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well tommorow.. but i am still excited.. i knew baby could come anytime lately.. but still being offically term is nice.. not till tommorow.. but I like it.. i like saying any time now..heh
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oh yeah.. and we added some current 36 week belly pictures to our site (in my siggy)
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:LOL I wish I could say any day ... but we're not 'term' till April 5th.

Sending you easy labour wishes.
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congrats Hawkfeather! :

I know you've had PTL issues in the past, so how exciting to make it!
And I continue to love your beautiful photos. I'm hoping to get some professional ones done soon...

I may have already asked you this, but where in BC are you again? My sister used to work on Cortes and I had the chance to visit her there two years ago, and wondered if you were there or on a nearby island...
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we live on the Sunshine coast north of vancouver but only accessable by boat or air... Cortes isn't really all that close.. but not as far as some either..heh
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Omg, Hawkfeather your pictures are amazing. I'm actually crying over them! I hope you have an amazing birth- Laura
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I am also in tears after looking at the pics. Hawkfeather you are so beautiful!
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I am TERM TOO! As of yesterday! Now I too can say "anyday!"

But the news that I showed some blood in my urine, and had actually lost a couple of pounds (apparently signs that my body is getting ready?) sure did make me a little nervous!
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Well I guess it depends on who you're asking but for myself I say I'm full-term today too since 36 weeks was full-term when I had my first two and now my midwives wouldn't stop labor so good enough for me! Yay us!
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