constantly...not on base but now I am visiting my mom's house which almost all kids are about 4 years apart. So this lady comes up to me as I am feeding Kane a bottle and says you are so young don't you know breastfeeding is best...and goes on and on. I wanted to cry and yell at her SOMETIMES BREASTFEEDING DOESN'T WORK. Then because Korbin has fair fair skin and almost white hair and kane has darker skin and black hair...like mine, she says do they even have the same daddy? I don't see a wedding ring so I don't know why you aren't nursing it's not like there is a daddy there to feed a bottle every now and then!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!

People just need to keep their mouths shut about the nursing thing. My baby would starve to death without a bottle. My doctor even suggested me trying to relactate...one step ahead of him I have the feeder thing and about $100 worth of books, it was determined there is a lack of glandular tissue.

I am so sick of people thinking you are a crappy mom because you feed your kid from a bottle full of *gasp* formula. Before they judge they need to know the facts. I HATE people like that! Please don't flame me b/c I know formula isn't the best thing but sometimes you have no choice.

On a lighter note Kane "talks" back to me when I hold him up and talk to him! I think he is the smartest little guy! He is definately being spoiled by my mom, he will be a MONSTER we go home on Monday!
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Letabug, , I get those looks too, fortunately I'm bitchy enough looking that nobody says anything. I did however receive a lecture from some woman because she must have seen me in the grocery store with Molly in her trekker then saw me at the bank machine a little later. Molly had fallen asleep but just barely and I wasn't about to take her out of her seat or pull the seat off the base as both would wake her and she HATES being in it--so I pulled my truck up along side the bank machine, left it running with the heat on and then locked it up (I have a separate remote starter thing) and Havoc was in the truck with her. She starts ragging on me that my baby could be kidnapped and I should be charged with neglect and abandonment. Obviously she's seen me earlier because the tint on our back windows is way to dark for anyone to even know that a baby was in there--so I told her to go ahead and try to get into me truck--I clicked hte button and said there ya go, I even unlocked it for you! She barely pulled up on the handle and Havoc threw himself against the truck door barking and snarling-I looked at her and said "somehow I don't think anyone will be kidnapping my daughter" Then she shut up and turned back to me and said I should be shot for leaving my baby with a vicious dog. Yeah, whatever--that dog wouldn't act that way if I was being threatened, he reserves that for people who shouldnt' be anywhere near his baby. Some people
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That is awesome Shannon!

letabug-I am sorry that happened to you. People can be some real witches sometimes.
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