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Are you a mom of young twins and an LLL leader? How do you do it?

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I'm working on my application process to become an LLL leader. The closer it gets the more afraid I am that it's too much. Clearly that is a decision I have to make, but I wonder if other moms of young twins are d5oing this and how do you make it work - calls, meeting locations, etc? TIA!
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I started attending meetings when I was pregnant and felt so lucky to find a LLL leader who had twins. She was an enormous support to me, especially in the early months.

Mine are now 16 months, and I can't say that I would have time to be a leader, but if you feel that you could fit it in without sacrificing yourself or your family, by all means do it :-)

So many women I've met at meetings have told me the first time they met me they thought: "Wow, if she can nurse two babies, I can definately nurse one!" As a leader, be assured that you would really be in a position to influence/motivate/support a lot of women!
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I am! My girls are 14 months now and I've been a Leader for 2 yrs. I find (and I found the same thing with my now 4 yr old) that this is the age where it gets tricky to lead meetings with them there. I'm going to try and just take one of them if I'm leading (I have co-Leaders so it's not always me leading). I also have a plan in advance and make sure my co-Leaders know about it so they can jump in if necessary - luckily, it hasn't been. Mostly I just find myself leading while walking around chasing my girls. Our meeting space is very baby-friendly but it's still a challenge

For phone calls, I have a few strategies. For my designated phone days (we pick up messages from a central voice mail), I get dh to help or wait until evening to return my calls. For random calls, I play it be ear. Sometimes I can take the call right then, other times, I ask if I can call them back - depends on what my kids are up to and how desperate the mom sounds!

For other LLL stuff, I also play it by ear. I don't go to Chapter meetings because they're in the evenings but I am volunteering for our upcoming conference because I'm doing publicity and that can be done from home. I'm also an ACLA and do that work whenever I can fit it in!

It can be tough but I think it's worth it. My co-Leaders and I also often remind each other that LLL is "family first" and that we don't need to apologize if something comes up last minute that we need to take care of with our family and we cover for each other on a regular basis. I think it also helps that in our Group we have Leaders with different ages of kids. Myself and another co-Leader both have young twins. She can't do evenings (when our Series Meetings are) so she hosts the enrichment meetings and often leads those. Our other co-Leader has older children so she goes to the Chapter meetings and represents our Group there.

We also are working on having some Group moms take over the Library and Treasury so we don't have to worry about those at meetings.

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Thanks for the tips and info. I'm working out my routine and how it all will work and I feel better about it than when I wrote my original post. As long as I have everything I need in one place and something to distract/entertain the girls I should be OK. Hope hope...
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Good for you!

Good for you for becoming a leader. My twins are going to be 4 next month and I became a leader just about a year ago. I finally feel comfortable in the role. It was very hard at first to take calls. Every time I was on the phone no matter how happy the girls were, they'd suddenly need mommy. I kept snacks handy for when the phone would ring. I also had a basket of toys reserved for when I got a LLL call but they rarely made it back to the basket after the call was over. People are very understanding if you have to call them back later when the kids are quieter. At meetings we always have more than one leader so if your kids need attention another leader can fill the void. Oh, it also helps to have your LLL stuff super organized at home so you have at your fingertips pen, paper (out of reach of the kids), BAB, and I have file cards with the most common types of information on a bulletin board over my desk. If I'm flustered from mommyhood I can look at that mastitis care card or sore nipple care card and remind myself of the basics.
Ok, that was probably more than you needed or wanted, but I'm always excited about new and upcomming leaders.
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I'm not an LLL leader - but wanted to say - Great job, mama...it is a noble task

Before the doulas got a hold of me, my local LLL leaders saved my life, and my bf'ing future with my twins. I would have never slept at all without the "down under" position.
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I became a Leader in July 2004 when my oldest was about to turn 4 and my twins were 1 1/2. We have seven Leaders in my group which makes things much easier. I don't lead meetings too often (we have a day and an evening meeting) and our calls are pretty well distributed throughout the Leaders. The rewards of being a Leader are incredible!!
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