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eww - slimey homemade yogurt!

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My first batch didn't turn out the way I thought it would. It was too slimy for even me to eat much less DS.

I followed the instructions that came with the Girmi:
- 4 cups milk
- 5 Tbsp starter yogurt
- Mix well, pour into cups, incubate (I did it for 7 hours), put in fridge and *ta-dah* yogurt!

After reading the many posts here about making yogurt, I added 2 Tbsp of powdered milk to help firm it up. I didn't heat up the milk - the instructions said I didn't have to.

Should I heat the milk? I purchased starter yogurt but wanted to try an organic pre-made plain yogurt first. Should I use the starter instead?

Can someone give me tips to de-slime my yogurt?
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You could have gotten some stray bacteria in there. It's best to heat until at least 180F and then cool to 110F before adding the starter. When you heat the milk you will be killing any unwanted bacteria. My maker also said you didn't have to heat, but I never liked the results. I actually boil my milk, being very careful to stir constantly so I don't get any milk solid residue at the bottom of the pan (or I microwave it). I find that I get a nice thick and creamy yogurt without the addition of powdered milk.
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I agree with CJR, 're-pasturizing' the milk by heating to at least 180 deg F is a good idea to make sure any stray bacteria are 'dead'. Then this allows JUST your yogurt bacteria from the starter to do their thing.

I hope you get this working for you, there is Nuttin like a good bowl of homemade yogurt to start the day!
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The same thing happened to me the last few times I made yogurt. I posted the same question and somebody - I think Galeforce - posted that that means you only have one kind of culture working - supposedly the yogurt I used had several cultures so I don't know what happened - and I did heat the milk so it wasn't that.
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I wonder if there might not be another factor involved?


The reason I ask is, I don’t even heat my yogurt at all.  I make mine in a plastic milk jug that I get my non-fat milk in.  When I’m almost out of yogurt I add a cup or so of commercial fat-free yogurt to a new milk jug with some milk in it, shake it up pretty good, fill the rest of the jug with more non-fat milk to the top, then put it out on a shelf or on my kitchen counter top.  I leave it there ‘til it turns (usually 24 hours or so).  When it does, I put it in the fridge and use a quart or so a day until I begin the process all over.  Usually that works fine, but every once in a while I get a batch of the slimy kind.  Maybe it’s because I’ve not allowed the magic to happen and just get too impatient.


After all, a hundred years or so ago, people made yogurt every day and had no means to heat their milk to those precise temps; and things, presumably, worked out just fine.


When I do get a slimy batch I just give it a good 25 or so shakes, and drive right on.


Suggestions, other than the heat process you’ve so graciously outlined?




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