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Stupid WIC appointment!

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(WOO HOO The boards are back!!!!)

That should actually say stupid WIC lady. I went in for my checks and appointment the other day and went through all the motions (you knonw the insesscent asking of the SAME question which they never mark down in your file, the weight conversation, and the dumb "eat bad calories to gain weight" conversation). I had to go back and see a different lady cause the normal nutrionist wasn't in. I have seen this lady ONE other time. She knows nothing about me or my "case". So I am sitting back there and she asks when my next appointment is. I tell her I'm not seeing a doctor so she asks when I see my midwife next and I tell her we don't have one of those either. (I'm sick of doding the question so I was honest to her). She looks at me andasks, "So what are you going to do?" I tell her we are planning a homebirth. She then launches into a lecture and says the following things.

You can't learn how to handle situations by reading a book.
She CANNOT encourage this idea.
Did we even have a backup plan?
A hospital WON'T deliver me if something goes wrong and I show up.
She CANNOT encourage this.
(The following is a direct quote) "What if something happens like the baby gets the cord wrapped around the neck? By the time you get to the hospital you could have killed your baby. I cannot encourage this. You would have to live for years with the guilt that you killed your baby cause you didn't do anything better for it" : :

I told her I didn't expect her to encourage this and we had not only a backup plan but have done all of our research and everything (not like my plan is to go squat in the backwoods somewhere and hope everything turns out all right ).

I am so pissed at her!!!! I wish there was a way I could avoid those stupid appointments and just get my checks. I don't care how much I weigh and what they think of my birthing choices. It's none of their business! :
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I deal w/ issues w/ WIC too... I get a lot of inappropriate responses and the comment that I should gain more weight etc. : I really dislike my current office. The office I went to while pg w/ Grace was great, though.
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I quit WIC because they annoy me so much. Sorry you had to deal with that lady...
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First of all, it's absolutely goofy that a nutritionist is telling you all about birth stuff. Second...if I were you, I would just smile vacantly and thank her for her opinion. Don't bother with the arguing as she's not a factor in your decision-making process.

And where does she get the idea that a hospital won't deliver you if you show up without preregistering. An overbooked hotel won't give you a room without a reservation...hospitals are medical facilities obliged to provide lifesaving care to those who show up. Duh.

Good luck from a fellow homebirther (we're going with a midwife with our homebirth).
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OMG!! That is so uncalled for!! What does she know about the process, she is a nutritionist not an OB or MW!

I totally understand how you feel though. DH was unemployed unexpectedly when I was 7 months preg with DS#2 and WIC became really important to our ability to eat! I hated the appoinments especially since at that time in my pregnancy I was mostly vegitarian due to a strong meat aversion and my case worker gave me hell everytime I saw her about needed to eat meat!

Oh and once DS was born and she found out I was tandem nursing, she said "well you can't get anymore vouchers just because you are nursing two" in a way that was disapproving.

Bleh! They need better training for sure!

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I'm from the August month, but I had to pipe in. I left WIC too because I was just so unhappy every time I left there. They always wanted to poke and prod me and/or the baby. Most of their information was so insulting. Ugggh- I know they mean well, but I also felt like they didn't hear me or see me as an individual. yuck
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