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Go Shannon!! That's too funny!! :LOL :LOL

Leta ~ I am sorry you had to deal with that. DOn't worry about it... You know you are doing what is best for your baby!! Don't worry about what other people think.

I am bleeding very very lightly at 11 days pp. But I am also doing very little housework yet and no cooking at all.(thank goodness for my mom!!!)

Maiah is doing well. She is a total booby monster!! She can't get enough...although her sleeping habits have greatly improved and I am able to get some sleep.
She is getting to be a stinky baby and I can't wait to get the bandage off so I can bath her. It has her right arm tight against her and goes all the way around her body. Her skin is getting so dry and irritated under there. I take care of it the best I can right now. I will just be so glad when the bandage comes off. Hopefully Tuesday!! Better run. Take care.
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I've noticed Blondie has gotten much much more protective...not just of the baby, but of our house and property since Scott was born. I'm glad too with the traffic our neighbors have...it makes me nervous.

We had a big storm on Tuesday that knocked one of our trees down and crushed our fence. The storm has been declared catastrophic so the insurance company will pay not only to fix our fence, but to remove the tree as well...plus the tree took out three others when it fell so those will come out too. We were really worried about that...now we have to get an estimate.

Well I'm going to run...I need to check up on some things we're selling on ebay. Cross your fingers for me...the items are getting a lot of bids and they all have 15-21 watchers.
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Monica, both our guys are much more protective, we always knew Havoc would be wonderful with the baby, any time he sees kids he gets all googly eyed and loves to have them crawl all over him. We were however a little worried about Bedlam, she's kinda young and very goofy and has a habit of landing on people-poor dh jokes he needs to wear a cup when she goes in to wake him up. She however has been just so awesome with Molly, she's very attentive, she'll rock her moses basket if she fusses, if she's been outside the first thing she does when she comes back in is run to check on the baby. We were just hoping she wouldn't be stupid and hurt the baby but she's totally stepped up and great with her. Yesterday I left Molly on our bed while I got up to pee-normally Bedlam follows me everywhere I go but when I came back she was laying at the foot of the bed, I came in the room and she jumped back down.
So are you planning on keeping Blondie now?
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We aren't going to be able to find her a home in the area with a family who will treat her as well as we do. I could find her a place in a heart beat if I would agree to let them just tie her up in their back yard, but I don't believe in yard dogs. I hate yard dogs. I don't want to just give her to anyone and the few people who showed any interest weren't very quality. They just wanted a guard dog. So we still have her and it's working out very well. She is wonderful with Scott and it's cute to see her with him. She has to check on him when she comes back in too and I have to keep an eye on her or she'll sit there and lick him to death. I was worried about her as well because she's high energy on a good day, but she's extremely gentle with Scott and is very calm around him...the only thing she's done that's bad is knock him in the face with her tail when she was playing with DH...but that was an accident. Oh, and I'll brag for one more minute...Blondie is very possessive of her toys. She doesn't growl or anything like that, but her toys are hers and she doesn't like to share. She plays keep away, not fetch...if that explains it better. Well one morning I ran to the bathroom and left Scott propped up on the boppy for a few minutes. He started fussing right as I started peeing so I hurried up. When I got back out to him there were three of Blondie's favorite toys next to him on the couch. It was so cute. I can't wait until Scott's old enough to interact with Blondie. DH and I have both pulled on her fur, tugged on her, and tested her to see how she'd react to being poked and prodded and she just got excited and moved into play mode. So I know that they are going to get along wonderfully when he's bigger and can get around.
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German Shepherds are not an easy dog to rehome as adults, few people are willing to spend the time to have them bond properly to new people. She sounds a lot like Bedlam, Lam always has a toy in her mouth and she collects all the toys (hers, Havoc's and any boarding dogs) puts them on the doggie couch and then lays on them all. Her two favs are tickle me ernie and her growly beaver though and I often find the beaver in Molly's moses basket--cause every baby needs a crusty old slobbery stuffed beaver :LOL
I love watching shepherds with their own kids, they're usually so devoted and would instantly lay down their lives for their kid. Just make sure when Scott is older that you watch her when he's interacting with other kids, if she thinks another kid is being mean to Scott, she may do something everyone will regret-one of my old sheps bit a child that "pretended" to kick my Godson when he and the dog were sitting outside a store while I bought treats for them.
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thanks for the bottle advice guys... i will go look for breastmilk storage bags.... any suggestions on bottle brands that would most mimic the boob?
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My lactation consultant said that the orthodontic nipples are not good and actually change their suck pattern. She says Avent bottles are good because the base is wide, and encourages a wide-mouth suck, like the breast. You have to make sure the baby latches onto the base of the bottle, not just the tip, so it is more like nursing. And she suggests, as Peri mentioned, feeding baby upright and tipping the bottle only enough to get milk into the tip, not so that the milk is pouring into their mouth.

Of course, I didn't know any of this with Melanie, used orthodontic nipples that came with the Medela bottles, and fed her lying down. It didn't phase her one bit!
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I like the Avent bottles too and the size one nipples release VERY slowly and require a good strong suck. Even Molly who's never been on a breast latches right to the base and when I went back in the hospital and the first night didn't have our bottles and used the disposable nipples that come with the sample bottles at the hospital, she choked on it and couldn't figure out how to take the little nipple.
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Hi everyone!! It took me forever to catch up on reading the posts. Any new updates on Christine (Heavasoul)? I know she is probably soooo busy right now.

My mom left on Thursday. I really miss her being here. (So does Chloe!!!) Yesterday, Bobbi left to spend the rest of her time in the area with another friend of hers. We will still get together for play dates and such til she leaves on Wednesday. We are just trying to catch up on the cleaning and get into a new routine.

I'll check back when I can.

Love, Tricia
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Ok, I have an update on Christine, she's doing well, she was discharged from the hospital on Friday but they managed to get one of the NICU beds so she's staying with the baby to breast feed which is much easier than having to drive back and forth. Baby Boy does have a name but while she didn't ask me to wait, I'm going to let her tell you his name--she should get to do at least one of the announcments!! Anyway, baby is doing really well so hopefully he will go home just as soon as his antibiotics are finished.
Well, we just got back and the dogs are wanting food in a big way so I guess I should fly and get to work
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Joy, re: bottles and nipples... we have what we refer to as "the bottle graveyard" in our basement LOL. It took trying nearly every bottle/nipple combo to get one right for dd and ds, who had reflux on top of it. Dd took to the Avents, but ds did best with the Nuks. I would start however with a plain old Gerber nipple - the basic old fashioned one. Avents are larger and stiffer than that, which doesn't work for some BFd babies (but obviously does for many). Ds had some oral aversions (he was kinda gaggy) early on and did much better with the Nuk which was smaller and softer. Whichever you choose, should be slowest flow possible, and held so milk just fills the nipple (i.e., almost horizontal) to keep flow even slower... minimized bottle preference over breast.

I agree with Lesley that NICU nurses and LCs usually recommend the traditional nipple (Gerber) first, not the NUKs but it's gotta work with your baby.

Good luck!
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Hey everyone.

I hope everyone is well and healthy...Grant (DS #1) and I were hit HARD with an evil stomach flu this weekend! We're still recovering. It is NASTY and I hear it's making it's way around everywhere. So far Gavin has not come down it and I pray that he doesn't! I have been a nervous wreck all weekend worrying about him getting sick.

I am glad to hear that Christine (Heve) is doing well. I can't wait to get her announcement on her sweetie pie's name!

As for baby bottles...we didn't have to think about this with our first because I wasn't working. Now I am teaching Lamaze classes two nights per week (I go back to work next month). Luckily, I am only gone a few hours and DH takes care of the kids while I am gone. But that means I have to introduce a bottle (which I haven't done yet!).

I have heard the most rave reviews about the new Playtex "Naturalatch" nipples for breastfed babies. It seems to be the bottle that most of the women in my classes say works for their breastfed babies. I would say that Avent comes in a close second.
I'm surprised to hear that the Medela nipples aren't very good for breastfed babies. I have heard the flow is too fast and babies tend to gag. You would think that Medela should know a thing or two about that. Overall, as others have stated, the most important thing is a bottle/nipple that your baby accepts. They are all different-and some are pickier than others!
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hey ladies. finally caught up on all the posts, am trying to remeber what was said,

i am 3wks pp and have totally stopped bleeding! wow, can't quite beleive it as with dd1 i was still bleeding and no where near healed at 8 wks pp.

Lilah is exteremely sucky too, which is obviously really hard when i have dd1.
I DON'T REMEBER WHO SAID that they are nursing for long periods, but the same went here, from 1pm to 9 pm every night. my mw said that a pacifier would probably be a good idea, so we tried it and life is definately easier. I feel really guilty about it though, like I am doing something really negative?

Oh, of course heve had her baby, so happy that everything worked out ok for you in the end, and that your baby boy is well. CONGRATULATIONS.

Monica, I have heard great praise about that book. Also the Baby Whisperer too.
What are the basics to the book? I have a dvd of the happiest baby that came with the $50.00 snugglenest that Lilah hates!! Hope to put the dvd to use!!

Ok, time for some sushi, yum yum!!
Chat soon xxxxx Jasmine
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Mama2Chole, what happened with dd2 'seye?
Lilah has goopy stuff, we had the erythromycin ointment for 5 days,it didn't go away. Dr. said it was probably a blocked tear duct and to massage it. It has been getting worse though. Yesterday her eye was totally stuck togethor, so we called him and he called in an eye drop prescription.
Just wondering how yours is going?
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hope heve and the baby get to come home soon!

mia had that goopy stuff too. i thought it was pink eye cause that was going around dd's preschool and i thought she'd had it the previous weekend. i did breatmilk as eye drops for a while and that helped but it was slow going.

lisa hope everyone's feeling better soon.

i just recedntly started pumping and i'm not getting a whole lot. i got tons with 1st dd but then i was pumping from the get go because she had issues. i want to get a decent freezer stash going in the next month. right now i'm just using my avent but i need to test drive the medela soon. i gave mia an avent bottle the other day. she was so fussy and i was getting so sore. she sucked down 1-1/2 ounces and promptly fell asleep. ah: LOL! i was hoping she wouldn't take a bottle so i'd be forced to stay -- twist my arm why dontcha?

i really can't figure her out though. she cries and frets so i feed her and she pops on and off and cries and gulps milk. then she'll burp and a few minutes later spit up chunky milk. i think she's overfilling her tummy but if you stop feeding her then she cries. i'm not sure if she's crying cause she's hungry, crying cause she's hurting or crying cause she wants to suck or just because. she seems to be wailing most of the time she's awake. are we doing somethign wrong? where's a happy playful baby that likes to sit and bat at toys or gaze at things?

she's either sleeping, eating or crying. and during the day she doesn't do much sleeping unless i'm carrying her or holding her. it gets a little frustrating. mainly because i feel like she's miserable most of the time.
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I want to do personals, but I'm having a problem, and need advice. Hazel is having trouble learning to nurse, but she is finally getting the hang of it (YAY!!!) Since she nurses pretty well now, I'd like to be able to nurse her in bed and go right back to sleep, rather than what I'm doing now, which is going all the way downstairs to get a bottle of EBM warmed up and feed her. The problem is, of course, that I still have to get up and out of bed to get her out of the basinette, and I'm afraid to fall asleep with her in bed with me, since there is so little room in the bed and a very squirmy toddler. I thought of pushing the bed next to the wall, but since I use a body pillow, I don't think there is enough room for the 4 of us, + pillow, in the bed.

I have to go back to work in 2 weeks, and I'm not getting a lot of sleep. There are nights when I'm up from 3am to 6 am without sleeping at all, and normally I get up for work at 6! Dh is helping, he does the feeding the first half of the night, and I do the feedings the second half. Here are the options as I see it, please advise!

1) Buy a co-sleeper, and try to nurse the baby lying down (not sure how this will work, I may have to sit up but can probably do it without turning on the light and waking up dd and dh).

2) Just keep the basinette and use it as a co-sleeper (except that the side doesn't go down), so I'll have to get in and out of bed to nurse her (still easier than going downstairs).

3) Try to teach older dd, 3, to sleep on her own next to our bed in a toddler bed (tried this before and it didn't work well) or downstairs in her toddler bed.

4) Buy a twin bed for older dd and try to nurse her to sleep in it, and then get up and go upstairs to co-sleep with the baby.

5) Have dh sleep in a twin bed with older dd while I sleep upstairs with baby.
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On the co-sleeper, I will warn you, I thought it could be made level with the bed, so the baby's sleeping surface and yours were the same height, but the side comes level with the bed and then babies surface is a little lower (like 6") so while the baby is right along side you, you would still have to lift her into the bed to nurse her--however, it would be handy from the perspective of if you have Hazel on that side of you, at least you don't have to worry she'll be pushed out of bed as the farthest she'd fall is 6".
On your EBM issue though, I'll tell you what we do--and I don't get out of bed I keep a small cooler beside the bed (in the co-sleeper actually) and I have a bottle warmer on my night table--so when she wakes to feed I reach in the cooler, and put a bottle in the warmer-the only down side to this is that sometimes she falls back to sleep right after waking and so do I, then I wake up a couple hours later and the bottle is garbage as it's been warming far too long--but this is the only downside to my little set up. I have seen bottle warmers that actually have a cooler built in for this purpose, but they're expensive.
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Lesley, can you do both? Might start working on transitioning dd to a toddler bed -- and put Hazel in her bassinet next to your bed until older dd is out of the bed, then put Hazel in next to you?
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Originally Posted by ella-makes-3
Mama2Chole, what happened with dd2 'seye?
Lilah has goopy stuff, we had the erythromycin ointment for 5 days,it didn't go away. Dr. said it was probably a blocked tear duct and to massage it. It has been getting worse though. Yesterday her eye was totally stuck togethor, so we called him and he called in an eye drop prescription.
Just wondering how yours is going?
Sofia's left eye is completely better. I had gone to the eye dr for that one when she was a week old and they gave me an eye drop for her to use for a week. A few days later, the left eye was totally better and the right eye started getting goopy mostly in the morning. It is getting better though. My pediatrician said it was a blocked tear duct. I just wipe away the goop in the morning and it is god for most of the day. I was spraying in breastmilk for the first couple days and it seemed to help.

Sofia is so noisey!!! Chloe was never this loud. We notice it mostly at night when all is quiet (except Sofia) She sqeeks. grunts, and makes dolphin noises throughout most of the night. I end up having to take her out of the room a few times a night and get up with her earlier than I would like to because I don't want her to wake Chloe. We are still dealing with gas mostly at night. I give her gas drops, but it's not an instant fix. I've cut out dairy in my diet, so what's next? I just hope she grows out of this soon. We need rest.

Better go. Chloe is up. Take care! Tricia
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tricia - mia does the same thing! one thing that seems to help is to push her legs towards her mouth in sort of a squatting position. it makes some of the gas come out ... not all, but it seems to help.

lesley - the co-sleeper and nurse upstairs idea seems like a good one. hope you figure something out. we transitioned james to his own crib but it's right across the hall from our bedroom, so less drastic than moving downstairs.

all is well here. i am back to work, though. it is nice to see my friends, but it's hard to get my head on the work.
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